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Fresh Masa in TO area???

Does anyone know where I would be able to find Fresh Masa anywhere in the GTA? I am dying to make some tamales and refuse to use Maseca...I would appreciate any help. Besides, after seeing the blog on the Mexican market, I don't feel so alone now. It would be nice to know that there are many more people that are suffering...what can I say, Misery Loves Company ;-)

Mexican Market in TO?

Hola Lynda,

I have been in the TO area for six...SIX long months and have yet to find most of the authentic Mexican products I need. I have found quite a bit of Central and South American products though...not much help, I know. But many of the people that have responded are right, Perolas is about as good as it gets. Around the corner from Perola's is a spice store, there are a couple actually, go to the second Hispanic-owned one, there is a very nice female there, she has the best Chiles de Arbol I have seen yet.
As for tortillas, I recommend that, if you can, have them frozen and shipped from Cali =o) Or if you're the adventurous type, do as I and make them from Maseca. The brands that I have tried thus far, I cannot recall the brand names, but one has a figure of what is supposed to be a Mexicano taking a siesta, and the other I believe has an image of the Popocapetl...anyhow, they stink =o( I had some sent from Cali, as well as queso fresco, cotija, and Oaxaca.

If, however, you want a good queso fundido and a very decent chorizo with some pretty good tortillas, try EL TROMPO in Kensington Market. The owner is wonderful and she sells Chorizo and Queso Oaxaca. I believe at $15/lb. Way pricier than Cali, but the only other place I have found it is at Perola's.

Good Luck to you and to all of us who are far from home and the products we need =o)

BTW, tell me you didn't laugh your butt off at the "Hispanic Food" section in the grocery stores?!?!

Mexican Market in TO?

Hey, I have a quick question. You stated, and I quote, "Reasonably fresh masa is stocked at No Frills" Which No Frills is this.

You see, I have been in TO for 6 months now and have found NOTHING remotely similar to fresh masa. The closest thing has been good ole Maseca. I have been dying to make tamales, but REFUSE to use Maseca, as any good Mexican, I want Masa. Therefore, if you would be so kind as to share the whereabouts of this No Frills, I would be EXTREMELY grateful.

Gracias =o)


The only time that I have put mayo with aguacates is when I make an Avocado Salad. It helps it to not brown so quickly and therefore, you do not have to add the lime. Tip for those who want their Guacamole to last longer without the lime, leave the seeds in it and do not add the tomatoes, they will make the aguacate go bad quicker.

Jun 07, 2007
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