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Vegetarian restaurants near Columbia Medical School

No help here, but last week when I asked one of the nurses at the med center if there was a Jamba Juice in the area, the response was that there were no healthy places in the area surrounding the hospital. The restaurant hospital, Windows on the Hudson, on the 9th floor, is quite nice with a view of the river and bridge, white linen and nice china and a number of vegetarian options. Enough to cobble together a meal. I am also veg and enjoyed the food.

Aug 17, 2009
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Columbia Med Center area ideas

After 12 days tolerating hospital food, my husband wants to expand his horizons. Looking for ideas for decent food in the neighborhood or places that will deliver to the hospital.

Aug 16, 2009
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Prune Danish?

Zaro's also has prune danishes. Will have to give Andre's and Glaser's a try. My dad down in Delaware is a prune danish fan and he gets his supply in New York! We were just talking about the prune danish scarcity tonight.

Jun 21, 2009
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Food gift to take to SF

Another vote for bagels. When I lived in the Bay Area, I always asked my husband to bring bagels back when he went to NY. Far better, even considering the "jet lag" than what I could find out there.

May 21, 2009
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Quick dinner near Studio 54

Caffe Cielo on 8th in the low 50's. I find the portions to be large and usually share a salad to start and then go onto a pasta, or do the opposite and start with a salad and share a pasta dish. It is a nice room and the service is good.

Apr 13, 2009
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Special occasion dinner ideas

I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant to celebrate the end of paying for college!! We want to celebrate our daughter's graduation with a very special dinner. We will be six in total, with daughter's good friend who is also graduating and her parents. Two are vegetarian, so I need a menu that will satisfy everyone's taste. My daughter would like to dress up and have a real evening out. I would love to try Per Se, but don't feel comfortable suggesting it due to the price. From reading older posts I am also looking at Daniel and 11 Madison Park. I am hoping that there might be a few more ideas to consider. Thanks

Apr 07, 2009
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Bombay Indian Restaurant WC

We started with lentil soup, which was spicy and delicious, followed by aloo gobi and vegetable tikka masala for the mains, and plain naan and onion kulcha.

Bombay Indian Restaurant WC

Not to worry, I saw the sign for the buffet.

Bombay Indian Restaurant WC

We just got back and had a very nice dinner. It seems that the people from Sukhraj took the space over last week. The space is nice and the service very professional. I hope they are very successful in this space.

Bombay Indian Restaurant WC

My husband just got a call on his mobile from the lady from Sukhraj, the WC restaurant that closed very abruptly last summer. They have opened a new restaurant in WC, Bombay Indian at 1512 Main Street phone 925-932-5797. My family has missed Sukhraj and I hope the food is as good at the new place. We are going to go there tonight.

Need ideas for "fun" dinner this weekend

This is their year at Columbia. Having said that, I don't think they know the city well. And they are both from the Bay Area.

Oct 05, 2007
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Need ideas for "fun" dinner this weekend

My daughter has asked for help in gathering some ideas for a place she and a friend , both college juniors, can go for dinner this weekend. Silly, since I live in CA and am not really up to date on the NYC restaurant scene ! They are looking for something fun, where they can dress up and have a veg friendly meal. One of them is vegetarian. After exams last May, they went to Buddaken and really enjoyed it. They are underage, so the bar isn't important. Since mom and dad are funding this, price isn't too much of a concern either. Thanks!

Oct 04, 2007
mandy.21 in Manhattan

Tacubaya report

Me too! When we are in the neighborhood and ready for a light lunch it is one of our favorite spots. We always order the frijoles con brodo with another vegetarian option. On our last visit we enjoyed the veg sandwich. The food is always very fresh and delicious.

Perfect restaurant for a bridal shower in East Bay?

This just jogged my memory about a graduation party we attended in Massimo's private room. What really stands out was the service and the willingness of Massimo's to accommodate a request for a veg option without advance notice. They were very gracious and we ended up eating a delicious veg friendly pasta dish. I have really nice memories of that party.

Looking for Indian recs in Lafayette, WC or PH

Since our favorite Indian place closed, we are looking for some recommendations with good veg options close to home. Thanks

Sukhraj in Walnut Creek closed

Does anyone know what happened to Sukharj? We drove out tonight and were surprised to see that it is closed and something new is going in its space. We were last there three weeks ago and had no idea it would be our last dinner there. Very disappointing.