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Fine dining off the strip?

Thanks for those ideas; I will check them out. I got excited reading about Rosemary's but it looks like that's closed, at least for now. Thanks again.

May 02, 2013
Trakl in Las Vegas

Fine dining off the strip?

We'll be in Vegas for two nights before taking off on a road trip. We're used to New Orleans fine dining where a couple of people can drink a couple glasses of wine apiece and have excellent starter and main for closer to 100 than 200 total. I came on here to look for some suggestions and it seems like all the stuff on the strip is very expensive. 54 bucks for a piece of fish? Sorry, not my tax bracket!

We're staying at the Desert Rose Resort behind the Tropicana. We'll have a car. I'm looking for comfortable, unpretentious, but attentive and excellent dinner spots anywhere reasonably close to our hotel, not necessarily on the strip, where a grownup couple can have a fine dining experience for less than 150 bucks. Any suggestions much appreciated!

May 01, 2013
Trakl in Las Vegas

Breaking in a bamboo steamer??

The bamboo lid is sufficient. Put foods that need more cooking time on the bottom layer, closer to the heat. Salmon in the bottom layer, broccoli in the upper, for example.

Jun 10, 2007
Trakl in Cookware