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Best food and best view in Baltimore

I will be celebrating a major birthday (don't ask!) over Memorial Day and 30-40 of my nearest and dearest will be with me. We're looking for a restaurant with wonderful food, great view or ambience, and room to accommodate a group. Any suggestions? I'd like Gertrude's at the BMA, but they don't reserve for such a large group. Thanks.

I need a great downtown lunch

I sneaked a peak at your reply to "madgreek99". Unfortunately, Topolobampo is open only from Tuesday to Friday and my family will be at the Drake on Saturday and Sunday. Any other similar suggestions? Thanks.

Jul 26, 2008
Judith Skolnik in Chicago Area

One vegetarian, one kosher, 3 eat-it-all

My husband and I and 3 adult children will be in Chicago in mid-August for 3 days. We'll be staying near N. Michigan Ave and Seneca Park. As you can see from the heading, dining can be a problem. Any great vegetarian restaurants or restaurants where we can get wonderful fresh fish? Any suggestions appreciated.

Jul 23, 2008
Judith Skolnik in Chicago Area

Bagels in Baltimore?

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm taking a non-Jewish friend to a "real bagel experience" so I want the best bagels in the best deli ambiance, in the true sense of the word. That would eliminate Greg's (his bagels are fun but the ambiance doesn't fit in this case). New Town's good for bagels but I wouldn't call it or Goldberg's a real deli. I agree about S&H bagels. Lenny's? Miller's?

Bagels in Baltimore?

I hadn't thought of either of your suggestions. I only knew about Fields, Lenny's, and Suburban House. Many thanks. Judy

Bagels in Baltimore?

Can anyone tell me where to eat the best bagels in Baltimore? Either the bagels aren't very good or the restaurant isn't really a great deli. Hard to believe that great bagels are only in New York! Thanks. Judy