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Ben's Restaurant (Chinese food) in Jack London Produce Market District, Oakland - Wed only fried chicken $6; Curry chicken fried rice - any reports?

here's a photo of the black bean/chile hot sauce relish ...... it is indeed very tasty! black beans, red chiles, green chiles ( serrano/jalapeno ? ) , preserved vegetable I think ....., lots of oil, sesame oil, garlic, etc ....... we got there when they open at 11:30am on a thursday and there was no wait. by the time we left there were people standing around downstairs waiting for their food and to order. We ate upstairs and there was no one else. I had the ma po tofu with beef and my friend had the egg fu yung with shrimp. the shrimp were tasty and it was a decent portion over rice. the sauce for the ma po tofu was well seasoned ..... the ample veg pieces were a bit too al dente but the dish overall was still OK ..... I'd go back. May have to try the fried chicken ?

Ajanta October 2014 [Berkeley]

Glad to hear that they're still operating at a high level.

Hot and Fresh Sangak at Yeganeh Bakery in Super Sunnyvale

I saw a similar oven down in Irvine ..... at Wholesome Choice Market. Long lines of customers waiting during dinner hour. Very good bread! I'll definitely look for this when I am down in San Jose. The almost too hot to handle bread is draped over the sides of shopping carts so that it doesn't steam/sog out.

Grocery Outlet -- January 2015

Richmond GO had Del Monte Petite Cut Tomatoes with chipolte peppers for 50 cents a can ( 14.5oz )

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

Last week at 99 Ranch in Richmond - the price was about the same ...... all the rain and bad weather has taken it's toll it would seem.

Challah in the East Bay

I was looking for some challah to bring to a dinner last night ..... we bought a loaf of Semifreddi challah but it looked a bit plain and poofy. Called Hopkins Street Bakery and they had two small challah that were a day old. I decided to get them and was glad that I did. They charged me $2.00 @ so it was a good deal and they looked fantastic. I put some lettuce leaves in the plastic bag they came in and left them together over night. Warmed them in foil before serving and they were moist and had a nice texture and flavor.

SF Chinatown Pork Bun (Char Siu Bao) crawl - suggestions?

a little while ago I was on lower Pacific Ave and feeling hungry ..... stopped into New Hollywood Cafe/Bakery and got a baked pork bun plus an egg custard tart. thought the pork bun was pretty good: the filling was ample and had more of a savory leaning than sweet. a lot of places make their filling too sweet for my taste. the egg custard tart shell was more of the crispy style -- I prefer the flaky style.

Costco Holiday Treat: A5 grade of Wagyu Beef for $1200

such a deal! now, that's marbling!

Costco Holiday Treat: A5 grade of Wagyu Beef for $1200


Has anyone seen this locally yet?

Bye Bye Roast Pork Goodness

Concert at the Addition in SF. Where to eat?

We had a pretty nice dinner at Woodhouse Fish Co. - we're transplanted East Coasters so it was nice to have some fried clams and steamers also! Six blocks away from the Addition ..... it was a nice evening for a walk. Lots of folks walking about -

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

here's a photo of the bar ...... with the open kitchen in the background ( steamer baskets, etc )

China Village (Albany) is open!

I'm not aware of any connections.

The best San Francisco sourdough?

IIRC - Larraburu had a dark bake It was my favorite in the 60's & 70's. It was a shame that they had to cease baking.

Does anyone know what happened to a shop (that made chocolates and flourless cakes w/ incredible butter cream), which was called "Cocolat," or something similar to that?

I think the original store was on Shattuck Ave in North Berkeley.

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

I tasted one .... but didn't buy any. I bought some Arkansas Black. The Mutsu sound like they might make a good pie apple?

Nov 01, 2014
gordon wing in California

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

yes, Mutsu apples are definitely available ..... saw them at Bill's Apples but their selection of Mutsu's was a bit limited in stock ..... they don't have a lot of space to display their apples - I think they had large boxes of each variety - whereas some places have those big wooden bins that hold many boxes worth. I don't know if it was the end of their Mutsu production or not. O'Halloran had a lot of Mutsu's and they were in nice condition. think we also saw them somewhere else ..... Rainbow ? I think Larsen's website listed them ......

