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St. Lawrence Market - Peameal / Backbacon uncooked


So I ended up buying a full loin at Elite Meat Company at their Factory Retail location in Ajax which I understand services Whitehouse at SLM.

Packaged the day I bought it. 21 day shelf life. Very happy with cost. Price was $8.05 a kg. Roughly $20.00 for a full slab.

Meat was super juicy. Very tender. They market their product as one of the lowest in salt and fat and this really came through.

I cooked and tasted a piece as is and found it to be really lacking flavour. Salt was almost non-existent and brine had no punch.

After a salt adjustment on the next piece the flavours really jumped out.

This product is great for people who want to control the salt content of their peameal themselves. Highly recommend.

Weezies for sale

Boooo.. was my go to before Cirque shows. Cute spot, simple food and reasonably priced. I would of went more often if it was my neighbourhood.

Souvlaki -marinate overnight?

I personally would stay away from any acids as it causes texture to go south. Stick with a combo of Canola oil, oregano, garlic, onion, salt and pepper. Should marinate for 6 hours. If salt is light than overnight is fine.

Any introduction to acid should be introduced as a baste while grilling. I would go with oil, lemon juice, little salt. Should be tart.

Use nothing but pork shoulder thats been trimmed and cubed to 1 1/2 inces square for exceptional flavour and tenderness. 1 1/2 inch square is ideal.

Good luck


Oct 19, 2014
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

St. Lawrence Market - Peameal / Backbacon uncooked

Awesome thanks for all the replies. Great to know about Elite Meats at St. Lawrence and for when I'm not up to heading downtown. I've had their slab bacon at Carnicero and it was pretty good. I guess I could have expected their back bacon to be good as well. I think Ill keep my experience at Sausage King to sausages. Ummm Macadonian hots....

St. Lawrence Market - Peameal / Backbacon uncooked

Just moved to Oshawa from T.O and looking to stock the fridge.

Looking for recommendations for uncooked slabs at St. Lawrence South Market. Looking for something in nature in taste to Carousel which I'm assuming doesn't sell the uncooked variety.

I've tried Brown's Brothers who I go to for ground meats and wasn't overly impressed. So many options there so thought i'd ask before picking blind again.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Greek restaurants and bakeries in Toronto, 2014

I'll just speak to the two things that I love. Souvlaki and Gyros

Definitely Astoria for Souvlaki Dinners. Great experience every time and the portion size is massive. This is easily two meals for most. You may be full after the salad. As someone else commented....tzatziki is top notch. Their pork souvlaki has a real unique taste. I love the pork and lamb equally however. Big restaurant. Always busy. Food moves and is always fresh. Nice patio as well for summer.

Speaking to the authentic Gyros (off the spit, not Chicago Style). Alexandro's to me is the better choice for flavour and their tzatziki is good. More for takeout or a quick bite.

Messini's can be fun and busy. It's open till 5am or so for some late night eats. The vertical spits are impressive. Place smells awesome. Greek fries are yummy. Daily lunch specials are helpful in keeping lunch costs down. Overall though i find the gyros can be bland. I tend to eliminate the fries from the sandwich as it tends to keep the sandwich even less flavourful. Sometimes I go to Astoria and get a side of tzatziki to bring to Messini's if i'm feeling picky and want to kick it up a notch. Messini's tzatziki is really poor in my opinion.

Can I get a rec for Montreal Smoked Meat (just the meat)

Looking a good place to get good Smoked Meat in the downtown core if possible. Grocery Stores obviously do not cut it and I have lots of rye bread to use up.

Thanks for your help!!

Shawarma Sauces??? Recipes?

Ok... I'm absolutly in love with Shawarma's but would like to incorporate the sauces the Toronto restos(i.e Ali Baba's) use in everyday quick meal recipes at home.

Anybody know how they make the following sauces:

* Garlic Paste
* The White Thin Tahini Sauce (typically in squeeze bottle)
* Red Hot Sauce (typically in squeeze bottle)

I've tried internet recipes but they are not indictitive of Toronto Shawarma's and it doesnt taste good or remotely the same.

Any help would be appreciated...

Jul 17, 2008
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

Summerlicious near King & Spadina?

I too nominate Crush Wine Bar. My friend and I didn't partake in the Summerlicious Menu but they certainly had one. Started with Beet/Goat Cheese terrine as well as Scallops. Both yummy. Found scallops to be overpriced. 2 Scallops/$21. I had the Lamb Saddle on a bed of Rapini w/ some sort of stock/wine sauce. Delicious. Friend had Halibut in a light broth. Very good as well. Good Wine selection.

