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Best restaurants in Portland, Maine

I ended up going to Duckfat, 555, Eventide and Bayley's Lobster Pound (in Scarborough).

Brief thoughts:

Duckfat: Had the poutine with the egg on top; very good, but I wish there were a few more crispy fries

555: Had Summer Valley Chicken and a special salad with beets to start; Salad was good - a little too beet heavy and I don't love deconstructed salads - I like when all the flavors are incorporated; Chicken was really good - I rarely order chicken at restaurants but the waiter recommended it and it was terrific; portion was a bit big; all in all good but not great; wine list was very good for a shorter list

Hot Suppa: Went there for breakfast based on the rec from one of my waiters at 555; Had an omelet with grits on the side. Best grits I've had out of the South. I liked it better than 555, but comparing breakfast to dinner is not really fair!

Eventide: Had Lobster Stew (which was less stew than bisque or soup) and Fried oyster roll (which was like a pork bun with fried oyster) - Food was just about perfect, service was great even though the restaurant was packed

Bayley's Lobster Pound: Had the lobster roll - was one of the best I've had - worth getting out of the well known touristy Portland places to drive down to Scarborough for this

Local 188: Went there for breakfast because it seems to be a local favorite. Had a very good egg scramble, BUT, if I had one breakfast, I'd go back to Hot Suppa hands down.

Thanks to all for their suggestions.

Best restaurants in Portland, Maine

Thanks so much for all the suggestions!

Best restaurants in Portland, Maine

Going there for a few days over Labor Day. Been to Fore Street before and Street and Co. and loved them both. Hope to get to Duckfat on this trip.

Where else should I be considering?

Looking for the Best Northern NJ Cheese Shops

Ideally in or around Essex, Bergen, Union counties

Some direction needed

I noticed most people have responded with sandwich places, but if you want a nice, white tablecloth experience, head to Fork and Knife. My friends and I were there last month and it's quite good. Upscale and pricey, but worth. And their wine list is quite good.

Looking for Restaurant Suggestions - Birthday Dinner, on a Thurs. night, approx. 10 people

I'm leaning towards Hearth. I've heard great things and they post their amazing wine list
online - always a plus.

Most of my friends have very sophisticated palates and eat out in NYC often so it's not about the budget but about the quality of the food for the $. They'll pay for good food. They are also hard to please!

That said, Per Se, Daniel and anything in that stratosphere is out of the question, but something good and interesting, especially if it's newer, would go over well. I'm also a big foodie, but more than that, I'm a bit of a wine snob. I don't even consider it a "list" if the words Yellow and Tail appear or if they have a White Zinfandel offering or if the nicest wine on the menu is Clos du Bois. I even get annoyed when French lists are primarily Mouton Cadet or Italian lists are primarily Ruffino (I like both of these labels, but I also really like to find the smaller wineries and more unique varietals on lists - tells me that they likely have a sommelier on staff who put some thought into it). I've walked by Nice Matin several times but have never eaten there. Looks like it could be good - pretty standard French menu (not a bad thing).

Per Se
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

Nice Matin
201 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024

Looking for Restaurant Suggestions - Birthday Dinner, on a Thurs. night, approx. 10 people

Good wine list is a must. Italian, French, or American/Continental. Would love Family Style, but it's not necessary.

Can be any neighborhood, but Manhattan only (trying to satisfy New Jersey and New York City dwellers!)


Wine Tours

Head to the Willamette Valley - about an hour south of Portland. You can visit wineries on your own. I'm sure if you wanted to go on a tour you can find someone who runs tours through a Google search.

Philly Chowhounds need help for Wilmington, DE

Eclipse on Union. Good place. Nice atmosphere. Low key. Since everyone on this board claims to know so much about Delaware and it's lack of restaurants, I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned!!!! The staff is still getting used to the new, big space, but the food is still great. I grew up in Delaware and I haven't lived there for years, but everytime I get back (4-5 times a year), I crave Elizabeth's. I don't always make it, but I always want to try to. DuPont has wonderful brunches. Their dinner service is good. Used to be great.

