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Parisian Bistro recommendations?

It will be a Thursday night. I haven't tried Chez Denise. Sounds promising especially since we will likely need to have a late dinner after our long lunch.

May 08, 2014
OliviaMilliken in France

Parisian Bistro recommendations?

So, we're sneaking off to Paris for one night. We are headed to L'Astrance for lunch and I would love to have a late dinner at a traditional Bistro that is just going to remind me of why I love Paris so much.

The concierge at the hotel suggested Le Petit Tonneau, L’Oscar, or Philippe et Jean Pierre. I have eaten at L'Ami Jean, Le Bistrot Paul Bert, and L'Ami Louis. I would love to try some place I haven't eaten at before. Any bistros that make you swoon? Thank you for your sage advice.

May 08, 2014
OliviaMilliken in France

Lunch in Mayfair, with kids?

Burger and Lobster is about a 10 minute walk.

Apr 25, 2013
OliviaMilliken in U.K./Ireland

Bar Boulud 2010 [London]

I was there last week and Daniel Boulud was in the kitchen. Apparently, he was there for the whole week. I have been to Bar Boulud five times for their burgers. They serve the DB burger (foie gras and truffle) on Sundays and Mondays for 20 pounds, which is quite a deal I think for what it is. I ordered it rare, which was a mistake, since the foie gras was not fully heated in the middle. That said, the frenchie burger is bordering on perfection. Their service is friendly and attentive and it is reasonably priced. My husband and I left there spending 60 pounds the other night, which included a drink, appetizer, and burger for each of us.

Oct 22, 2010
OliviaMilliken in U.K./Ireland

Great Takeout or Delivery in Chelsea

We have recently moved to Chelsea (near Chelsea Green and the South Kensington tube stop) and I would love to know your favorite takeout joints in the area. An added plus if they deliver! Thanks in advance chowhounds.

Sep 24, 2010
OliviaMilliken in U.K./Ireland

Update on Locanda Ottoemezzo

We arrived at this hidden restaurant at 7 p.m. precisely when it opened. We knew we didn't have a dinner reservation and wanted to make sure that we were able to get in. The host promptly walked us down the stairs to a dark, club-like dining room and seated us in a back corner with barely any lights. In light of the fact that it was still light out when we walked downstairs, it felt a little early for the club music, but whatever.

We were promptly served with some delicious homemade focaccio and their house produced olive oil, which had a wonderful grassy quality to it. We had a couple of starters. Hubby had the beef carpaccio and I had the smoked duck carpaccio. The duck had a wonderful smokiness to it with honey, pomegranates and pine nuts. It had this amazing crunchy, earthy, and sweetness to it all at the same time. Awesome! Hubby's beef carpaccio was good, but not as delicious as mine.

We shared 2 pastas, which they freshly make in-house everyday. We had the black squid ink pasta with scallops, tomatoes, and shrimp. They were a little stingy with the scallops and they were the small ones. The pasta was done perfectly. We also ordered the pappardelle with veal ragout. It was initially delicious, but was very one note in terms of the taste. Again, the pasta was awesome.

Will we return? Maybe. It cost us 112 pounds, which is no bargain. We ordered a 2005 Italian wine at 39 pounds and the gratuity was included.

Jul 03, 2010
OliviaMilliken in U.K./Ireland

I need a turkey!

Canadian Thanksgiving is tomorrow and because I am trying to be a good wife to my Canadian husband (and I have invited 8 people for dinner) I need a turkey! I didn't think it would be so hard to get one. I have tried 2 Whole Foods already. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Does Prima Vera Steakhouse exist?

Is there a restaurant in the Bay Area called Prima Vera Steakhouse? In the alternative, does anyone know if there is a restaurant called Prima Vera or Primavera in the Bay Area?

There was a crime that originated from a restaurant which the suspect said was called "Prima Vera Steakhouse" and I am trying to track it down. Thanks foodies!

SF Chowhounders thoughts on Vancouver dining?

Wow! Thanks for all of these great recommendations. I love the idea of a Crawl...

Recs for dinner near or in the Civic Center area (in S.F.)

Il Borgo is a great little Italian restaurant that is family run. It has a lot of charm and the prices are very reasonable. It is on Fell and Laguna.

SF Chowhounders thoughts on Vancouver dining?

So, I am headed to Vancouver and I have one night to have a spectacular meal. After searching the Canada boards, I thought I would seek some help from my fellow SF Chowhounders, as there are a number of Vancouver transplants in the bay area.

My sister-in-law suggested "C" restaurant. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I have read some reviews on this restaurant and I have not been impressed. I am completely open to suggestions and will go wherever the best food in Vancouver is. Thank you in advance for your advice.

Jewish food in the Bay Area?

I know it isn't traditional Jewish food, but have you tried Moishes Pippic on Hayes Street? They have a fabulous beef brisket on Fridays (sometimes they have some left over on Saturday, which is even better a day later) and a "New Yorker" sandwich to die for. The New Yorker has pastrami, corned beef, cole slaw, and thousand island dressing. It is served on great rye bread. Abel and Joe always take great care of their customers. I don't particularly care for their macaroni or potato salads, but they have great homemade Matzo ball soup.

Best Macaroni and Cheese

Thanks for the replies everyone! It sounds like I am going to have to go on a mac and cheese adventure....

Best Macaroni and Cheese

I have a serious craving for some GOOD macaroni and cheese. Does anyone have a favorite? Thanks in advance.