Nov 01, 2014
gordon wing in California

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

it was a lovely day up on Apple Hill yesterday - taking in the fall colors and driving down winding roads with not much traffic. as noted above - donuts from Rainbow were the highlight of our wanderings. we tried the apple pie a la mode from Harris tree Farm - it was good but not transcendent. ( one can always hope ) the bottom crust was a bit soggy - I like a more tender crust also. we were hoping to take a pie home but never did find one we liked enough. our second pie was at Bodhaine - we tried the award winning raspberry/apple / sour cream pie. I can see why it's popular: nice crisp texture on the topping and the sour cream smooths out the raspberry filling. ...... but we wanted a bit more sparkle(acid) in the filling. have to admit to sugar overload by this point ....... Bill's Apples and Felice's Dolls had a very good price for apples by the pound ( $1.00 ) and were very generous with their samples ....... offering whole peeled, spiral sliced apples as samples. I asked about the arkansas blacks and she said to pick one out and bring it over to where she had the peeler set up. voila. Enjoyed looking around the metiulously cared for grounds also ...... hillsides covered with marigolds and other colorful flowers/plants - not to mention fun, large pieces of artwork. O'Hallorans Apple Trail Ranch was a good stop for us ...... friendly lady inside the barn and some good photo ops in the groves ..... good selection of apples also. Goldbud was closed ...... don't know if they'll be open on the weekend or not ? ( did see a few workers inside but no retail presence) Stopped in Placerville for a little dinner to avoid the Sacramento traffic. Hey Day Cafe was quite pleasant - enjoyed our food and the service was good ..... but we were still totally sugared out from our sampling so my appetite was lacking. Will give them another visit next time we're in the area. Some some of the entree plates and they looked good - had some interesting vegetables as sides ( baby carrots and kale )

Oct 31, 2014
gordon wing in California

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

A quick note about the freshly fried to order donuts at Rainbow Orchards - even better than I remembered! These alone were worth the two hour drive ...... ordered them "crispy" and that's exactly how they were: crunchy on the outside and meltingly tender and warm on the inside. Heaven. $1.00 each - I had three of them. Best thing I've eaten in a long time.

Oct 30, 2014
gordon wing in California

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

I'll definitely wait until we get to Rainbow Orchards for our freshly fried donuts!

Oct 29, 2014
gordon wing in California

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

we're going up tomorrow - hoping for a mellow fall day. thanks for your tips ...... will post a few pics and give a report. @ ricepad ... will check out the pies at Harris Tree Farm. thanks.

Oct 29, 2014
gordon wing in California

Apple Hill visit ...... any tips?

after reading through many posts: will check out Abel's for donuts and Rainbow Orchards for their cider and for their freshly fried donuts ( will ask for extra crispy ) ......... any other ideas? especially concerning lunch ( savory ) if there is any room left after donuts and cider and maybe pie : ~ ) oh, any pie favorites?

Oct 29, 2014
gordon wing in California

SF Chinatown Deals at closing time.

was in Chinatown(SF) today and picked up some good deals in the hour before closing. most of the produce places mark many things down significantly off of their already reasonable prices. red seedless grapes were down to 59 cents a pound, black seedless grapes were 79 cents a pound. saw black berries 3 small flat baskets for $1.00. I think bananas were down to 39 cents a pound. You get the idea. went by to Wing Sing Deli on Stockton St. ...... much of the prepared foods were already sold out but they were dealing for what's left ..... $2 bucks for the remaining chow mien and $2.50 for the rest of the fried rice. Good size boxes stuffed full. Got a pound of bitter melon with ground pork balls for $2.00. Etc ....I think most of these deals start somewhere around 5pm?

Ajanta October 2014 [Berkeley]

Ajanta can be found on upper Solano Ave in Berkeley.

Grocery Outlet Ice Cream Deals

Richmond Grocery Outlet .....$1.99 for Ciao Bella Gelato / Sorbet. I got the Caramel Chocolate Gelato - quite tasty, very good chocolate bits. They also had a Pear / Hibiscus Sorbet. They've gone to the clear plastic containers with black lids ( a la Talenti ) and they're 14 oz but still a decent deal in spite of the down sizing. They also had a couple of Ben & Jerry flavors for $1.99 - Pina Colada and Late Night. Plus assorted Breyers Ice Cream.

Our Point Reyes vacation

sounds like you had some good food experiences ..... glad to hear that Terrapin Creek is still good!

Emeryville Public Market Changes ......

Not a lot of details/specifics but an idea of the new direction they're headed in.

Who sells Radiatore pasta on the Bay Area?

I used to buy it at 1244 Solano Ave. in Albany at Zarri's Delicatessen.
510. 525-5405 call first though ..... it was quite a few years ago.

Hakka Restaurant pre-ordered specialties [San Francisco]

here are 3 photos of the order ahead items. my favorite overall is the chicken with preserved vegetables. the duck is stuffed with many ingredients ( barley? chopped meats and veg ) pricey compared to the others but impressive in its own way. I was not so crazy about the sweet rice stuffed chicken: I've had versions that had crisper skin and a bit more flavor. the chicken with preserved vegetables is savory with the best tasting preserved vegetables I've tasted - they must do a lot of prep on them - they're not musty in any way. this chicken prep is my favorite of the order ahead items that I've tried. the clams with basil are also very good.

Hatch Chiles are here ...... 99 cents a pound.

the Safeway I'm closest to is the El Cerrito/Richmond one.