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Bay Wolf to close after 40 years in Oakland on Piedmont Ave.

Actually that sort of plan might work. I keep thinking about opening a coffee roasting business, but I can't seem to grow the beard.

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twocents in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Wolf to close after 40 years in Oakland on Piedmont Ave.

BrewBurger is planned for the space. It will serve 30-40 craft beers, half Californian, and a burger-focused menu of sustainably sourced but not necessarily chef-driven recipes. There will be a limited third wave coffee and pastry service in the mornings; possibly roasted on-site depending on permits, and with baked goods source TBD. There is also consideration for a late menu depending if the appropriate liquor license can be obtained, in which case there will be an ambitious craft cocktail service in the works. Sorry, I am just joking.

Cockscomb - SF

Well to add color to that- I may have been a little misleading with my phrasing. I went to Incanto about three times over the years it was open and never left feeling excited to go back. It's been a long time but I seem to recall feeling like the flavors lacked punch or brightness- many things undersalted, tomato sauces a little dull, seasonings a little muted. Does this sound crazy? Based on a lot of what I read about Incanto I was always a bit puzzled. Cockscomb is different- less Italian and perhaps a bit more "masculine" if that makes sense.

Classic Guilin Rice Noodles - Oakland Chinatown

I had the beef + beef tripe rice noodle soup recently which had sliced brisket and tripe. The broth is like a cloudy pho, rich and a teeny bit thicker than pho is. I thought it well seasoned, though it started getting salty towards the end. I suspect the soft beef is the same soup but with sliced beef flank cooked wet (the brisket was roast hard and sliced, like in some of their other dishes). An enjoyable meal.

I think I will go back to the lao you fen- I'm not wild about the spaghetti-like guilin rice noodle itself. I like the little side dishes. Tried yuba this time which seemed like it had been fermented a little, or the dressing including some fermented, funky element. Their hot sauces are very good too.

Cockscomb - SF

Based on this review, visited for the first time recently- I liked this much better than I ever liked Incanto- Octupus a la plancha was excellent; Beef heart tartare was decent- would not order again only because I prefer a normal tartare (i enjoy cooked heart) and many other things to try. Tripe and clams was a standout, the lemon and herb sauce brightened the tripe flavor and I liked the bits they used with striations of muscle adding to the texture. Halibut spicy crudo was good, a little fishy in the way halibut can be. Vegetables were a standout including escarole and anchovies, and roasted turnip in some kind of meaty glaze. I am forgetting one other dish. We were seated upstairs in some kind of Asian ghetto (I kid, a little) but very pleasant and quieter than downstairs.

Anyone seen this brand? Sze Chuan chili Paste from Taiwan

I found the canned "bean sauce" and "Hot bean sauce" from this brand at Hometown Grocery (Oakland Chinatown 10th street, by Guilin Classic Rice Noodle), but they didn't have the chili sauce only version. Haven't tried them yet.

KronnerBurger - Oakland

Sounds like you're getting some kind of brewed vinegar instead- "white wine" "rice" "sherry" or "champagne" vinegars- all common, especially for use in dressings depending on type of restaurant. Some are even "seasoned" with added salt or sugar.

Distilled vinegar is not a common condiment here, it's true, probably malt vinegar is your best bet. If you have to ask, specifying "distilled white vinegar" from the kitchen might yield better results.

KronnerBurger - Oakland

We also have Heinz distilled white vinegar at 5%. Do you use something different then that?

KronnerBurger - Oakland

Very nice burger, perfectly seasoned top quality meat. You taste the $11 in each of the ingredients- it's not a large burger. Chopped salad $9 with smoked coconut was a beautiful and surprising dish- the coconut is almost like ground parmesan and becomes part of the dressing. Cocktails were $10 a good- the milk punch was an unclarified version and was decent; Bloody Mary version was v. good with Gin instead of Vodka, but a bit small for a Bloody Mary if you're expecting something big.

Service was warm, attentive and casual. Really nice; such a contrast to another place in this market segment in Oakland. (I find most places out here to range between detached to friendly, which are acceptable to me, but have had one or two really bad experiences in the past year). The attitude was so positive that it really stood out to me on this one visit.

Looking forward to trying again.

