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it's also BOGO pizza Tues at the Britsh beer company.

$4 burger and fries as well as $1 and $2 beers at Whippersnappers in Londonderry on Tues.

Freds Franks only open for 2hrs a day

Carl owner of Freds Franks posted on facebook today that the town of Wakefield passed a law forcing him to move a 100 feet every two hours. He said he can't do that and will be only open from 11:30 to 1:30 until further notice. Such a shame. Looks like it'll be a while before I can get over there due to my hours.

Meals around Storyland/North Conway with Kids

I LOVE Elvio's and always have to go there when I'm in town.

Need Pizza in North Conway/Attitash

I like Elvios in N. Conway

Five Guys Nashua opening Oct. 12!!!

Wild Willies is in Watertown MA also.

Johnny Troy's Manchester NH

I've had a couple of calzones from there that were good.

PJ Kellehers

Did this place close?

Dinner after Incredibrew, Nashua NH

If you're making beer at incredibrew you may want to hit Marthas for some brew pub brews

Grand Cayman--morritts resort on eastend

you'll find alot of info about morritts and GC here.

Manch, NH: taco truck @ Lake and Union

Stopped by yesterday around 5 and grabbed a chicken burrito and one taco. Both were good not great, was surprised they didn't have guac. The price was right $7 for both. I will go back on ocassion.

North Conway

The bar-b-q sliders I had there this past July were good at the Moat.

Portsmouth NH recomendations

Heading to Portsmouth this weekend with wife and 2 kids (ages 3-6). Any recomendations for good reasonable food while there? I'm a beer fan and was looking at the Portsmouth Brewery but not sure with the kids.

Worst Beer Ever?

I wouldn't say it was the worst I ever had but I don't like that Magic hat #9

Apr 21, 2008
harpoonipa1967 in Beer

Speed's Hot Dogs 4/16

sorry to hear you didn't like it. I'm heading down for one today. I love them and find it worth the trip from Wilmington even with the price of gas.

Does anyone have Speed's number?

with the rain today, I dought he'll be there.

Vintage Restaurant in West Roxbury

I felt it was a bit on the pricy side for the area. Yes it was high quality but almost everyone I spoke to in the area said the same thing "good but to expensive".

Consuelo's Taqueria in Manchester NH

I finally made it there and thought the burritos were good not great but good. I also thought the prices were a little high, maybe that's just me. I got one chili verde and ond bean and rice for my kid. They were not the grande size and with one soda it was almost $14. They charge extra for guac, cheese and even lettuce. I'll probably go back btu no make a special trip for it.

Speed's now open

you guys talked me into it. Grabbed one today. Awesome as always and still $7

Red Arrow Diner Manchester NH. Best pancakes ever!

I've been there a few times now and have enjoyed it each time. They are rated one of the top 10 diners in USAtoday.

Speed's now open

It figures I stop by last Thursday olny to be denied

Best Whoopie Pies in Maine?

I would have to go with Wicked also. Love the ones with rassberry jelly in the cream

McKinnon Butcher Shop (Salem NH)

That sucks. When something like that happens you should really try to contact a store manager. Sometimes the people working in the store just don't care. Now if you get the same type of attitude from the manager that's different.

Consuelo's Taqueria in Manchester NH

Thanks for the replys, I'll have to get down there this weekend.

Consuelo's Taqueria in Manchester NH

Has anyone tried this place? They are on Amherst St just off Elm downtown. My wife grabbed a menu and I'll try to get there this weekend but wanted to see if anyone else has eaten there yet.

Boston Wine Expo?

Get there EARLY. It has taken my wife as long as an hour to get in (always a Sat.). She now shows up 2 hours before they open to the public to ensure an easy time getting in.

Manchester, NH for 30 somethings

No I wasn't kidding. I've been to Strange Brew numerous times. They have been busy but I am always able to find a seat. They have the best beer selection in the city and I've never heard a bad band play there. They also have great happy hour deals. I should have noticed that the original poster said they weren't big drinkers and maybe not recommended a beer bar such as this but I like it. I was also thinking rock or blues when they mentioned music. That being said I can't think of any place where the music wouldn't be some what loud, and the loudness I've heard at SB varies from band to band.

I saw some one else mention that there seem to be fights at Strange Brew and also Millys. I have never seen this at either place and I go quite often (I like good beer). Maybe I'm there at the wrong time. I used to bartend myself and found those types of things, when they do happen, usually happen towards closing times after the few losers in the group have liquid courage.
I'm sorry you didn't like the place yourself but there isn't a better beer bar in Manchester.

Manchester, NH for 30 somethings

Strange Brew on Market St is good and should have a band. The Black Brimmer on Elm can be fun too.

New England Happy Hours

I know Millys brew pub has $2 drafts and 1/2 price apps Mon-Fri 4-7 and Strange Brew does $2 drafts and 1/2 price apps 4-close Sun and Tue, and I think Fri and Sat from 4-8. Both places are in Manchester. Whippersnappers does a $.99 drafts and $4 burger and fries 4-close on Tues, they're in Londonderry. Anyone now any others?

Boston Wine Expo discounts?

Thanks but the wife wanted to go on Sat. I bit the bullit and paid full price.

Martignetti's is closing

I used to live above them. I would climb out my bedroom window on Saturday nights and drink beers while people watching. AHHH memories.