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stores that sell live blue crabs in Brooklyn?

Sea Breeze II usually has them alive in season:

8500 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214
b/t 85th St & 86th St

Jun 08, 2015
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Restaurants near Brooklyn Art Museum

There is a fine dining restaurant in the Brooklyn Museum: open for lunch on the weekend. Be careful using "BAM" when referring to the Brooklyn Museum as BAM is a collection of performance spaces in downtown Brooklyn about a mile or so from the museum.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is adjacent to the museum and well worth a visit.

Apr 07, 2015
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Tipping at Starbucks when buying bananas

Is this your regular Starbucks, where you are recognized and greeted and you recognize and greet the employees? If so, then tip .50 cents. If not your regular Starbucks then .25 or nothing at all.

Mar 26, 2015
nychas in Not About Food

Favorite Mom & Pop Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn

Villa Fiortia is still very much family run. 7720 18th Avenue.

Mar 03, 2015
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Need healthful "brown bag" lunch ideas, please.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and a piece of fruit. Remember, Derek Jeter ate a PB&J before every game he played.

Mar 03, 2015
nychas in General Topics

Great Italian in Dyker Heights

Sad to hear abut Mona Lisa Bakery on 86th Street closing! I live closer to Villa Fiorita and Il Colosseo and both are still open.

Jan 19, 2015
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Great Italian in Dyker Heights

Since you are on foot, New Corners may be a bit much. Mona Lisa and Tomasso are close to each other on 86th street and close to the Xmas lights. I have been to Mona Lisa and they are great for a sit down dessert, I've also had very good thin crust pizza there.

If you are planning on the D train home from the 79th Street station, then you might consider either Villa Fiorita or Il Colosseo they are both on 18th Avenue between 77th and 78th street. I've been to both many times and enjoyed my meals there. Fiorita is more "old school".

Dec 18, 2014
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Looking for an ultra trendy place for a group of 8 in Brooklyn

Nov 11, 2014
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Restaurant gift card

Try to make sure that the recipient will be able to include the gratuity via the gift card; At Chez Josephine in NYC we had a perfectly pleasant meal using our anniversary gift card and were going to leave a very generous tip with the remaining balance only to be told that this was "not allowed".

May 09, 2014
nychas in Greater Boston Area

Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge weekday lunch

IL Colosseo in Bensonhurst 18th Ave and 77th St. I've not tried them for lunch but I can vouch for their dinners. Not red sauce, great seafood, tasty pizzas for starters too.

Oct 10, 2013
nychas in Outer Boroughs

your favorite fruit stands in Brooklyn and Queens

Great to hear that other folks recognize Paradise's high quality. It has been my main fresh produce source since moving to Bensonhurst a few years ago. They also sell ice (including 75 pound blocks). They shut down each year from mid-late January until March; when they reopen it is a sure sign of Spring.

Oct 19, 2012
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Desperate for Roma/Plum tomatoes for sauce-September 14th

Frank and Sal's have them @8008 (80th Street) 18th Avenue, NY 11214 (718) 331-8100. I also saw them at a produce market in the 60s on 18th Avenue. In years past I've also seen trucks selling them along 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

Sep 07, 2012
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Are there any bars in Bensonhurst???

Jamie Lynn's Kitchen on 86th and 15th Ave does have a bar in front. Having said that, I've only eaten there and can vouch for the food service and atmosphere being good as far as the diining goes.

It has always seemed very strange to me too that we don't have any bar bars in Bensonhurst.

Jamie-Lynn's Kitchen
1504 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Jan 09, 2012
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Place to buy beer in Bensonhurst

The Smoke Shop on 18th Ave between 65 and 66th has a great selection of cold six packs and larger 22oz bottles. Firestone Walker, Founders, Smuttynose, and lots more! We refer to it as the "Smok" Shop as the "e" on their sign has been burned for a while.

Dec 28, 2011
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Went to Bonnie's Grill tonight...are people kidding?

Bonnie's burgers are grilled and taste grilled, nothing like a patty. I've never gone beyond medium there and on occasion go rare and I have never been disappointed. The wings are perfect classic buffalo. Good fries, good humus of all things, and always good craft beer on tap and in bottles.

Bonnie's Grill
278 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Sep 12, 2011
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Sunset Park/Brooklyn

You're not far from Toby's Public House at 6th Ave and 21st St. They do great brick oven pizzas and good craft beer. You will be very comfortable eating at the bar there. Pacific Standard is another bar that completes the "triangle" of Cherry Tree and 4th Ave Pub and is a very easy R train ride for you.

Speaking of the R Train, it will also take you close to Colandrea New Corner Restaurant at 8th Ave and 72nd Street in Bay Ridge. They are old school Italian.

Speaking of Bay Ridge you might enjoy a trip there also; it is the next neighborhood up from Sunset Park on the R train. 5th and 3rd Avenues there offer many bars and places to eat.

