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Good side dishes for rack of lamb?

In the winter we love roasted butter nut squash, and also roasted brussel sprouts with lemon & dill.

Feb 21, 2011
Analisas mom in Home Cooking

Lucia tomorrow night

Recap of our dinner. First let me start by saying the restaurant was very charming and quaint. We all really enjoyed the ambiance that has been so lovingly created. I did not feel like I was in Dallas Texas, It felt like a village restaurant in Europe. Loved that! We were a group of 6. Jennifer came to our table quickly after we were seated and explained the menu in detail she was wonderful and very down to earth. We all ordered appetizers. The Salumi for me was the high light of the night. It was fantastic. Also the risotto balls were a big hit. a couple of people had the Soup and really liked it. for the second course we all split a couple of things I had a gnocchi with sage and duck. It really reminded me of Chicken & dumplings. we liked them but were not blown away. I thought the gnocchi was a little chewy and not as light as I would like. The ravioli was very good. We also ordered the Lobster Risotto. It was good but really really salty. In fact we all agreed that a lot of the food was over salted.
For the main course I had the duck as did a couple of other people. I loved it. Thought it was wonderful and paired with lentils and turnips really great, one of the other people in our group thought is was way undercooked. I disagreed because mine was awesome. My Husband had the braised lamb. It was really great. he loved it. I forgot to mention that the warm olives on the table were wonderful and the bread that is made in house was out of this world. So good. When it was time for dessert the table ordered the chocolate panna cotta. I did not care
for the dessert menu nothing spoke to me. It could also be the fact that I knew Dude Chocolate is located next door and open until 9:00pm and I was holding out for that. We did go over after dinner and buy a bunch of chocolate. Yum. Anyway all and all we loved the restaurant, a little to much salt for our taste, but the service was outstanding and it was great fun.

Lucia tomorrow night

Going with a group of 6 tomorrow night. What should we order and nt miss???

Toulouse on Knox Henderson

Just a little report because I don't see a lot about this place. I went last night with a group of 5. We had awesome service and the food was amazing. Started with the Goat cheese tartlet Wow (won't be sharing that again,) then we shared the Thai Mussels OMG we we were licking the bowl. I had Sweet Potato Gnocchi truly the best I have ever had. Woke up dreaming about it this morning. Hubby Had Short Ribs again home run. Our son had the duck confit and our daughter in law had the strip steak. It was cooked perfect. Dessert came and we had to pass as we we're stuffed but all n all it was a wonderful dinner. Trying Lucia Next week with some friends hope it's as good.

Bonnie Ruth's in Frisco

Had a late lunch at Bonnie Ruth's in Frisco this afteroon. It is really a beautiful restaurant and we had a great time. The food was good not great , but the ambiance was great. Beautiful Patio dining. I want to go back for dinner has anyone tried them for dinner?? What did you think?

Bonnie Ruths Cafe
6959 Lebanon Rd # 110, Frisco, TX

Tex Mex Christmas Eve

Try Chuy's. We have been there for Xmas eve before. There 2 locations in plano.

3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

Lucia Now Open

love love love Vespaia in Austin. If it's anything like that I can't t wait to try it!!!

16th birthday party restaurant ideas!

Just took my daughter and her friends to Magic time Machine in Addison they had a blast. Really fun for kids. They all want to go again next year!!! The food was really good which was a surprise!

Mia's Tex Mex, Abuelos or something different for dinner in Dallas (near Galleria)?

You should try Chuy's it is fantastic Tex-Mex with a New Mexican twist. Cheap & fun Bar. There is a new one right off the tollway in Plano and the th old one on Knox Hendersom

3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

Whiskey Cake in Plano

We tried it last night. Loved it. Only complaint we ordered the meat & cheese board for 2 and it was very very skimpy for $ 18.00 bucks. The selection of meat & cheese was great just not very much for 18.00 bucks. We also had burgers and fries and they even did onion rings for me which were not on the menu all fantastic. The Whiskey Cake at the end rocked especilly with the real Whip Cream. We will be back for sure.

Fresh Duck in north Dallas for duck confit

Once you find the duck and make the confit be sure to fry some potatoes in it. Yum!

