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Pepe's New Haven White Clam Pizza

I am a big fan of the subject pizza the third time IN A ROW, I have gotten pieces of clam shell in my revered pie. Twice in New Haven and once in Manchester. This rather sours the experience and detracts from the enjoyment, not to mention the possibility of tooth damage.
These pies are too good and at $26 bucks apiece (large) too expensive, to be compromised by shoddy shucking practices. Anyone have any similar experiences recently?

Brookside Inn, Oxford, CT, not known to Chowhounds?

I haven't been there for years and tried it today with several friends for a late lunch. It's been remodeled since last time and the food and service were very good. It's a locals type place where they probably know the name of half the people walking in, which made me wish I lived in Oxford. I would definitely recommend it for a solid meal.

Help! Father's Day Lunch- Dennis to Plymouth?

Although some on this board have given negative reviews, I have dined at Mattakeese Wharf in Barnstable several dozen times over the last 15 years and have always had a good experience. They do have outdoor decks and something of a water view (inner harbor). The view for which they are best known for is the sunset but that won't be a factor for lunch obviously. They take reservations for dinner and probably for lunch especially on a Fathers Day Sunday.

Heading to S. Yarmouth this weekend. What's open and good this time of year?

Yarmouth House excellent???? It really just plain sucks.

Newport, RI, restaurants

The Rhumbline is teriffic for dinner. Also teriffic is Cafe Zelda although rather tight. The new Christies bears no remote resemblance to the original and if you remember the old one, the new will be pretty disappointing.

Frank Pepe Clam Pie: with/without Mozzarella?

I totally agree with FoodieJim's post. No scamotz. Try it once without bacon, it really needs no adornment.

recommendations for Cape Cod area restaurants

I think you will find everything you want in the seafood line at Moby Dick's on Rt 6 in Wellfleet. Very informal and touristy but good. Google their website and you'll wish you were there now.

Lobster in Connecticut

Sorry to say, the post about Lenny and Joe's is mostly incorrect. They do make a credible lobster roll but they are not the best by any means. That distinction belongs to Captain Scott's in New London...half again the size of L&J. Also, the two Lenny & Joes are located in Madison (casual, order at the counter and seat yourselves inside or outside) or Westbrook which is a casual sit down restaurant with full liquor license.

The tee shirts are $6 and have been for years. Good quality and a good deal.

If you are looking in the Hartford area, the best seafood is at the Chowder Pot IV located at the Brainerd Rd exit off I-91. Anything they do with lobster is excellent..whether baked stuffed, boiled, lobster pot pie or lobster rolls. It's a sit down restaurant though still very informal. Definitely your best bet.

Chow near Wallingford, CT?

Brothers Restaurant right behind the railroad station is a restaurant and pub and has about anything you could want.

Going Local Florida

I agree that interior Fl is loaded with beef production. I think the route you meant is 70 not 58 and they have their fair share of orange groves too.

Feb 15, 2008
cheshirecat in Florida

A bar w/ good pizza- Saybrook- Milford

On first look, it appears to be an easy order to fill, but it's not if all the criteria are to be met. All I can come up with are chain places ad I'm not sure they strictly meet the "good" pizza requirement but they do all have some types of pizza.
First and Last Tavern, Guilford
SBC, W. Main St., Branford
Bertucci's, Route 1, Orange
Wood n Tap Route 10, Southington
I'll be interested to see if anyone else can come up with any more non chain places. The pizza requirement in a sports bar culls out most of the good bars.

Are there Lobster rolls without Mayo?

Across the street from Red's in Wiscasset is Spragues Lobster. They also do a great lobster roll (considering the competition they have to) and they'' do it with the mayo or without with butter, just specify when ordering. Added bonuses, parking and more tables.

Are there Lobster rolls without Mayo?

Captain Scotts lobster Dock in New London does an excellent lobster roll and it's somewhat larger than most. Hard to find (mapquest or use a gps) but worth it. It's a warm weather only place though, all dining is outdoors in an open pavilion or out on picnic tables.

Sage American Grill, New Haven?

I presume you mean the main drag of New Haven. You can absolutely NOT walk to Sage from anywhere. It is in City Point which is a nice enough neighborhood, cut off from New Haven by I-95 but more ominously by the Hill neighborhood through which a sane person would not walk. Besides that, it's a long walk. No car? Take a cab, but from my experience at Sage, you can do much better in downtown New Haven unless you really crave a view of water and oil tanks.
Roomba has closed. The owners have opened another restaurant at 266 College St. named Bespoke.

Christies of Newport, RI

Thanks for the info everyone. Took a look at the new Christies and it certainly resembles the old one in nothing more than name. Bright new orange and white decor and a quite small dining room. Not my style but Cafe Zelda was. Excellent meals and appetizers. Stopped by the Rhumbline on Bridge St for an after dinner drink and might have tried dinner there had I realized when making reservations that they were still in business. Always wanted to go in there as it looks so charming from the street. Dinner menu looked good there but that's for the next trip.

Christies of Newport, RI

I'm heading to Newport this weekend for a hopefully inexpensive winter weekend away and I had hoped to dine at Christies as I had many moons ago. It appears that it isn't there anymore, having been sold to developers, yet there is a website for another place named Christies boldly proclaiming they are open now and the address is 14 Perry Mill Wharf, site of the Cheeky Monkey which, according to their website, is now in Narragansett. Can anyone enlighten me to what I will find in Newport. Is there a new Christies and is it run by the former people?

