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Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

I too would love to know if the folks from Amelia's have resurfaced. I miss their pupusas, curtido & that fruit drink. I haven't found any pupusas in Redwood City to take there place. Have tried a couple that were just not worth the bother....

about 11 hours ago
RWCFoodie in San Francisco Bay Area

Shishitos at Skool

We have a good friend who grows shishitos, padrons & another similar pepper every year. They've all been relatively mild, but this year the padrons are extremely hot! I can do pretty hot, but these are too much.... Even resorted to chugging milk to try to put out the fire to no avail. Lips/mouth burned for hours! Her shishitos have been mild with just a tiny bit of heat. Our bizzare weather, drought or ??? By the way, I've taken to skewering & grilling these guys with just a brush of olive oil rather than the usual blast in a cast iron skillet...

Bat nuts roasting on an open fire (aka devil pod, bull's head, bull nut, buffalo nut, water caltrop, trapa natans, Ling Jiao)

I just had to post something to this thread to bump it! I was just reading something on a social media site about water caltrop so of course I had to do a search & up pops this hilarious & highly informative post from the early days of chowhound!!! Thank you rworange where ever you are...

Sep 09, 2014
RWCFoodie in General Topics

Where can I buy live crawfish in the city? [San Francisco]

The new Pacific Super in So San Francisco on Westborough Blvd has some nice feisty ones today... USA grown, $5.99/lb

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? September 2014 edition!

After taking it out of the library to take a good look, I just ordered "The Banh Mi Handbook". Looking forward to making her Head Cheese recipe & making lots of banh mi! Andrea Nguyen demystifies Vietnamese cooking. Love her dumpling book too...

Sep 01, 2014
RWCFoodie in Home Cooking

Is there much commercial crawfish fishing around or near the Bay Area?

A quick look at Google found this:

Take a little ride to Colusa, not exactly near, but not Louisiana...

2014 regional Chinese roundup

Hope you're right about it being a temporary closure... The last couple of times I've been there, they were very busy and we enjoyed the dumplings, tendon & pig ears.

How I Wrote an Entire Book on Banh Mi

Andrea, I just want to add my thanks to you for writing "The Banh Mi Handbook"! I managed to get a copy from my local library just so I could take a look before I order a copy. I love the simplicity of your instructions. One of the most thrilling discoveries for me is the inclusion of a recipe to make head cheese, and that pig ears are part of the ingredients!

I am so looking forward to trying your recipes, thanks again!
Karen M.

Hai Phong: Viet in Vancouver deserving its own thread

GE: So looking forward to Tuesday's meal here (Kingsway)! Every time I look at your photos I drool over those wings & everything else for that matter...

2014 spot prawn season

Wish we could find them next week :-)

2014 spot prawn season

Tks grayelf for mentioning side stripes: we had them at a dock side trailer in a cruise stop several years ago. I think it was in June. They were loaded with roe! Probably the best prawns/shrimp I've ever tasted. Any chance of finding them in Van later this month?

Knifewear coming to the Coast in July 2014

Wish it was 7/29 rather than 7/27 :-(

you go away for a week, and the food you miss most is....

After a couple of weeks in Italy eating fabulously delicious foods, we came home craving American junk food like hot dogs (of all things), hamburgers & french fries (ala MacDonald's)....

Maneelap Srimongkoun Restaurant -- New Lao Food Option in the Excelsior [San Francisco]

charliemyboy said it very well. I too enjoyed the beef num tok & the quail but was disappointed with the crispy rice ball salad and the Lao sausage. I much prefer the chunky style of the Champa or Vientien versions of the sausage. We tried a Lao cucumber salad with salted blue crab that I thought was tasty but found it boring after a few bites.

Shredded green papaya.. anyone know where it's sold these days? Used to be at Korean market on Castro Mtn View

I have never seen it any markets other than in San Jose. Last time I needed a lot (10 lbs) I went to Lion Super, the old one at Tully & King (I think). Its my experience that truly unripe, green papayas are usually found only in Asian markets. I saw some last week at 99 Ranch in Cupertino but no already shredded.

Craftsman and Wolves, Happy Moose Juice, Xanath, Zen Yai, Smitten, Tosca, State Bird (San Francisco: Day Four)

Offalo, I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your posts!

Kin Khao open for lunch again [San Francisco]


Kin Khao open for lunch again [San Francisco]

Just read Pim's Facebook post, starting tomorrow, open for lunch 12:30 - 2:00 M-F. Yay!

Business lunch in Menlo Park

Interesting. We have always found the bar much quieter than the back room at lunch...

Best Asian preserved plums/fruits and best Taiwanese/Singapore/Malay shaved ice

If San Jose isn't too far, check out the Grand Century Mall Food Court. I don't remember the name, but there's a shop that is all dry/preserved fruits, vegs, fish & jerky of all kinds including venison. They will give you a sample of any of them. Very large selection. Not sure but it might be a branch of the place in Cupertino Village....

where can I find the best local strawberries?

At the College of San Mateo Farmer's Market on Saturdays one berry vendor is at the top of my list for best strawberries, Medina. I have never been disappointed with theirs...

Fresh Wild Caught Texas Gulf Shrimp, $9.99/lb at Raley's, Nob Hill & Bel Air

Hope you get some. I bought last year at Nob Hill & thought they were terrific. Great texture & flavor...

May 15, 2014
RWCFoodie in California

2014 regional Chinese roundup

Fabulous list; just to clarify one entry:
I believe iDumpling is in Redwood City not San Mateo...

Mussels (again) - method to see if they are meaty or not...

Tks P3, at this point I'm a little too decrepit to harvest my own :-)

I guess I'll just have a discussion with my local fish monger...

Apr 28, 2014
RWCFoodie in General Topics

Mussels (again) - method to see if they are meaty or not...

That's interesting knucklesandwich. I actually read that somewhere but didn't see how a resto specializing in mussels would mess them up... Guess I give them too much credit!

Apr 27, 2014
RWCFoodie in General Topics

Mussels (again) - method to see if they are meaty or not...

Thanks. Good idea if they are loose, but I don't know of anyplace where you can actually touch the goods.... I guess I could ask to hold one. Don't think it would work if they're in a net bag.

Apr 27, 2014
RWCFoodie in General Topics

Mussels (again) - method to see if they are meaty or not...

I've bought mussels any number of times & am frequently disappointed. The shell is big, the meat is tiny. I've had this experience in restaurants too.

Is there a way to find out ahead of time if mussels are meaty? I suppose I could buy a couple, open them & check them out but that seems cumbersome.


Apr 27, 2014
RWCFoodie in General Topics

1226 Washington St. Calistoga

Searched & didn't find anything. Comments?

Posole - SFBA Dish of the Month April 2014

Just looked at the website where it's spelled "Rafina's"...

Posole - SFBA Dish of the Month April 2014

Tks PB for the heads up on Rafina's in Casa del Mole in Healdsburg. You're very right about just how good the pozole/posole is. Deep dark red, slightly thick, very rich. Nice chewy posole, lots of tender, not stringy pork. Much richer & flavorful than any other version I've had before. A huge serving as you said. Husband had the Birria de Cabrito. Fabulous depth of flavor. Fall-off-the -bone tender meat served with house made tortillas. probably never would have found this place if you hadn't posted about it...