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Does anyone know where I can find a middle eastern restaurant with floor seats?

Try the Middle East or India, so sorry couldn't resist, now I'm going to leave the comedy up to the professionals. Truly don't know of a place like that in the Balt Metro area, sorry

Gazpacho in downtown Baltimore?

I don't know if this will cure that craving or not. Tabrizi's offers a daily gazpacho as a take on a soup de jour. They're located near the Ritz and Baltimore Museum of Industry which should be a brief walk from most points in Fed Hill

please help us decide 13 restaurants in Bmore

I personally feel that the Black Olive is over rated. I highly rec the Antrim 1844 but its like a little over an hour away from Baltimore, don't know exactly where you are staying and if transportation is an issue. Tersguels is great. I've heard that the Milton Inn is losing it's touch. Pazo is okay, great little pizzas but loud and pricey for what you get. I thought Saffron closed or did they just lose their exec chef? I like the Chameleon. I like Abacrombie. Quite fond of Corks as well. Salt has great lil foie gras kobe sliders. I'm a sucker for the shrimp and garlic at Tio Pepes, not on the list, I'm not sure if that means you've been there or just haven't heard of it. Hopefully that helps you out

brunch for 100 people in Columbia/Baltimore?

100 people for brunch is alot. When is this planning on happening? I believe Tabrizis could handle that, they're starting to do brunch this weekend and they have a beautful upstairs that can do well over 200. Actually thats the only place that I can think of. I think my favorite place for brunch in the city is either Petit Louis or Abacrombie. I know Abacrombie couldn't accomodate that many and I seriously doubt if Petit Louis would be able to either. Good luck

blue hill tavern in canton

Seen preliminary menus and wine list. supposed to be open for 4th of July, never know for sure with a restaurant, not to mention a restuarant in Baltimore. Wine list was nothing to drool over, but the place does look beautiful. they supposedly have a chef's table. I wonder if it is a true chef's table in the kitchen or a table nearby that Baltimoreans label a chefs table. Only time will tell. food menu looked good, just depends on kitchen

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

I would never do Pazo for a romantic night with the wifey. And I will say that I'm not a fan of everything on the menu. Last time I was there, there was a $72 24 oz steak. That is crazy. Ruth Chris or Capital Grill will get my steak bucks before Pazo. But to their defense, I absolutely love their pizzas, empenadas, bread, and some of their other tapas. It is a beautiful place though.

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

I have been to Cinghiale 4 times now and each time it gets better and better. Went for the soft opening and like you would expect, food was extremely slow. But and this is a big But, their sausage filled ravolies is so simple but delicious. I feel that I must get it every time I go there from now one. I haven't done the sunday supper yet and have heard mixed reviews about it.

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

I saw this for Wash DC and figured that I could steal it see how things go. In no particular order I will say these are my choices for most over-rated. The Oregon Grille; Aldo's; Sulivan's (I know its new but how many steakhouses is there a need for?) I thought I would be able to come up with more. Now to counter that I would say the most underrated places. For me they would be the Abacrombie, it's in a difficult location but I've never had a bad meal there, either under the old ownership or the new regime. I'm a sucker for Tio Pepes, the shrimp in garlic is to die for, and literally with the amount of butter, you just might! I am a big fan of Jordans in Ellicott City which is like 20 min drive from the center of Baltimore City. The service has always been top notch and the same with the food.

Anyone else disappointed with Oregon Grille

I'm so glad that I'm not alone. From where I live Oregon Grill is 15-20 mins away while Charleston is closer to 30 mins. I rather spend the extra time driving and on gas headed there then going to OG. I think if I wanted to take a trip back in time I would pay a visit to the Prime Rib or Tio Pepe before the Grille. And to be truly honest, I have a hard time paying $35-45 for a steak that I can get from Wegmans or BJs for a third of the price and cook it on the grille at my house. One other question, am I the only one that can not stand those crispy onions that the put on plate there?

Bottom of the Bay - Softshells

sounds like a bargain, just paid $18 for a single meduim one with a little bit of zuccini and butter at the Oregon Grill, the next day went to Wegmans and they had them for $4.99 a piece live and they were larger than the one from the grille

Nice place to chat and hang out in B'more?

I believe someone was trying to point you to Pazo. I would go against the Scupper, decent location, sub par food. I would do the fells point or Fed hill area if you wanted to just grab something to eat and window shop plus they're both pretty safe.

Anyone else disappointed with Oregon Grille

I agree with you 100%. The menu seemed dated, the decor, They have all their awards they won but they stopped after 2004, seemed funny. On their website they claim to be a Mobil 4 star restaurant. I looked up the guide and they had it listed as a 2 star place. Quite a difference, seems like someone is relishing the past. What about the Milton Inn? Is that a better option?

Anyone else disappointed with Oregon Grille

Went there Friday night with the Wife. We always arrive 15-20 mins early so we can enjoy a cocktail at the bar to set the mood. When we entered the restaurant, the maitre-d was completely rude. It was almost like his night would have been better if we stayed at home instead. Instead of guiding us to the bar, he just tells us to let him know when we're ready. So we find the bar and order our drinks. The bartender was named Eric, nice guy only thing I could hold against him was the fact that he's from Boston! We asked politely if anyone else ever mentions anything about how the maitre d treats people and he responds without hesitation, "all the time" So in turn the our meal was okay, I know that the economy is bad and prices for everything has gone up but the prices they're charging for food is a lil steep to say the least. $36 for what at the most was 6 ozs of fish is crazy. We also had the soft shell crab, which has been the same setup for 3 yrs straight. It's good but is kinda boring if you ask me. Maybe it's just because I'm in my 30's and hopefully not about to die that I'm not impressed with that place. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way or maybe it was just a bad night for the place, even though at those prices they can't afford to have a bad night

Best cream of crab soup in Annapolis?

