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Indian food in Pensacola


Feb 10, 2008
Fussy Foodie in Florida

Indian food in Pensacola

Is there any? We wife is currently in Pensacola visiting her mom and wants to take her for some Indian food, preferably somewhere that makes Dosa's. Is this possible?


Feb 08, 2008
Fussy Foodie in Florida

What is the best Indian restaurant in SF?

Dosa in the mission and Roti in West Portal are my top choices.

Closest to Indian Homestyle Food

I think that annadaata is your best option.

gourmet indian in the south bay


Amber India Restaurant
2290 El Camino Real Suite 9, Mountain View, CA 94040

Fremont Newark area help needed

I would remove Carmen and family. I thought it was really bad. If BBQ is a must, I would either travel north 10 minutes to Everett and Jones in Hayward or south 10 Minutes to BCC enterprises in San Jose.

I'm not a fan of Gator's either. Haven't been in a while, but the couple of times I did go I found it bland.

Tirupathi Bhimas in Milpitas serves great S. Indian Veg.
I highly recommend Spice Route, it's definetly more Indian than Pan-Asian (a few indo-chinese creations).

I just had Banana Leaf for lunch today and loved it. As good as ever!

San Jose area best Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese

South Indian at Tirupathi Bhimas in Milpitas or Saravna Bhavan in Sunnyvale.

Malay at Banana Leaf in MiIpitas.

Dinner party for 40 on a budget! Shopping help!

The Alemany Farmers Market is dirt cheap. You may not find everything you're looking for and the scene is nothing like the ferry plaza, but the quality is good and the prices are low.

Good dim sum near Moscone convention center in SF?

I agree. I used to live right down the street from Canton and we were regulars. I don't think it's as good as Yank Sing, but it is considerably cheaper and the longest wait I've ever encoutered was 10 minutes.

Thai Basil Express- Ulferts Center Dublin

Haven't tried the Berkeley one.

Thai Basil Express- Ulferts Center Dublin

Slowly making our way through this shopping center, we decided to give Thai Basil Express a try for some Sunday take-out. They advertise that they have a fairly sucessful branch in Berkeley.

We ordered-
Mango curry fried rice with Shrimp- Shrimp were not over cooked which is always good. Good flavor and seasoning. Many chunks of fresh mango. Lots of cashews and some raisins. Good dish.

Chile basil chicken- Big let down. The sauce was very thin and runny and did not do a good job seasoning the chicken or the rice. They use chicken breast, but really dried it out. This dish would probably be better with the more forgiving dark meat.

Paneng Curry- Good sauce, tasted great over rice, but again the chicken breast was really overcooked. To the point where we just ate the sauce and left the meat.

BBQ Pork- Very moist and flavorful pork. Perfectly cooked.

We went a little overboard with 4 dishes for the two of us, but the prices were very reasonable... about $30 total. Every dish is served with steamed white rice. While not in a hurry to go back, we may give it another try. For now, I prefer Little Home next to Trader Joes.

El Charro Taqueria, Livermore

Thanks for the heads up. We're always looking for good places in the Tri-Valley area. Is it more of a taco/burrito place, or do they have full dinner plates, enchiladas, tamales, fajitas etc.

Also, do they have Al Pastor on a spinning cylinder (spit?)?

Silver Palate- Pleasanton Main St. Anyone been?

We've walked and driven by this place numerous times but we haven't tried it yet. Anyone been?

In search of pizza dough on a Monday in San Francisco. Ideas?

I've used naan dough from Indian restaurants before and it comes out good as long as you roll it out pretty thin.

Halu Shabu Shabu and Vin Pearl (Ulfert's center, Dublin)

I would avoid Vin Pearl for dinner. I went with a group of 6 so we really got to sample most of the dinner items. All the entrees were misses. The protein was over cooked and/or the sauce lacked flavor. With soft drinks only, it ended up at about $22/person.

I have enjoyed my two lunch visits.

Moved from SF to Pleasanton...Please help.

Is Tofu House all veg or mixed?

Moved from SF to Pleasanton...Please help.

Yeah, in our one and only visit to Frenando's we got American cheese in a couple of dishes. The American cheese is the main reason it's been our only visit.

Prana? Anyone been?

Took long enough to open. The menu seems all over the place. The initial reports were of an Indian themed restaurant, this one seems more Pan-Asian. Also, I originally read that Jamie Lauren, formerly of Lavende was going to be Executive Chef but I recently read that Jim Jardine is the Exec Chef of Prana.

must not miss: Danville to Hayward?

We're big on Tomatina right now, located in the shopping center next door to Ulferts. Very good pizza, decent value. Good salads.

must not miss: Danville to Hayward?

Absolutely. The food is unique, though slighty underseasoned. I think the food travels well and the attitude of the staff is worth avoiding. Then again I may be over-reacting to one bad experience with the staff... I tend to do that.

Suggestions for nice Sunday lunch in Napa Valley?

I really enjoyed Angele a couple of weeks ago. NIce setting and service. Great food. A few dishes we enjoyed were Oysters, Steak Frites and Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, everything was good. .

540 Main St, Napa, CA 94559

must not miss: Danville to Hayward?

They add a daily special insert to the menu which has the Kobe items listed, as well as the oysters. Kobe New York Strip was about $55.

Delivery options in SOMA

Then I'm pretty sure Brandy Ho's delivers.

Delivery options in SOMA

Are you sure about Brandy Ho's? When I lived at 3rd and Folsom about 6 months ago I would regularly get menus that advertised free delivery throughout the city.

And the other one I was thinking of is Tao Yin. So-so Chinese and Japanese with free delivery.

Delivery options in SOMA

Amici's delivers good pizza and decent pastas. My wife liked North Beach PIzza, it was too bready for me.

For Asian you have Brandy Ho's and Tu Lan (i think that's the name). Both do Chinese and the latter also does some Japanese. Neither is stellar but both will do in a pinch.

I ordered big Nates delivery a few times when I was craving BBQ, I was almost always disappointed. The pork was the only consistently above average dish IMO.

Mr Pizza Man delivers until 4am which is the big plus, the bad food being the big minus :-)

Best bet Indian food in Campbell,San Jose?

Try Spice Route in Milpitas. Cheaper than Amber and the dining room is more cosy and comfortable. The menu is small and rotates, but you will find some unique menu items.

Suraj Indian Restaurant
400 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035

Claim Jumper... Pretty Good.

The asian pear and walnut salad is outstanding!!!

I have found everything with grilled or rotisserie chicken to be awfully dry.

PIzza's are okay, a bit soggy and overcheesed, but good toppings.

Aug 31, 2007
Fussy Foodie in Chains

Kee Wah - new branch in Dublin

How were the pork buns from kee wah? I haven't this place yet. Should I?

must not miss: Danville to Hayward?

Both Dinners. I have never been for a weekday lunch. Usually weekend lunch or dinner, and the menu seems to be the same.

must not miss: Danville to Hayward?

Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Danville recently made me the best steak that I have had in years. IMO far better than anything in the city in terms of steak. Slightly pricey, $29 and up.