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Our Point Reyes vacation

sounds like you had some good food experiences ..... glad to hear that Terrapin Creek is still good!

Emeryville Public Market Changes ......

Not a lot of details/specifics but an idea of the new direction they're headed in.

Who sells Radiatore pasta on the Bay Area?

I used to buy it at 1244 Solano Ave. in Albany at Zarri's Delicatessen.
510. 525-5405 call first though ..... it was quite a few years ago.

Hakka Restaurant pre-ordered specialties [San Francisco]

here are 3 photos of the order ahead items. my favorite overall is the chicken with preserved vegetables. the duck is stuffed with many ingredients ( barley? chopped meats and veg ) pricey compared to the others but impressive in its own way. I was not so crazy about the sweet rice stuffed chicken: I've had versions that had crisper skin and a bit more flavor. the chicken with preserved vegetables is savory with the best tasting preserved vegetables I've tasted - they must do a lot of prep on them - they're not musty in any way. this chicken prep is my favorite of the order ahead items that I've tried. the clams with basil are also very good.

Hatch Chiles are here ...... 99 cents a pound.

the Safeway I'm closest to is the El Cerrito/Richmond one.

Hatch Chiles are here ...... 99 cents a pound.

this week's food flyers have arrived and Lucky and Safeway both have Hatch
Chiles at 99 cents a pound starting this Wednesday August 6.

New(ish) Ice Cream alternative: Mr Dewie's Cashew Milk "Ice Cream"

just tasted some Caramel Almond Crunch Frozen Dessert by Mr. Dewie's. It's cashew milk based and made in Oakland. Very smooth with good caramel flavor and a clean finish. I like it! On sale in July for $5.69 a container. I got it at El Cerrito Natural Foods and they're at Whole Foods plus other places. Many more alternatives to ice cream in the freezer case these days.

split top buns for lobstah rolls or hot dogs

http://www.mercurynews.com/home-plate... this article mentions that Fudrucker's sells split top rolls - no other sources locally except to buy the pan from King Arthur and make your own. the pan is about $30.

Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

pays to be vigilant .... very disappointing that he wasn't up front about your request. at least he didn't double down when you said you wouldn't accept it.

What ever happened to Blum's?

Sweet Stop Bakery in Japantown has the Coffee Crunch Cake a la Blum's ......http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/articl...

Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

Sorry to hear that you got some dry ones ..... I usually go when it's not so busy and I've enjoyed the falafel. Crunchy but moist interiors ..... and nice spicing. Hope it's a one off?

Apple Rose Tart

Yes, the frangipane does help hold the tart slice hold together. It's a bit moist and a slice of tart can be held in hand. It will bend a bit but you will smoosh the roses as you cut. I found myself lining up the cut and moving a rose or two over a bit to avoid cutting them when possible. Although I think this is a pretty tasty tart ...... it's as much for presentation as it is for savoring.

Jun 18, 2014
gordon wing in Home Cooking

Apple Rose Tart

I had the radio on in the kitchen and took some breaks as I was making the roses .... but probably spent 3.5 - 4 hours making the roses. It can be done the day before and then bake the pastry and frangipane the day of. I find it kind of therapeutic to have a lazy morning to myself. Yes, I used some different color apples and different sizes with the skin on. Cut around the core of the apple and then make slices from the apple chunks. I sprinkled cinnamon sugar in a pan before laying the apple slices in and cook until they get a bit of color .... it takes a few minutes to do this so I just slice some more apples - they didn't really brown much and I'm going to put some color on them in the pan anyways. Smaller individual tarts would be cute also.

Jun 17, 2014
gordon wing in Home Cooking

Apple Rose Tart

I pieced together a few different recipes. Eugenie Kitchen for the apple rose technique. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qc1nd...
I did a partial blind baked the tart shell and then finished with a frangipane filling. When it was done and cooled I arranged the apple roses and drizzled the caramel sauce around and brushed the roses with some apple cider syrup.

Jun 17, 2014
gordon wing in Home Cooking

Apple Rose Tart

beautiful dessert but time consuming!

Jun 16, 2014
gordon wing in Home Cooking

Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

some folks have coined the word: fawaffle

M. H. Bread & Butter in San Anselmo

great photos! - as usual .... thanks.

Ran Kanom Thai Noodle - San Pablo

had lunch there today ..... Thursday at 11:30 - only one or two other parties at first but as we left around 12:30 it was getting busier but not packed. very pleasant space. really enjoyed the 3 dishes we tried: generally assertive seasonings and good looking food. had the Boat Noodles with wide rice noodles and Niman Pork....great flavors - we split a small bowl and it turned out to be plenty for the two of us with our other dishes. had the Thai Green Papaya Salad - medium hot - and that was spicy enough for me but I have a delicate palate : ~ ) The pad Thai was tasty but not spicy .... glad to have a dish that was not spicy in the mix. I think I'd be quite happy with ordering mild here and adjusting at the table if necessary. Besides a sriracha sauce on the table they bring a quartet of seasonings to the table: one is pickled chili peppers, another is red pepper flakes, one looked like salt ? and the other was a dark thin sauce that I didn't try. The food is nicely presented and well seasoned. I look forward to going back ..... the service was friendly and efficient.

