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Suggestions for great eats in Paris, France

My wife and I will be in France for 4 days and nights in Novemer. Can anyone help us with recommendations on great places to eat? We are staying in the 1st Arrondisement but I imagine we will be in all the major tourist spots.

Oct 01, 2011
puppichow in France

My "To Dine" List

wow, thanks Das Ubergeek! I will be making a lot of changes on my list! as far as izakaya, i wanted to find something closer to home even though I totally agree with you that west hollywood is quite "bleh" for any type of asian food. I also omitted the korean because I am korean and have tried pretty much everything that k-town has to offer. Thank you very much for your suggestions, much appreciated!

Apr 05, 2009
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

My "To Dine" List

No I dont know how I'm going to get into Totoraku... why, would you like to help? :)

Apr 05, 2009
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

My "To Dine" List

I have tried FO and agree.. yum! will have to put those other mentioned on the list, thanks for the input! oh, and I forgot to put kogi's korean taco truck on there as well...

Apr 05, 2009
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

My "To Dine" List

I made a "to dine" list of all the places I would like to try in LA. I was wondering if anyone had any comments about the restaurants listed or if they would suggest something different for that type of cuisine? If you think its really worth trying out? its a long list and im trying to narrow it down!! Thanks!!

Mon land hot pot
Mei long village- shanghai style dumplings
Hawaiian: Bruddah’s
Japanese french: Maison Riz- couldnt find any reviews
Thai: Yai restaurant
Thai: jitalda
Singaporean: Savoy kitchen
Thai: Bahn Thung
Ronin izakaya
Go’s mart
The Open Door (SGV)
Filipino: Magic wok
Asian French: la vie
Indonesian: Ramayani
Northern thai: spicy bbq restaurant
Vietnamese: Banh mi my tho

Soul food- Chef Marilyn’s place
Soul food- Bertha’s soul food
Apple pan
American(new): Jar
Burgers: Lucky devils
Wine bar/bistro: Palate
Owen’s bistro

Latin American:
Mexican: Yuca’s ]
Yucatecan: Chichen Itza
Mexican/salvadorean: gloria's cafe
Oaxacan: Guelagetza
Cuban: El Cochinito

La Cachette
Café Beaujolais
Chez mimi

Middle Eastern/African:
Moroccan: Chameau
Middle eastern: al hamra halal cafe
Middle eastern: Hungry pocket
Lebanese: Marouch

Italian: La Botte Restaurant
Polish: Warszawa

Apr 04, 2009
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

Loved Animal! Anything comparable?

I just had dinner at Animal restaurant and absolutely loved it! we ordered the foie gras appetizer, poutine, pork belly with kimchee, basque melted cheese, ribs, loco moco and fried quail. Outstanding! not to mention the prices were very reasonable and the ambience was great, not too pretentious. I have been searching for places like this in LA. Does anyone have any other suggestions on a restaurant that is comparable? Thank you!

Mar 30, 2009
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

Good chinese beef noodle soup in monterey park?

Does anyone know of a really good beef noodle place around monterey park? someplace with great broth with tendon, tripe etc. thanks!

Oct 26, 2008
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

Capricciosa Japanese Italian restaurant chain. Anyone know of a similar restaurant in LA?

my favorite restaurant while growing up was Capricciosa, a Japanese Italian restaurant based in Japan. Now there are tons of Capricciosas all over Asia but I don't think it has reached the US yet. I've been trying to find a restaurant that is similar but no success yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been to Il Chianti and Blue Marlin, both not even close to good ole Capricciosa..

Jun 11, 2007
puppichow in Los Angeles Area

good izakaya on the westside?

Anybody have suggestions for good izakaya? I live around west LA and have been to most of the japanese restaurants on sawtelle, looking for something new...

Jun 08, 2007
puppichow in Los Angeles Area