Kyu3 in the TL -- Thai Noodles, Japanese BBQ and Squid Ink Fried Rice [San Francisco]

I've had really good squid ink fried rice at Ippuku in Berkeley and Ramen Shop in Oakland, though they are only a sometimes thing at both I think. FYI.

Din tai Fung comes to Bay Area

A bit off topic due to geography, but my dad reports that this place is just as good as Taipei 101 DTF if more common in atmosphere.

I tried to go to Glendale DTF on Mother's Day but it opens at 10, not 11, and the wait was 2-2.5 hrs!

We went to Cheesecake Factory instead where the XLB were just ok.

Just kidding.

They were excellent.

Just kidding again.

Khao-man-gai in San Francisco?

My favorite versions of this dish include warm spices (cinnnamon or five spice) in the rice with a reasonable amount of salt. Sa Wooei in El Cerrito used to be my favorite but they don't offer it anymore. Kin Khao and Hawker fare (Oakland) have perfectly poached chicken but the rice is very mild- cooked in broth but unsalted and for whatever reason they just don't pop for me. The chicken rice made in Oakland Viet places are my current favorite if only due to the strong chicken flavor- they typically don't have spices in the rice as I mentioned, just the strong broth cooked rice. Ginger-scallion sauce like the Chinese version.
Based on the menus and reports on other items, I would guess that soupcon's recommendations of Amphawa and Kyu3 are promising. Also, I have red that KMG is on the Thai menu at Zen Yai; Based on their boat noodle and tom yum noodle I would also say that is promising.
I think the most traditional sauce for KMG is soy bean sauce+dark soy+garlic+ginger+chili. Like Nong's KMG in Portland, or Sa Wooei. Also Hawker Fare, but I can't remmeber Kin Khao's. Not every place will do it this way- many do a standard chili-garlic or the Chinese ginger-scallion.

Attic San Mateo: solid Filipino

Another sisig thread:

Visited the Philippines over Christmas and had tons of sisig all over- pork, chicken, fish. Most were no better than what I've had here at Gerry's Grill, Max's in Glendale, Maharlika.

Din tai Fung comes to Bay Area

I counted at least three non-Asian Western floor staff on my visit. I was a bit surprised by this.

Chowdown at Grocery Cafe, Oakland [Burmese]

Thanks for the info, I am looking forward to trying it!

Din tai Fung comes to Bay Area

I had the pleasure of eating at the Taipei 101 branch in January- how does this compare to the "original" branch, or the others around Taipei, if you know? I thought everything was very good, if not mind blowing, but my uncle kept grumbling about how expensive everything was and that one of the masters had opened their own shop somewhere in town where everything was just as good and cheaper. I would have insisted he take us but our trip was cut short due to being trapped in the Philippines on the inbound...

Will have to make the point of trying the Glendale and/or Arcadia branches some time for comparison.

Chowdown at Grocery Cafe, Oakland [Burmese]

I was sorry to have missed this, but I had guests. Could Melanie or anyone comment on whether or not the off-menu items could be arranged in advance with Chef Lue, or if this was more of a special deal?

I'd be interested in trying more or less the same menu some time.

Sliced Meat for Hot Pot in East Bay or SF?

Do you not include the white? I always include the white which is maybe kind of gross and it only now occurs to me that my mom taught me that way so that it wouldn't get wasted.

I like soy vinegar Taiwanese satay garlic green onion sugar and chili sauce.


I've never seen cuberdon around here, not that I've looked very hard. I've had this supermarket brand before, but it's not the same as the fresh and perishable candy from shops and carts especially the famous cart in Ghent.

Yuzuki, Izakaya Roku, Goku, Namu [San Francisco]

Ended up at Yuzuki- the cooking I thought was beautiful; I really enjoyed everything. To get a good selection including premium-y items, I think you need to exceed $50 pp food only. The Ikura clay pot was a standout, as were the gobo-fish fried dumplings.

Watch out for prices on sake, especially if you are someone who tends not to look at prices. Don't want any nasty surprises.

Roli Roti’s Porchetta

My wife and I usually go before 9:30 and the line is manageable. We don't hit the Saturday farmer's market as often these days but the quality has held up over the years- the prices have gone up quite a bit.(When they started the sandwiches, I think it was $7?)

I had porchetta at Ciccio in Yountville last fall that was distinctly better than Roli Roti, but even less convenient.

