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Maui Wedding Dinner for Two

So you will be in the Wailea/Kihei area. We rarely if never head that way as we are always in West Maui & don't enjoy that longish drive at night, especially factoring in some wine with dinner:-)

Have you looked at Ko or some of the other nice hotel restos in Wailea?

Jan 03, 2015
RWCFoodie in Hawaii

Maui Wedding Dinner for Two

Well, I'm not Foodie Girl, but my husband and I have spent many, many fine vacations on Maui... Our splurge place is Lahaina Grill. We have never been disappointed there. Ask to sit in Richard's section: he is their somm & the best server there IMO.

Jan 02, 2015
RWCFoodie in Hawaii

Palm Springs - Best Mom 'n Pop Mexican and Diner

Have to add my 2 cents about Taco Salsas (the name varies along these lines). After 45+ years visiting my parents in Palm Desert, and finding lots of boring/awful food, I can heartily recommend this place, please excuse the Y_ _ _ link:

Jan 02, 2015
RWCFoodie in California

SFBA Dish of the Month (Jan 2015) - Nominations/Voting

I would want it to be:


As I prefer the stone bowl prep... But that's just me I guess.

Cooking Papa (Mountain View)

A friend was telling us it was closed because the bathrooms were not handicapped accessible... Hard to believe.

Which Trader Joe's Holiday Items do you wish they had year-round?

AmyH, Re TJ's Pumpkin Dried Cranberry Scone mix: I wonder what I did wrong... I baked them today, following the very simple directions. Without a doubt, these are probably the worst baked item I've ever tasted! Husband thought the same. They are like sawdust, they're bitter, the dried cranberry bits are almost non-existent and the spices taste weird. I'll try another one for breakfast to see if they might have improved overnight. This was a fresh box purchased in early November this year with a use by date of March 2016 so they were fresh stock.

Dec 05, 2014
RWCFoodie in Chains

In search of large/long corn husks for tamales... Mid-peninsula preferred

Every time I make tamales I buy dry corn husks at various Mexican markets in the Redwood City or South San Francisco area. I've never yet managed to get any that are large so my tamales are smaller than I'd like (it's the length that's the problem, I overlap for better width).

Was just watching a tamale making video that frustrated me as the husks she was using looked like they were over a foot long so the tamales she made were nice & long!

Does anyone have a particular brand of packaged ones or a certain store where I can get the bigger ones? I don't believe I ever see them in bulk, only in cello bags...

Appreciate any info.

Holiday Baking supplies

I've been in the Sugar 'n Spice store in Daly City. They have lots of specialty utensils, every imaginable size of cellophane bag, all different kinds of boxes for gifting edibles, etc. but I don't recall edibles or ingredients other than food coloring pastes & decorations...

So Far I've Made (from Thanksgiving leftovers):

Apple pie for breakfast, yum! Sandwich: Turkey, cranberry/pear conserve, mayo, tortilla chips on nice fresh Pugliese... Soup from the carcass made me crave matzo balls, so comforting. I'm content now! Enough broth left to maybe make a batch of jook tomorrow :-)

Nov 28, 2014
RWCFoodie in Home Cooking

ISO Turkey Tails (yes, just tails)

This is bad news. I pick up pkgs of turkey necks when I see them to stash in the freezer. Like to add them to the soup pot & we enjoy eating them. I hope another producer will start supplying them. Did your butcher give you any idea why Foster Farms has discontinued packaging them? I wonder what they are going to do with them; pet food?

Thanksgiving Day Live

Having arrived at that point in life where the adult children host the day, all I need to bring is the Cranberry Pear Marmalade & the gravy. I am going to make a shame-faced admission: this year for the first time in my life I'm using a commercial gravy: Trader Joe's... It just didn't taste "rich" enough. Into the freezer for some dark brown roux made for a gumbo: Resounding Success! Moral of the story: always keep dark brown roux in the freezer (by the way, a foul-proof method to make roux, use your microwave, it's like magic). Happy Thanksgiving everyone:-)

Nov 27, 2014
RWCFoodie in Home Cooking

Where to get tamales on the Peninsula for holiday party?

In Redwood City Robert?

Where to get tamales on the Peninsula for holiday party?

FWIW my very fussy son-in-law gets them at Tapatia in South San Francisco on Grand Avenue...

Help Please, Sunday 28 December

Hi goldangl95: Village Pub in Woodside is a straight shot up Woodside Road. Don't know where you're getting that it's up a "windy road" (I live about 6-7 minutes away so know it well)...

Trader Joe's coconut pancake mix: no, just no.

I'm bummed, just bought it :-( Will try it & at least TJ will give a refund if I don't like it...

Nov 11, 2014
RWCFoodie in Chains

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - November 2014 [Old]

Saw it in Menlo Park CA 2 days ago... Thread looks a little convoluted to me: this is about the turkey gravy.

Nov 08, 2014
RWCFoodie in Chains

Cemita Poblano?

I'm really curious about what markets you went to in Redwood City. I've never had a problem buying fresh poblano chiles in Redwood City. Granted, some have a better selection of fresh produce than others, but they're pretty readily available when I've wanted them...

Trader Joe's frozen pie crust - fail!

Tks for the feed back everyone. To further clarify, I defrosted it in the refrigerator. I took it out at least an hour before I wanted to use it & let it sit on the kitchen counter. It was completely pliable & not cold, but broke at all of the creases. Yes, I pressed it back together but was unhappy.