Yankee Doodle in New Haven Closed

Having eaten hundreds of breakfasts and lunches there 40+ years ago when I worked in the immediate area, I'm ashamed to admit I haven't patronized the Doodle since then after changing jobs. I feel like a person that always meant to go see an elderly friend or relative but never found the time till they were in the casket. "Cats in the cradle."
A little piece of New Haven has died. RIP A new owner wouldn't be the same.

"Bar Harbor Inn" (Maine) ??

We stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn last summer taking one of their summer getaway packages. Though this necessitated our eating most meals there to get the value for the package, I think we definitely got our money's worth. We opted for the less expensive non waterfront room and though ot luxurious, it was adequate and comfortable.
The location of the hotel is among the best you can get in BH. Right in town for easy walking to the shops, restaurants, etc. yet still directly on the water. Many of the other places require a drive or shuttle to get to town and parking can be a challenge.

Fingerling Steak Sandwich

BerkshireTsarina, anyone who would know what a fingerling steak is would most certainly not know what a charlotte russe is. I know I didn't, till visiting Wikipedia. I hope you enjoy trying for a homemade reunion with the steak sandwich whichever version you may go for.

Fingerling Steak Sandwich

This is really embarassing as I didn't realize it in my previous post. There was another place specializing in "fingerling steak" sandwiches about a mile and a half north of the place I mentioned above on the opposite side of the road named Chum's and my wife and sister-in-law both worked there in the mid 60's. Wife tells me that the fingerling was a thin, non tenderized steak sandwich with grilled onions on top. She thinks it was served on toast. Personally, I never ate there. The building is now greatly altered and is occupied by the US Insulation Co. It's next door to Pure Pizza which has been reviewed on this site.

Before the Rusty Scupper (Long Wharf)

To the best of my recollection, there was nothing at the Rusty Scupper site prior to the building of that restaurant. Most of that land in the Long Wharf area was not land until it was filled in when the Ct Turnpike was constructed in the late 50's.

BBQ in New Haven, CT area

The Amber in North Haven is closed and has been for several years.

Fingerling Steak Sandwich

Posted - 09/02/2006 : 15:58:42

The link below will bring you to a photo of the place as it is now sans the fingerling steak sign. It is in Berlin and is apparently for sale.

The link below should bring up a picture of the old fingerling steak place on the Berlin Tpke.(route 5 and 15 overlap) in Berlin, Ct just above the Meriden town line. I ate there once around 1968 and as I remember, the fingerling was so named as it was cut long and narrow and was made of the meat that tenderized cube steaks are made of. I think it was served in a hot dog bun.
I have never seen them anywhere else.

Pierogies! This is probably the place you are thinking of.

Resurrection of Leon's, New Haven

It made the front page of the New Haven Register today. They plan on being open for New Years eve.

Resurrection of Leon's, New Haven

Rumor has it that Leon's Restaurant, a venerable New Haven institution will be taking over the site of the former Rusty Scupper. I haven't seen anything in print yet but I have heard they are hiring. Can anyone confirm?

what's going on with Maru in Clinton, CT?

I have to agree that the location is cursed and has been for years. Though I've seen positive reviews for Maru on this and other sites, I've never seen any cars in their parking lot when I have passed by and therefore wouldn't really even have considered going in based on that alone.

Venice,Nokomis,Osprey, Fl suggestions

I couldn't agree more regarding Phillipi Creek. Not sure if it's the worst in Sarasota but it's definitely in the running.
Other places I enjoy in the Osprey area are Beckham's Osprey Grille in the Southbay Shopping Center on 41 at Blackburn Point Rd. Reasonably priced, fairly small, American menu in newly renovated (2006) building. Good service, good food and a choice of dining in or out on a side patio adjacent to one of two bars.
One mile north of Blackburn Point Rd on 41 down a little side road on the west side is the Spanish Pointe Marina. It's a little bar with an outside window where you order and pick up the standard pub grub (mushroom burgers are great and the hotdogs not bad for Florida). Service at the window can be slow based on past visits but it's a pleasant place to sit and hang out and you can get your drinks before waiting for the food to be ready. It's about the only place on the Intracoastal between Venice and Sarasota where you can always get dock space for your small boat while you eat. Will probably be developed into a few condo's as soon as real estate crawls out of the sewer but it's fun now.
Lastly, a recommendation for a little breakfast/lunch place called Scrambles just north of Blackburn Point Rd (west side). Nothing out of the ordinary but they do a very good job with breakfasts. Usually a wait on Sunday mornings as it's right near the large local Catholic church.

Nov 30, 2007
cheshirecat in Florida

Baby shower location..south central Ct.

Looking for a restaurant for a small, (20 more or less) baby shower in the Ct. shoreline area between Branford and Fairfield, to be held in January. Would like a private room or at least a semi private area in an establishment that does more than just fish dishes. The affair would ideally be on a Sunday in January. Anyone having any ideas, please share.

Frank Pepe in Manchester,CT w/pix

Easy question for my taste.. no cheese except a sprinkle from the grated cheese container in the table. Usually, when you order the white clam pizza, the server doesn't ask, just assumes you want it pure.