ISO neighborhood Italian

Also, you have to check out Jimmy's Italian Market. Great for a sandwich . If you want to make your own pasta at home Holy Ravioli on Lovers has great fresh pasta.

Need Trendy restauraunt Bachelorette Party recommendations!

Try Ocean Prime. Really cool trendy hip bar and great food.Lot's of beautiful people there on the week-ends.

Great news for Carrollton.

I just heard some great news. There is a new upscale bistro coming to Noth Carrollton Home of the fast food Mecca. The place is suppose to be upsacle dining at casual prices. Can't wait to actually have a place in Carrollton where we can go out to dinner and have a tablecloth on the table.

Dallas Steakhouse Recommendations

Bone-in Ribeye at Stephen Pyles, hands down best Steak I"v ever had in Dallas Texas!!!

Bambu - North Dallas / Richardson - Incredible New Thai Restaurant!

We ate there last Friday night. We loved the decor and the service was great. We sampled several things on the menu- started with the soft shell crab. Crispy and wonderful, also had the steamed dumpling which was terrific. Entree -table shared the crab fried rice. ( this was one of the best fried rice dishes I have ever had. Also,Pad Thai which was good nothing special, and the Sea Bass with Green Curry. The Sea Bass was outstanding, cooked perfect with a really nice mild green curry. It was priced at $15.00 which I think is really a good deal for Sea Bass. We can't wait to go back again. The only bad thing is it's on the back of the shopping center and hard to find.

Suggestions on where to throw a casual 70th birthday in the mid-cities/Fort Worth area???

Downtown Grapevine there is an old Theater. I think it's called Lancaster Theater. Great space for a party.

Smoked Cheese

We made our first attempt at smoking cheese over the week-end. We did a sharp cheddar with Apple wood. It turned out amazing with a rich smokey flavor. Do any of you have any tips or geat smoked cheese recipes. We we're also wondering about using different woods.

Oct 19, 2010
Analisas mom in Cheese

2 Yankees in search of really great mexican and tex-mex--plano area

sorry I can't agree about El Fenix, last time I ate in one it was dirty, old , and tired. All the chuy's are new and fun . El Fenix is just old and funky.

El Fenix Restaurants
6391 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116

2 Yankees in search of really great mexican and tex-mex--plano area

Go to Chuy's it awesome. There are 2 locations in Plano.

3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

Fast-Casual French Caf├ęs?

Lavendou and Toulouse are both very good. I just ate at ToulouseTuesday afternoon and it was great. Very French with sidewalk dining.

19009 Preston Rd. Ste 200, Dallas, TX 75252

How to Cook a Squirrel

Do I really want to know how to cook a squirrel? Really, not so much.

Oct 14, 2010
Analisas mom in Features

New Carl's Jr. in Carrollton

Great another fast food place in Carrollton. We're dying here for an upscale dining place.

Lobster Shells

Try H mart at Old Denton and George Bush

Calorie for Calorie: Perhaps the Best Dish I Have Ever Tasted!

I made this last night. It was really great. We did add some shrimp to it and also some sambuca. It was so good I might make it tonight. Thanks so much for sharing.

Oct 09, 2010
Analisas mom in Home Cooking

Jalapeno peppers....what to do with a couple extra pounds?

I put then in the blender seeds and all with a little evoo then blend and freeze them. When I want to spice up a soup or something I just scoop a spoon out.

Oct 09, 2010
Analisas mom in Home Cooking

I'm drowning in lemongrass!!

You can put it in a blender and add a little oil and make a paste. Then freeze it. Works great.

Oct 08, 2010
Analisas mom in Home Cooking

Is 2 days in advance too early to salt my beef tenderloin roast?

I do it all the time works great. I use a little evoo then Kosher salt and fresh hebs. wrap it in plastic and put in the cooler.

Oct 07, 2010
Analisas mom in Home Cooking

twice baked potato

I make twice baked potatoes up and freeze them . Then when I want to cook them I let them thaw and then bake for abt 15 min. It works great. I always keep these on hand. Kids love them.

Oct 07, 2010
Analisas mom in Home Cooking

Lamb Osso Bucco

so if they have been cooked in tomato sauce what would you add to the shepherds pie?I mean isn't it usually done with a brown sauce?

Oct 07, 2010
Analisas mom in Home Cooking