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The BEST coffee and/or espresso inside the beltway?

I thought the espresso was very good (and they did a perfect machiatto). My friend had an individual drip coffee which was also good. It's already pretty popular.

Bagels in Honolulu?

there's a place called "this and that" cafe, or something like that, near kakaa'ko (its near the fisher), on cooke or around there.

also a downtown lunch location.

Sep 05, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Cooking Classes in Oahu or Maui

just want to second the KCC classes. Lots of variety and excellent instruction, each instructor with their own personality.

It's good you are a planner, Sandra Lynn, because the classes fill up FAST. so check in next spring for the summer schedule and call.

Sep 05, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Espresso in Honolulu??

the best espresso on island, imo, is Glaziers Coffee, on King street east of University. the owner, Sam, really cares about making good coffee and has styled the place on the best coffee places he knew when he lived in Seattle.

He will even make nice shapes with the foam atop your espresso or capuccino. Worth a try.

Also, there is a great coffee shop in the North Shore, the name escapes me.

Aug 13, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Best hole-in-the-wall (Honolulu)

still around -- and a great place where you can always get a full load of garlic ahi presented in many ways. fun for groups. still has the beauty salon.

Jul 28, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Moving to Oahu... Please Help Me Stock The Pantry

I'm sure you'll find them. I think the mexican restaurant "El Palenque" is something of a gathering point. The Latino community seems small but there is a newsletter, the Hawaii Hispanic News that can clue you in (distributed at El Palenque and other sites, like Honolulu's only cuban restaurant, Soul de Cuba), and there have been events in the news lately calling attention to the presence of a Latino community (including a protest over racially insensitive remarks by a city councilman).

Jul 23, 2008
elinw in Hawaii


good to know and all the better reason to stop there for your picnic. they also have premarinated miso butterfish which never offended any grill.

Jul 18, 2008
elinw in Hawaii


You have to be a member ($10/year), but Marukai across from Ward Warehouse or closer to the airport have great fish as well as pre-made japanese foods, salad, sushi, grilled food, bento, etc. can't go wrong there.

Jul 17, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Burgers on The Edge

I haven't tried it yet, but recognized an ad for it last time I was at Formaggio -- who opened the new place (see here:


And if that's any guide, I would expect their burgers to be excellent, since the Wagyu burger at Formaggio is perhaps the best I've ever had.

Jul 15, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Adventurous NYC 'hound planning Oahu eats - help!

Was open 2 weeks ago.

Jul 11, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Adventurous NYC 'hound planning Oahu eats - help!

1) For local food,* try Town in Kaimuki (or you can try Downtown for lunch and a trip to the state art museum). Both source locally. Also, the KCC market I think ends at 11, unless that has changed recently.

* note that "local" has a more prominent meaning in Hawai'i, as in "the local culture," someone who is from here, and represents the mix of cultures and ethnicities that is Hawai'i.

3) For cheap eats, walk around Chinatown and get some char sui on Maunakea street, or try anything in the Maunakea Marketplace food market. Since you get it less out east, try the ong choi (water spinach), which is great with shrimp in thai preparations.

5) Go to Sidestreet Inn for authentic, souped-up local food in a very local setting -- you can watch the latest game and drink great wine (or beer) at the same time. For authentic Hawaiian food, try Helena's on school street in Kalihi, or, closer to Waikiki, to Ono's Hawaiian foods. Try everything. Especially butterfish (you can get this elsewhere to, and its amazing), a laulau (pork or chicken baked in taro leaf), poke, kalua pig, lomi salmon, and chicken longrice. okay, that's almost everything.

Jul 08, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Great Falls, MT recommendations?

go to Eddie's for excellent steaks (also try the toasted ravioli), and Borrie's for the same, as well as prime rib on Tuesdays.

Jun 16, 2008
elinw in Mountain States

izakaya in o'ahu

try Izakaya Nonbei. It's on Kapahulu, is great, and they have oden.

May 28, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

Best local fish in Honolulu?

If you read around this board, just look for the best restaurants -- almost all will serve fish. Sidestreet Inn has great poke and fish entrees. Hiroshi's Eurasian Tapas has some very nice small plates with seafood and fish. Read Bill Hunt's report on various restaurants recently posted.

May 28, 2008
elinw in Hawaii

your Favorite Sushi place in Honolulu...

I've only been to Maguro-ya once, so I can't make a full comparison. Maguro-ya is even more intimate and local feeling; Yohei feels like it might be in Japan.

Here's what the advertiser says:

Mar 14, 2008
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

your Favorite Sushi place in Honolulu...

Well, there is always Sushi Sassabune, which will take a serious dent out of your bank account, but is an extravagantly good experience.

But there are so many others, including Mitch's & Imanas-Tei.