Yuzuki, Izakaya Roku, Goku, Namu [San Francisco]

Izakaya Rintaro is another new(ish) place on 14th. Friend went recently and said it was good, service a bit slow. They use bincho charcoal for their yakitori.

Moving to the Bay Area!

Make sure you take a good look at the AC transit system map. Your work location opens up a large part of the near East Bay to you.

I've lived in the East Bay (Oakland mostly, but Berkeley and Emeryville too) for more than 20 years and love it. The food and restaurants are more than enough to keep my occupied, to the point that I have to make a concerted effort to eat in the city regularly.

Juhu Beach Club to open brick 'n mortar in Temescal [Oakland]

Second visit here, a shame since I live close by. I tried the doswaffle+chicken and the spicy bacon fried rice ("Hangover Cure"), along with the vegetarian Pav, a previous favorite. Delicious, bright flavors, my only criticism was that the chicken could have been a bit more moist, perhaps brining or a different kind of brining would help. I should go more often.

Yuzuki, Izakaya Roku, Goku, Namu [San Francisco]

Thanks for the reply. I meant Izakaya Roku, which I know is different from Roka Akor, which has a higher profile around the board. Also different neighborhood.

Double Standard, Oakland

Hard to see from the street- all black frontage, though there is a sandwich board out front. It's on the next block from Koreana Plaza on the same side of Telegraph going north(ish). Pleasant interior, lights were a little high for the type of place it seems to be going for. Cocktails $10. I had one drink which was ok. Somewhere between a dive bar and a high end cocktail place. Beer list ordinary, at least by local standards. Will stop by again sometime in the future to check out the backyard, maybe try another drink. Ordinarily I would go to a place like Commonwealth, Hog's Apothecary, or Lost & Found; or Chieftain at the lower end.

The Good Hop Bottle Shop - Oakland

Stopped by to check it out for the first time. Friendly atmosphere, 80% full on a school night. I like the beer choices and the fact that the website seems to be updated regularly. The beer menu is an LCD display that also appears to indicate where the barrel is in terms of filling, so if you want to taste something in the red, you'll know to order it today and not tomorrow. Not a ton of overlap with Hog's Apothecary, nor Lost and Found (at least based on their current online list, I've only been a few times). I found parking a little tricky at 7 pm, as I do for L&F but not for Hog's.

Snacks were Low-fat pork rinds with seasoning (Pork clouds), various jerky, various nuts. All packaged, looked like from small producers.

Yuzuki, Izakaya Roku, Goku, Namu [San Francisco]

I know they are all different style/level of restaurant, but wanted to get some recent and/or comparative opinions. From what I can gather:

Yuzuki is more refined and a higher price point, not properly an izakaya. It's furthest from our prior engagement.

Namu Gaji I have been to several times. To me this is like a fancy izakaya but the food is more Korean than Japanese. I like it and would go again.

It sounds like Roku is most like a proper izakaya, less refined and cheaper than Yuzuki, but the last mention on the board I could find was not too positive.

Goku may be the cheapest, or similar to Roku in price, but it's not clear to me what the menu is like. Also they don't take reservations, which is not ideal for us.

The latter two restaurants are relatively close to our starting point.

Anybody have any opinions? Thanks.

Mi 99ranch pacific east mall richmond

Slightly cheerier decor. Also noticed beer taps; racer five, drake's jefe and something else. Did they have beer before? I didn't go often myself but agree that the menu looks identical and mi bho kho is more or less the same as I've had in the past.

La Nebbia from owners of La Ciccia (Noe Valley, SF)

Thanks for the link. Went for the first time last week; the menu was more extensive than I expected, as explained in the article. Squid ink pizza was a standout although fishier than the pasta dishes usually taste to me. The lime peel I thought was brilliant. Had one of the salumi platters and squid salad. Everything was good, the least favorite was the lasagna which tasted relatively ordinary, though still good. Burrata dish was also excellent. There was some shrimp but I think I got denied by my companions.

Appreciate the different menu and feel compared with La Ciccia. We've been going there since 2005 or 6, a couple times a year. My wife prefers the latter, as do I, so it will probably continue to be our preference, but I may make it out to La Nebbia with others on occasion.

When we were there Massimo came in I guess to make the rounds, talking to some of the staff and a few customers.