And yes, I usually make my own tart/pie dough, but was feeling a little stressed so took this "short cut" (I had just processed 40 pints of home-cured olives & just didn't want much more fiddling around...)

Oct 29, 2014
RWCFoodie in Chains

Trader Joe's frozen pie crust - fail!

Tried searching to see if anyone else has had problems, but didn't come up with anything, so I'm starting this thread...

Last week I bought a pkg of frozen pie crust at TJ (was feeling lazy). This is not pre-formed into a pie pan, it's rolled (2/pkg). I followed the directions for thawing in the refrigerator as I didn't need it until the next day.

Took it out & attempted to unroll it into a tart pan. It totally fell apart. It wasn't dried out or hard, it just had a lot of creases every couple of inches & even though it was pliable, it just broke up at the crease lines. So I messed around & pressed the broken places back together. In the end, the tart was ok, but I was so frustrated with it!

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just the way frozen pie crusts work? Is it specific to the TJ product?


Oct 29, 2014
RWCFoodie in Chains

Lunch rec for San Jose...

Burmese in Burlingame, Mingalaba

South San Fran Dinner Reccs

Take a look at the Food Section of today's SF Chronicle, First page "South City Renaissance, a 2-page spread about where to eat & drink in South San Francisco....

Cubano with Falling Apart Roast Pork, not Usual Sliced and Dry?

Gosh BB, I don't know if Casita Chilanga has changed the filling for La Tesorito or what, but when I've had it in the past, it's been smoked pork leg not carnitas...

Black Cod - Where to Get It???

I still see it from time to time at the College of San Mateo Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings...

Gumbo "tricks"

OP said no recipes please, but this is really a "technique' rather than a recipe :-)

See this link:

I just made the roux, then did the rest conventionally. Just wanted to speed up the roux-making...

Oct 04, 2014
RWCFoodie in Home Cooking

Casa Nostra, Ben Lomond?

So, we finally had a chance to try Casa Nostra (not to be confused with Cosa Nostra)- this time for breakfast (served on Sat/Sun 8:30 am - 1:00 pm).

First, what a wonderful greeting we received when we walked in at about 10:45 this morning, smiling faces made us feel like old friends & valued customers, always a good way to start!

Breakfast menu isn't huge, but we each found something that sounded good. For me the "Due" under the "Scrambles" menu ($9.75). Included eggs scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, bacon & mozzarella. From my first bite I knew I had chosen wisely, nice eggs, not soft, not hard, just right, full of flavor. The freshness of the spinach & sauteed mushroom slices with yummy bacon & cheese hit the spot. It was so nice to see sliced fingerling potatoes seasoned with thyme that were either baked or done on the flat top rather than having been thrown into a fry-o-later, nice caramelized edges & browned on the cut sides!!! Croissants are baked in house according to our server, Valeria.

Husband had the "Secondo" ($9.75) under Omelettes, very similar to my scramble with spinach, mushrooms,fresh tomatoes, onions & smoked mozzarella.

Breakfast entrees are served with roasted fingerling potatoes, fresh fruit & choice of white, whole wheat toast, English muffin or croissant.

Add an espresso for husband & a cappuccino for me, great caffeine jolts to wake us up, both very good.

We were both very pleased with our breakfasts and have plans to have lunch or dinner some time soon. Had nice conversations with Valeria, then Rafaelle who is half of the partnership owners (Mario is the other half).

It's obvious to us that these folks really care about their business. The food is carefully prepared & served. The place is Santa Cruz Mountain style, but is clean & welcoming! We definitely think it's worth a stop.

They have a website:

Trying to download photo...

Oct 04, 2014
RWCFoodie in California

Gumbo "tricks"

My newest & favorite gumbo trick is making the roux in the microwave.

Oct 02, 2014
RWCFoodie in Home Cooking

Regional Chinese roundup 2.0

Town of Dumpling, San Mateo is now open. Interior has been redone. Menu has been expanded. Couple of things I don't remember being on the menu before, but they are now: Dong Po Pork Elbow $12.95, Fish w/Pine nut sauce $12.95. Color photos of dishes posted on the windows & walls. All the dumplings & small plates are still there. You can watch them making dumplings thru a window into the back room.

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Ah, Melanie, I thought I could skate past you on this!

First was a truck, Anabelita's, decided to try it because the signage on the truck proudly proclaims PUPUSAS. Usually parks at Woodside Rd. & Santa Clara in Redwood City from 1-5. I tried a queso & chicharron. Made to order. Maybe I'm being too harsh, it wasn't terrible, it just couldn't compete with my memories of Amelia's.

Second was Karlita's, also on Woodside Rd. in Redwood City. Again, made to order. Meh, for the same reasons as above.

Actually, if I really, really want a pupusa & I don't want to go schlepping around, I'd give the edge to the truck... Just wish there was more oregano in the curtido.

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

I too would love to know if the folks from Amelia's have resurfaced. I miss their pupusas, curtido & that fruit drink. I haven't found any pupusas in Redwood City to take there place. Have tried a couple that were just not worth the bother....

Shishitos at Skool

We have a good friend who grows shishitos, padrons & another similar pepper every year. They've all been relatively mild, but this year the padrons are extremely hot! I can do pretty hot, but these are too much.... Even resorted to chugging milk to try to put out the fire to no avail. Lips/mouth burned for hours! Her shishitos have been mild with just a tiny bit of heat. Our bizzare weather, drought or ??? By the way, I've taken to skewering & grilling these guys with just a brush of olive oil rather than the usual blast in a cast iron skillet...