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Birthday dinner- Small Group.

I recently had dinner on the patio at Mooshine and it was very nice, with a variety of American/southwestern dishes And you can even bring your dog, leashed, on one patio. (My terrier was the lone dog that night.) Lucy's on the lake, also Texan/Southwestern, is also good--but no dogs are allowed as far as I know. Fino Mediteranian/Spanish is also very eclectic with a great patio, no dogs.

Jun 07, 2007
barbe in Austin


Decades ago, the only question about chocolate dessert in Austin was whether you ate chooclate cake at the Drisklill's 1866 Room or Pecan St. which I think are both still around--I always liked Pecan St. better. Now molten chocolate cake is pretty ubiquitous; I've had good versions at Wink and Zoot though not lately. My local preference is dark chocolate ice cream at Amy's with hot fudge sauce.
As for local chocolate makers. I think Chocolate Expressons is still in business and they make a good raspberry truffle along with other flavors.
As for mail order, See's Chocolates are still pretty awesome (this U.S. company won blind tastings against European chocolates) and it's much more affordable. (I highly recommend their chocolate and raspberry creams, butterscotch chew, appricot and tipperary bonbons) As for European front, I have just discovered the Belgian company Galler (biscuit and cafe noir bars are excellent, but the latter is only availble in Europe). I found the biscuit flavor on Amazon at chocolatesource. An old standby, available at most stores is Lindt's raspberry filled milk chocolate bar, much better than Lindt's more recent raspberry truffle. Lindt's dark chocolate truffles, also widely available are some of the best truffles I've eaten.

Jun 07, 2007
barbe in Austin

downtown breakfast?

Is there anyplace good to get breakfast tacos, saussage wraps, sour cream doughuts or lemon poppyseed muffins in the downtown area between 6th and the Capitol? After Bakerman closed its breakfast trade to concentrate on high-end cakes, there doesn't seem to be anyone taking their place. I find Kevin's so-so, and I got a breakfast taco south of the art museum (once) made with mashed otatoes that was downright pitiful. Bakerman made a lemon poppseed muffin with a huge dollop of lemon curd at the bottom that was wonderful, and their saussage wraps were good.

Jun 06, 2007
barbe in Austin