Kid Friendly for dinner in Hoboken

Thanks so much for your responses. We won't be going out for a few weeks so we're not worried about World Series drunks (and it's not a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, either so we don't ahve to worry about the football drunks either).

Kid Friendly for dinner in Hoboken

My friends and I are looking for a good dinner spot in Hoboken where a newborn would be o.k. She rarely cries and will likely be sleeping, but we don't want to distrub others. We're all also big foodies, so it's gotta be good!

Good Korean in Montclair/Clifton/West Orange/Bloomfield area

Looking for a good Korean restaurant in the Montclair.West Orange/Clifton/Bloomfield area. It would need to accomodate a group of 8-12 people. We'd go a little bit further out if it's worth it. We're looking for mid-September.

Best Middle Eastern food in Northern NJ?

My friends and I are doing a group dinner (approx. 8-10 people) in early August and we're looking for a good Middle Eastern place in Northern NJ. Most of us live in the West Orange/Montclair/Cifton/Bloomfield area but we'll likely have someone coming from North Bergen and someone else coming from cental New Jersey so convenient to the Parkway would be great.


Portsmouth, NH to Portland, ME suggestions

I'll be road tripping in and around Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME for 3-4 days in a few weeks.

I'm expecting to get some great seafood but I am open to other types of places.

What restaurants should I make a priority in Portsmouth, NH and Porltand, ME and any point in between?

Brakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Casual, good brunch/diner/coffeehouse in or around Short Hills, NJ

Not looking for anything fancy - casual brunch or diner in or around the Short Hills area
This would be for this Sunday, which also happens to be Easter, so if it's a place that takes reservations or a place that might not be packed on Easter (a local favorite coffee house), even better!

Springfield, NJ area restaurant suggestions

I'm looking for a nice mid-range restaurant or upscale bar or wine bar to go to in the Springfield, NJ area. Would also be open to neighboring towns.

New to DE

I grew up in DE and still get back there often
While it is not a mecca of world class restaurants, there are some good places to check out - many of them mentioned in previous postings

To reiterate and suggest a few more:

Upscale: Eclipse (on Union), Culinaria, DuPont Hotel Green Room (if you don't want to spend a bundle, try Sunday brunch, which is still pricey for a brunch, but not as expensive as dinner), Deep Blue, Toscana (also has a nice lounge), The Orchard (BYO in Chadds Ford), Gilmore's (BYO in West Chester)

Casual: The afore-mentioned Charcoal Pit (I personally like the one on Concord Pike the best), Pizza By Elizabeth's (Route 52; pricey pizza, but totally worth it), Mikimoto, Attilio's, Cromwell's

Brunch: Buckley's (good pub atmosphere as well), Hank's (Route 1 in Chadds Ford)

Pubs: Basically anything in the Trolley Square area - Logan House has been around the longest of all the pubs there; Buckley's is also good as pubs go

If you like crab and want to try it the traditional Mid-Atlantic way, head down to Smyrna and go to The Boondocks.

Enjoy and welcome to the second smallest state.

First visit to Philly

If you like museels and/or good burgers, try Monk's at 16th and Spruce
As someone else mentioned, the Reading Terminal Market is always a good, reasonable option with lots of choices

Best Chinatown Restaurant Period.

New Green Bo has never let me down
It's not absolute best in everything, but I've always had a great experience there

Brunch spot on UES for a couple and both sets of parents

I'm a big fan of Sarabeth's - it's a little pricey (but worth it) and you'll definitely need a reservation. If you want something a little more casual, you could go to EJs, which is always good, though there's always a line so you'll want to get there early, and they only take cash.