Toronto Life's Best List

Ok maybe i'm exagerating a little but a Burger with cheese, poutine and a drink was over $15 if my memory serves me right. I can easily get a Kobe burger, fries and drink for that price. Haven't had any in Toronto but in California not a problem. Ok so maybe its not comparable then... i giveup :)

Toronto Life's Best List

Toronto Life needs to get a life. South St. I found to be underwhelming in taste regardless of their fancy ingredients. Cost was absurd. I've had cheaper Kobe beef burgers in high end restaurants for the price I paid for their mediocre burger.

Apache was always my favorite growing up in the west end. Johnny's definately one of my late night favorites.

Havent tried any of the others.

Toronto's top 50 restaurants

Have to agree with the other's on the removal of Ruth Chris(chain restos are blah) but not too sure on anothers suggestion for the Drake even though I'm there religiously. Good list. Lots I've been to and many on my "to do".

Best Online Recipe Box??

I'm thinking of putting all my personal recipes to an online recipe box as backup just in case my computer decides to die one day. Anyone have any suggestions of which is the best to use. Free is better but am willing to pay if necessary.

Bonuses would be ability to change serving sizes and have it adjust automatically. Nutrition info would be cool too.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Jul 06, 2007
LeTimmy in Not About Food

Search Changes

Ahh... didn't see that. Thanks a bunch. This is much better!

Jul 06, 2007
LeTimmy in Site Talk

Anyone know what to do with an alder-smoked salmon?

Apparantly lots. I did a quick search for you. Here are some recipes.

Hope that helps and let us know what you ended up with.

Jul 06, 2007
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

Search Changes

Thanks in advance for all your hard work. Although I'm a newbie I really value the experience I get from this website.

I find 90% of my searches are done on my own board.

With the new search changes I have to do the following to search on my own board:

Search in top right search bar
Click on "show options"
Click on "drop down menu" pick "boards"
Click on "drop down menu" for board group, pick "international"
Click on "drop down menu" for board , pick "Ontario"
Press Enter

This has to be done every time I want to search (unless I leave that window open)

It's quite tedious for a simple search so I'll have to 2nd the request to be able to save search preferences. Think that will be an easy fix.

Thanks again for such a wonderful website.

Jul 06, 2007
LeTimmy in Site Talk

Salad dressing for chef-sy salad?

I personally would go with a good Blue Cheese Dressing. If not homemade then maybe a "Marie's". Stay away from Kraft etc... Usually any dressing in the refridgerated section in the vegetable/fruit area tend to be much higher quality and have interesting selections.

Saying that, a Balsamic Vinegrette is easy to make at home and always tasty.

Jul 04, 2007
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

Bloor / Keele (and surrounding area). Any recommendations?

Just moved to the area and would love any suggestions for food. Anywhere from greasy spoon type places to high end would be appreciated. I pretty much like all cuisines.

I've been to Whelan's Gate, Lebanon's Shawarma & Sharkey's Cafe(Village). I noticed across the street there is a Blume, Rio Grande, Bang Bang Bar. Anyone been to any of these places?

I do have a couple of things I crave constantly like a good Veal Sandwich & Shawarma. Having lived in Cali for the last 10 years I would also like to find a place with good mexican food. Any recs would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Question #1 - What to do with hotdogs other than in a bun?

Sometimes I have the urge for a Pogo (Corn Dog or Pronto Pup if in U.S I believe) Not the healthiest but really delicious. Brings back memories of going to a chip(french fry) stand in North Eastern Canada and having a Pogo with a box of chips with tons of salt and vinegar... Yum..

Here is a simple batter:

Vegetable oil, for frying
1 cup all-purpose flour, plus more for coating
1 cup yellow cornmeal
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 large egg
1/2 cup milk

Mix until smooth with Mixer or by hand.

Plop wooden stick into dog, then plop into batter. Fry @ 350 until golden.. 3-4 minutes.

Jul 04, 2007
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

Kid-friendly in Toronto

Already some good suggestions with "The Keg Mansion" & CN Tower Restaurant. I suppose the Mill St. Brewery would be alright. I've eaten there a couple of times and found the food to be subpar at best but YMMV. A good chance to check out the Distillery District which was the site for the largest distillery company in the world at one point. All converted into shops and restaurants.