SF Chinatown Bargains - Fruit!

I saw multiple stores on Stockton St. with $1.99 lb cherries ..... even saw some Raniers for $1.99 but they were $2.99 at others. The bings had pretty good color but the Raniers looked pretty pale overall.

SF Chinatown Bargains - Fruit!

walking down Stockton St. today: cherries are $1.99 lb in most places and they look decent. strawberries: 1 lb clamshells - 2 for $1.10 - from Dole. Blueberries 1 lb clamshell for $1.39. Rasberries - 6oz clamshell for 50 cents! Conventional - like you'd find in most supermarkets .... not organic. One store on Stockton St. near Washington - East side of Stockton had big displays of bargain priced fruit on the sidewalk.

Cam Hong Deli in El Sobrante

A new place for banh mi and pho just opened in El Sobrante - 4068 San Pablo Dam Rd. 510. 222-2700 15 bang mi , pho, rice plates and other noodle dishes. I had the grilled pork banh mi - $3.50. I was there at 11am and the pork was freshly grilled - pretty tasty. the sandwich was good - bread fresh and lightly toasted ...... moderately filled with vegetables and a fair amount of spread. Didn't try the pho but there were several tables having that ..... the vegetable side dish looked good: bean sprouts very white and fresh.

Cam Hong Deli in El Sobrante

driving through El Sobrante the other night I think I saw a Grand Opening sign up for Cam Hong ( Huong? ) Deli on San Pablo Dam Road. It's close to where Appian Way comes in. maybe another bahn mi source? wonder if it's related to the Oakland Cam Huong?

Cam Hong Deli
4068 San Pablo Dam Rd
El SobranteCA94803-2952

raw spanish peanuts - where to buy ??

Yes, I found them at Bombay Spice House on University Ave in Berkeley. But the last time I was in SF Chinatown I found them for a lot less $$$ on Stockton St.


Coffee Bean Blast - Super Premium Ice Cream - intense coffee flavor - good texture ( smooth & creamy ) and a very good price when compared to Ben & Jerry's/Haagen Daas etc....

Apr 25, 2014
gordon wing in Chains

Elevation 66 - El Cerrito

gave it a try before a movie last night ..... tried the Fish and Chips. The fish was moist and tender but the batter was getting moist in places ...... not very crisp overall. The little 3 sectioned dish with the ponzu aoli, malt vinegar and catsup looked nice but was a pain to actually use: a shaker for the vinegar works better and the amount of catsup was not very generous for the mound of shoestring fries. Although the shoestring fries were well cooked ...... I do prefer a larger potato with fish and chips - ones that will stay hot longer and that can be creamy inside while having a crispy exterior. We also had the cardoon/celery root cakes with a harissa aoli - good frying ( not greasy ) and well seasoned. Food service is a bit slow it seemed ..... if you're trying to make the movie - I'd suggest mentioning it to the server. The bar had a lively business going on.

Any recs for Chinese specialty food shops in bay area?

Mow Lee Shing Kee & Company - 774 Commercial St SF - just below Grant Ave. They are an old establishment that makes Chinese Sausage and other preserved meats. Not many of these left. Old school vibe.

Chow Dim Sum at Saigon Seafood Harbor Richmond 4/5

Any thoughts on the dim sum experience ? Wasn't there a Chowdown on Saturday ?

Little Lucca, So. S.F.

I meant to say that each half of the sandwich is 6 inches long - a real foot long sandwich! and it weighed about 24 oz!

Colma - Annual Chicken & Polenta Feed. April 5th

Colma Firemen's Social Club Annual Chicken and Polenta Feed
April 5 at 4:00pm in PDT

Saw a sandwich board for this event next Saturday. Thought I saw the mention of sausage included also. The Colma Firemen's Social Club has a FB page - you can check the details. Never been but these kind of things always sound interesting - especially when I'm traveling to another part of the country.

Little Lucca, So. S.F.

just an update on Little Lucca's ..... rainy day but there was still a line pretty much coming out the door of this unassuming little shack. got the Little Lucca Combo - $7.50 : provolone, mortadella and salami ..... the hot pepper sauce and the garlic sauce really add a nice kick to the sandwich and I noticed that even the tomato slices looked good - unusual for this time of year. The hefty sandwich could feed two folks pretty well ..... each is 6 inches long and pretty hefty even though I had them take the middle out of bottom part of the roll. Nice to know that they are still making a fine sandwich.