Theres a restaurant in the DoubleTree right off of Riva road near the shopping centers called Ports of Call, their chef has won best cream of crab like 5 out of the last 7 yrs, not bad, if the orioles only played that good year round

Flemings or Capital Grille in Bmore?

I would go with the Grille, much better than Flemings, their claim to fame is 100 wines by the glass, which is nice if you don't plan on getting a bottle. I would say Ruth is my favorite chain, followed with Grille, Mortons and Flemings, never been to Shulas. Here's a side bar, would you prefer a prime steak (Ruth & Flemings) or a dry aged (Capital Grille) if you can even notice the difference, If I'm paying $40 for a steak I better enjoy it!!

Williamsburg [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

Went like 4-5 yrs ago, had dinner at a place called the Plantation. It was small and rustic but the food was good. who know's if its still operational. There was a nice little place called "Channel Marker 9" or something along those lines, it was good little local place with a nice vibe. Who know's if this will help you out

Baltimore: Cream of Crab soup

The DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis has a restuarant called Ports of Call I believe. The Chef there has was best cream of crab soup for Annapolis like 6 straight yrs. It is so damn good. The best I've ever had. Even in the winter time it's the best I've had

Top 10-15 Balt Rests

I've seen threads for Annapolis and Wash Dc but never really for Baltimore so I figured, hey we can change that. So the top echelon of rest in Baltimore. Your standbys, go-toos and your ace in the hole place

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

I love Tsumamis, Carlson's doughnuts are the best. I like Lewnes as well. For brunch, here's a sleeper, Ports of Call in the Doubletree hotel in Riva, the chef's crab soup is to die for, like best of naptown for like 6 yrs or something. Edgewater Rest has the best crabcakes I think. Metropoliatan is def more of a to be scene at place then a to eat at place. I like Sakura for what it is

Cheesecake in Baltimore??

I would agree with the Capital Grille but my favorite by far is Ruth's Chris. For what you get cheesecake at Outback is pretty good, it's crust-less though

Girls Night Out in B'More

I would suggest Pazo or Babalu Grill or Red Maple. I know Pazo and Babalu Grill offer free valet, not sure about red maple

Looking for Inner Harbor Rest. Recommendations

I would say Blue Sea Grill, McCormicks & Schimdts. Really the main options around the inner harbor are the corporate steakhouses, there are like 6 within like 1 square mile. I didn't know baltimore could afford to keep them all afloat in such a densely packed area. Blue Sea Grill is owned by the guy that owns all the Ruth's Chris in the area but it's a beautiful rest, stunning. M&S is the chain out of Oregon I believe, never personally been to the one in B-more but had a decent meal at a diff location. I would reccomend the Blue Sea Grill personally

Need romantic/quiet ( not Charleston) Baltimore rec's

Corks in Fed Hill, Abacrombie in Mt Vernon, O Grille in H Valley, I like Libratores off of 83 near Timomiun. Maybe Black Olive

Balt Foodie in ATL GA for 5 days

So I'm told the boat show is in town this weekend?? Any feedback on this?? There's an enormous boat show in Annapolis and it's great food wine, and dreaming of being able to afford some 7 figure boat!!!

Balt Foodie in ATL GA for 5 days

yea it's cold up here too, but unlike down there we've been having 25-35mph winds that make it cruel outside. the jap steakhouse I really don't mind if its a chain, typically the best ones are for some reason around me. I really don't think I'm looking for southern cuisine as much as the exp and atmosphere. The city I'm staying is Cumming, back in the day I went to Forsyth Central High, but that was yrs ago. thanks for all the suggestions everyone

Balt Foodie in ATL GA for 5 days

I appreciate all the help and advice. I've been told by many to make a trip to the aquarium so there's one plan. I think I'm deff going to go to Baccanalia, it would be my 12th Rest by a James Beard award recipient. On everyone's reccomendation there is some asian or thai choice, I think something along a japanese steakhouse would be nice, wife doesn't like traditional oriental food due to salt restrictions in her diet. I'll be staying off of either exit 17 or 18 off of 400, maybe that will help people point me in the right direction. Yeah not interested in chops or bones, even though one of them has a '98 bottle of Pingus for only like $400, the cheapest in balt or Wash DC is like $1000. So besides Baccanalia the rest of the places I would like to be between $20-40 a person, not including a bottle of wine. Those italian recs, what type of italian are they? as in are the american italian (use tomatoes on everything) or traditional italian ( barely a tomatoe on the menu)

Another great meal at Tio Pepe's

I personally love Pepe's, Yeah the food is kinda simple but the execution is flawless. I mean I love everything from the shrimp in garlic butter, I'm sure in 20 yrs my doctor will hate me for having it everytime I go there. I love the private rooms and all, and the fact that you could walk by one of Baltimore's best restaurant without even knowing it!!

Buy Duck Fat

supposedly the Superfresh on 41st in Hamden carries duck fat

Annapolis/Eastern Shore Restaraunts

Tsunamis in Annapolis is excellent, lemongrass also. Carrol's Creek is good. Also Yellowfin is like 5 mins from Annapolis, great seafood

Quick Rec: Inner Harbor, good eats, cigar friendly lounge

I think due to the cigar there are only two decent choices, Prime Rib and Havana Club. Both are top notch, I personally think Havana is the nicer of the two, but I think the GM there is a tool, but thats me personally. I mean you're comparing apples to apples, more so like granny smith to granny smith. Charleston is nice but no smoke. Capital Grill has a better location than Ruth Chris Water st.