Pacific Standard
82 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Colandrea New Corner
7201 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228

Toby's Public House
686 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Cherry Tree
65 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Sep 08, 2011
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Walking around Bensonhurst

Welcome! As previously mentioned, take a walk down 86th. You may want to go beyond 18th on 86th though, as Jaime Lynn's Kitchen (86th and 15th Ave.) is the closest you will come to a bar and grill in Bensonhurst. Also that way is Mona Lisa Cafe.

You are walking distance to Frank and Sal's on 18th and 80th. They will be your go to place for Italian Groceries. 84th and 18th has 84th Street Beverage. They will be your beer store including a surprisingly nice micro-brew selection. You have two small liquor stores near you, for a larger selection of wines and spirits there is Bensonhurst Liquors on Bay Ridge Parkway and 18th Avenue. There is another even larger store on Bay Parkway but I mostly stick to 18th.

Also on 18th Avenue between 77th and 78th are 2 Italian Restaurants Villa Fiorita and Il Colosseo. Colosseo is wonderful and has shown up on Chowhound from time to time. I always enjoy Villa Fiorita as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you will have fun exploring. Don't forget Bath Ave and other points on your way to the the water which is only about a mile from you!

Il Colosseo
7704 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Mona Lisa Caffe
1476 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11228

Frank & Sal
8008 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Villa Fiorita
7720 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Jamie-Lynn's Kitchen
1504 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

84th Street Beverage Center
1783 84th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Bensonhurst Liquors
7506 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Jun 22, 2011
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn-Casual place for Sat lunch near 18th Ave Station

il colosseo is exactly where I thought of when I saw the topic!

Sep 17, 2010
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Beer Bars Part 6 - Double Windsor.

I lived in Windsor Terrace 88-04, went to Farrels many times and never saw a fight there. What I did see on more than one occasion was a bartender checking the temperature of the Budweiser which was the only beer they served back then, no stools at the bar back then either. And beer was served in glass at the bar. You left your money on the bar and your glass was refilled until you told them to stop. The big 32oz styrofoam containers were more for folks to consume outside on the sidewalk.

Mar 25, 2010
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Beer Bars Part 4 - 4th Ave. Pub

You may have been there during their $2 off happy hour; it does draw a crowd.

Mar 24, 2009
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Raw Clams/Oysters for sale in Brooklyn?

Another endorsement for Sea Breeze. We were just there last night, fish and service great as always.

Feb 20, 2009
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Favorite Local Businesses, NOT chains

U.S. Grown - Puerto Rico which Porto Rico carries.

The thing I don't like about (at least the St. Marks store) Porto Rico is the intimidating and confusing sign about where to stand and how to order. I went in, saw a line in either direction, and walked out without buying anything. I may be wrong, but when I am shopping I want to be treated with the same courtesy and respect that I show to anyone else.

Jan 23, 2009
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Help! I'm a nice Italian girl living in Florida

They make great pizza too. We know that won't ship well.

Oct 14, 2008
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Anybody Know What the Food Will at the NEW Yankees Stadium

a beer today, a hot dog today, das it.

Jul 10, 2008
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Brunch near Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

The food and service at the outdoor cafe in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is not awful. They have beer (Brooklyn Lager) and wine (I'm a beer drinker) available as well. I am sure others will be able to suggest a brunch spot within walking distance.

Jul 09, 2008
nychas in Outer Boroughs


My preference is to keep it simple. I tend to almost always get the Napoli -sauce, cheese, and anchovies. They offer a variety of pies or you can also pretty much design your own. They even offer one without cheese. They are six slice pies, so perfect as a shared appetizer.

Apr 15, 2008
nychas in Outer Boroughs


obo96 is spot on about Il Colosseo. The pizzas make great appetizers but save room for the grilled octopus as it should not be missed. I usually go for one of the seafood specials for my entrée and have never been disappointed. They do not have outdoor seating.

Apr 15, 2008
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Food near 60th street and 20th ave BKLYN

Go to 18th Ave and hop on the B8 bus to Il Colosseo 7704 Eighteenth Avenue (between 77th & 78th streets). Consistently good Italian. We almost always go with a seafood special and are rarely disappointed. They have brick oven pizza too which makes for a great appetizer. Service is always top notch. For more traditional red sauce try Villa Fiorita 7720 18TH Ave on the same block.

Hanna Vermicelli 7524 18TH Ave is decent, very inexpensive byob Vietnamese / Chinese. Trio Village near 73rd and 18th is Asian Fusion, reasonably priced with good basic sushi.

Mar 17, 2008
nychas in Outer Boroughs

Where to eat and drink near United Palace Theatre (175th and BDWY) tonite!

We are making the journey to see Van the Man on 03/15. Any additional recommendations suggestions would be welcome.

Mar 07, 2008
nychas in Manhattan

Food/Drink items made in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Brewery's Local 1 is a great beer and comes in a beautiful big bottle with a champagne style cork:

Dec 19, 2007
nychas in Outer Boroughs