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good seafood buffet in Miami, FTL, or PB?

I've got some big seafood lovers coming into town in a couple weeks, and I need some suggestions for seafood buffets. We've done Whale Harbor (in Islamorada) and Kyojin (Miami) for sushi/seafood, as well as Joe's, Capt. Jim's, and Garcia's. They liked Whale Harbor, but don't think it was worth the 1.5 hr drive. Kyojin was OK, but they want more seafood.

Any suggestions? Has anyone been to The Crab House on 79th Street?

Mar 14, 2008
phily in Florida


Hands down, Joe's Stone Crabs. However, we are out of season on stone crabs and lobster. If you like dining al fresco, try Lincoln Road.

Jun 08, 2007
phily in Florida