I would suggest going to Richtree Market(The Marche) at Yonge/Wellington. Very fun, concept being market style food stations that cover all types of cuisines. Everyone gets like a credit card and whatever food you choose are added to the card. You pay as you leave. Kids and parents alike will enjoy this place and its located in the beautiful BCE Place. I highly recommend.

I would also suggest Hot House Cafe on Front. Very Kid Friendly with an enjoyable menu. Pizzas, Pasta, Sandwichs as well as lots of other things. Great Sunday Buffet also but will likely be a short wait as it tends to be destination of many.

Shopsy's on Front also is decent. Great Patio. Hot Dogs, Deli Sandwichs etc.

Lastly let me suggest that you leave the car at the hotel. Walk and use the wonderful public transportation system we have. The streetcars, buses & subway are really great way to get around this beautiful city. Parking is a pain downtown and a real rip off also.

Ottawa vs Toronto

I personally can't go to Ottawa without going to Nate's Deli for a Big Smoked Meat Sandwich. It's comfort food for me and unfortunately Toronto doesnt have a smoked meat that can live up to Nates. Not as good as Schwartz in Montreal but really darn good. I think you will find some really fun, interesting restaurants any where around the Market. Great area to walk around, have a drink, great view of parliament and the canal. Have fun and let us know how it went...

Jambalaya Lovers (Fire On The East Side)

I love Jambalaya and have never had good Jambalaya in Toronto until last evening when I went to "Fire On The East Side" Yum-E.. Definately the best I've had in Toronto so far. They have 3 levels of heat and I ordered the hot. Let me warn you, the hot is extremely hot and may be unbearable for some. Very hearty with a nice amount of chicken, andouille & shrimp. Set me back $18 and price seemed reasonable for the quality and portion size.

As far as the restaurant goes. Place is very sleak, modern decour, candles on tables with some house music playing at a comfortable level in the background. They have a decent sized patio in the front. 25-35 hip crowd with a mix of straight and gay.

I'd definately go back and especially for the Jambalaya.

If anyone else has any good suggestions for places to eat some good Jambalaya/Cajun/Creole type foods I would love to hear it.

Here is a link to their website...

Place is @ Yonge/Glocester... just south of Bloor


Food portions for tasting menus

I've had many tasting menus throughout the years and never have I left and eaten afterwards. I consider myself to have a good apetite. I would say 3 hours is a decent time for a 9 course tasting menu. All my experiences have been in the states except the defunct Avalon. Let us know how it goes. Dave Lee is a top notch chef.

Need a great Falafel recipe

Hey thanks for the recipe inuksuk. I'll have to give it a shot but c'mon not even the 2nd best recipe can be shared :)

Jun 26, 2007
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

Need a great Falafel recipe

While their are many variations of falafel depending on region. Of all the recipes i've tried using half chickpeas and half fava beans soaked over night produced the best tasting. I would omit the flour and use baking powder. 1/2 Tablespoon to every cup of chickpeas/fava. Use canola oil and make sure oil is nice and hot(350-360) before adding.

Jun 25, 2007
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

Nathan's Hot Dogs in T.O?

Does anybody know where I can get packages pf Nathan's Hot Dogs in natural casings here in T.O? These to me are by far the tastiest hot dogs out there in my opinion but I've only purchased them in the states. Hebrew National are a close second.

POTATO SALAD +need help

First off, I would stop using Miracle Whip. It contains a ton of water. In fact, its more water than any other ingredient. Not sure what type of potato you are using but it's important to use a waxy potato such as a new potato or red skinned potato. Cooking with skins on and peeling after will help but not necessary. I think you will find your major culprit to be the MW. so go with some good old fashioned mayo.

Jun 24, 2007
LeTimmy in Home Cooking

San Francesco's Hot Peppers

Yes, that's correct. Although I find that the medium and the hot are both pretty darn hot. Which I like so I'm not complaining.

San Francesco's Hot Peppers

Well, I guess I'll have to force myself to make the trip to San Fran's to get the answer personally and have one of the best veal's out there. Oh darn. I'll keep ya posted on my findings.

San Francesco's Hot Peppers

I'm not so sure they are banana peppers. 1. Because I've never had banana peppers that spicy 2. San Fran's peppers are green and banana peppers tend to be orange, yellow.

The search continues.