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Indian Cooking classes south bay or SF

I haven't had any success in finding Indian cooking classes in either San Francisco, the peninsula or the south bay. I've found a couple of sites, but none of them are currently holding classes. Can anyone help?



Feb 13, 2008
Margyb in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to buy Cocoa Beans?

I'm in Santa Clara...has anyone been successful in finding cocoa nibs at the Cupertino Whole Foods or anywhere else? I really hesitate to go there without knowing for sure....that place is crazy busy on Sundays!



Dec 09, 2007
Margyb in San Francisco Bay Area

Bacalao / Dried Salted Cod in the Sunnyvale area?

Unfortunately Cosentinos closed the Homestead/Lawrence location a few weeks ago. I miss it terribly! I haven't found anywhere else to purchase meat.

Jun 08, 2007
Margyb in San Francisco Bay Area