Philadelphia Marathon recs - November

A few places I'd recommend:

Grocery: DiBruno Bros. - pricey gourmet, BUT, if you are a cheese lover you must visit (Rittenhouse Square area)

Lunch/Dinner: Marathon (regardless of your activity, I would have picked it!) - there are a few around town; Typical continental menu - good salads, nice selection of fish/chicken/beef/pasta entrees - since it's the weekend you might need a reservation, but it's not hard to get in

Dinner: Continental (one near the waterfront on 2nd, one near Rittenhouse Square). Large family style appetizers and main dishes. A little nouveau, but lots of different types of cuisine with a bit of an Asian leaning. Very good for groups. They also are known for their cocktails.

Breakfast: Sabrina's - not a light meal, but a great brunch; awesome menu & at least 8 specials each weekend; great coffee; get there before 9:30am or risk a bit of a wait (near 9th and Catherine - can also walka round the open air Italian Market after, which is good for a few blocks)

Other: Monk's is one of my all time favorite places, but it caters to a specific taste - if you like beer (they have over 200 kinds in house) and belgian style mussels (they do them 8 or 9 different ways) and frieds, Monk's is your place. They also have good burgers. (Rittenhouse Square area)

RE Cheesesteaks: As you research, you'll probably hear a lot about the ongoing debate between Pat's and Gino's. They are virtually down the street from each other and everyone has their favorite, but you really can't go wrong eith either (though I personally favor Gino's and I don't even remember why!). The key is to remember how to order it: "wit whiz" (as in cheese whiz - it is not a true Philly cheesesteak unless you get it "wit whiz," provolone is for fancy food and cheesesteaks are not meant to be fancy or at all healthy or good for you!)

Philly is a fantastic eating city and I hope you get a lot of good suggestions because whether you head down to Chinatown (around 7th/8th street - I'm not a huge Chinese fan, but I used to love Joe's Peking Duck if it's still around) or the waterfront or out to Rittenhouse, you will find good places.

Easton:Casual Dinner with teen boy

Pearly Baker's is a pub that happens to have really good food and is quite casual. Also, they have a lot of outdoor seating. It's on the circle in Easton. Sette Luna (Italian) on Ferry is also a nice place. They have a lot of good pizzas. I think the Thai place on 2nd might be Sogo, which also has a lot of Japanese options if you like sushi. Pne other suggestion - Gennaro's (Italian) on Sullivan Trail Road (though the service can be a little slow).

main line lunch

If you like sushi, Samurai is pretty good and right on Route 30. I'm not sure if they serve drinks, though. Gallifty's is another option. Pretty standard bar/grill fare, but good. Plus, they have really good starwberry pie (the crust is lined with chocolate).

Portland, Willamette, Ashland restaurant suggestions

1 day in Ashland - 2-3 meals: Dinner, Breakfast, possibly Lunch

I've heard good things about Amuse. What do you think? Where else should I look? the place can be fancy or casual as long as the food is good. My parents and I tend to like Seafood places, French, American, or Indian. We are not as into Italian or Chinese (we get far too much of that out on the East Coast!)


Portland, Willamette, Ashland restaurant suggestions

Willamette Valley
I'll be in Dundee and McMinnville

Portland, Willamette, Ashland restaurant suggestions

I'll be visiting Oregon the first week of September and am looking for lunch and dinner places in Portland, the Willamette area and Ashland. They can be casual or fancy as long as they are good.


Fine Dining: Where?

I'm not as good with dinner places in Philly, but if you have time for breakfast on Saturday morning, I'd recommend Sabrina's down near Little Italy. I'd also try to work ina trip to DiBruno Bros. in the Rittenhouse Square area (I think on Chestnut between 16th and 17th - somewhere around there). The cheese case alone is worth a trip for any self-described foodie! Enjoy.

Pls. help me finalize our trip to Mystic

I would still go to Abbot's and pack something for your child. It's worth it in both quality and value. Plus, your kid will probably love the desserts!!!