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Frozen yogurt in Cleveland?

I know what you mean about frozen yogurt places. They are all over the west coast. They are not the same in Cleveland. However, the ice cream and frozen custard are MUCH better than anything you get on the west coast. Go to Weber's Frozen Custard on Lorain Rd. in Fairview Park. They have amazing fresh ice cream, fat free sorbet and some sugar free flavors. You will not be disappointed there.

Jul 31, 2010
chocoholic1976 in Great Lakes

Favorite Sushi Joint? PDX

I have been to Meiji-En at least 50 times and have never experienced anything like what was said above. Service is always top notch and personable. All waiters and waitresses that have served me there take great care with my meal.

As for the food, it's the best sushi I've ever had. Everything is incredibly fresh and prepared in a beautiful manner. I think their tea is perfect and their miso is wonderfully smooth and flavorful. My favorite Maki is the volcano roll. The owner buys Toro when it's good and it's amazing when they have it.

Bangkok Kitchen in Portland

It was on SE Belmont.Anyone know why they closed? I suspect the health department visited.