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Seattle visit june 20-26th. Looking for thumbs up or down on itinerary.

My husband and I will be in Seattle next week and I have lined up some dinner reservations. We are staying downtown at a rented condo and plan on walking to most of these but will have a car a few days. My criteria is darn good food no matter the price, either on the cheap or expensive. We live in the Midwest so PacNW cuisine really interests us but are open to other culinary expiriences as well. What we've got:

Herbfarm (Hence the need for the car)
Dahlia lounge
Oceanaire (I know it is a chain but hubby thought it would be good)

I would love to try
Lark (which doesn't take reservations)
Matt's in the Market-heard a rumor that they are closed...any confirmation?

I appriciate all the CH boards that have helped me narrow down this list some. Some of the posts are somewhat dated so recent feedback would be great!!


Jun 13, 2007
SuzP in Pacific Northwest