My personal favorite for an amazing sushi meal, however, is Yohei. It's at 111 Dillingham. It's a mid-size place that still feels personal and down-to earth. What I like most is the creativity of the omakase. The chef comes out with some amazing fish, much of which I've never seen anywhere else, and some surprising combinations of things I do know (uni WITH sweet shrimp). Give it a try.

And check out the raves over at yelp:

Mar 13, 2008
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

Oahu Restaurants--Anyone tried these?

i'll second the suggestion for Tokkuri-Tei; an excellent izakaya where you can find many of the same things as imanas-tei in a bit more of a casual setting.

Momomo is in this vein as well. Has an elegant feel inside. they have an excellent warm tofu dish that is prepared at your table.

Feb 25, 2008
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

Should Hawai'i have its own board?

I don't know if this has been discussed or raised in the past, but it occurs to me that the vast majority of posts on "Elsewhere in America" are about Hawai'i.

It seems that a "Hawaii" only board would make sense -- I posted the same on the "Site Talk" board. Have a look and put your own two cents in:

Jan 03, 2008
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

Could Hawai'i have its own Board?

Hawai'i is very far from Alaska, Idaho, and Wyoming....

As a Hawai'i resident, and a regular reader and contributor here, I would like to know what it would take for Hawai'i to have its own Board. Hawai'i posts dominate the "Elsewhere in America" Board; my guess would be they constitute over 90% of activity.

Therefore, I think it would make a lot of sense to have a Hawai'i specific board. Thematically, Hawaiian food is in its own category; and it is clearly a geographically and culturally unique part of the country (like New Orleans you could say). And it is one of America's no. #1 vacation spots, so it is likely that many people specifically interested in Hawai'i food would appreciate a clearer way to find its location on Chowhound.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the possibility.

Jan 02, 2008
elinw in Site Talk

Oahu - what are your favorite NON-ASIAN joints?

great soups and sammiches at Covenant Books and Coffee Cafe in Kaimuki.
Cafe Laufer pretty good and interesting too nearby. for something different and very ono, try the acai bowl at Diamond Cove Health Cafe on Montsarrat. And DIamond Head Market has great plate lunch and sandwiches (both hot off the grill and cold inside).

high second on Olive Tree -- that place is awesome!

plus downtown my favorites are Kafe Europa (Armenian) and Good & Healthy Cafe (lebanese), as well as the Town offshoot Downtown (great lunch under $10).

plus speaking of Nico's, there's that new place down the pier from them that looks good too.

Nov 27, 2007
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

emu48 (or anyone): where are those very good Thai rests. on Oahu?

tell us about the Hue specialties....

Bac Nam has a good Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Beef Soup) and some other dishes I've never seen anywhere, but I think its North Vietnamese (althought the title apparently means "north south")

try it-- I think you'll like it.

To Chau is great but mainly pho.

Nov 14, 2007
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

emu48 (or anyone): where are those very good Thai rests. on Oahu?

Chiang Mai is my current favorite. Having lived in and eaten authentic thai food in L.A. and the bay area, I think it gets some things very right, like it's green papaya salad. I agree that Honlulu is not as impressive as these CA locales for thai food, but it's not as bad as Yoshio makes it sound. Also try "Dee's Thai" on Kapahulu. Not well known but very good. A last very good option is Siam Garden Cafe out on Nimitz.

btw, there is some very good vietnamese food here too that's worth checking out, with authentic dishes besides the ubiquitous Pho. Like Bac Nam on King street (north vietnamese) and Pho Nam off kapiolani near downtown (try their sweet and sour soups -- amazing!)

Nov 06, 2007
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

Best Sushi in Honolulu

Yohei on Dillingham is very very good. Amazing omakase with some of the most creative (in a japanese, not california-way) combinations I've seen. very memorable food experience. service is great as well, with a lively sushi bar.

the new place on King, Gaku, is also very good, but more izakaya fare.

Oct 03, 2007
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

best poke in honolulu

I've been eating poke constantly since moving here. Most of these are repeats, except for number 3. Here are my favorites:

1) Ft. Ruger on Alohea. Made fresh to order and you can customize what you want (ahi with: maui onion, green onion, shoyu, sesame, limu, hawaiian salt). so fresh its the best.

2) Tamashiro's (on King): especially the tahitian kind which has coconut milk in it -- very nice and different. I think the fish is a type of snapper in this kind.

3) 21 Mart (school street in kalihi, just diamond of houghtailing): you'd never know a place like this would have such good poke. Like Ft. Ruger's also made to order and very fresh.

4) Tamura's (on Waialae): sort of like upscale poke, with some interesting creative fusion like jalapeno poke.

5) Marukai (next to Ward center): very good quality and great selection.

Sep 04, 2007
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

Downtown Honolulu Recommendations

I work downtown and try to eat everything.

In the very good gourmet category, I also think HiSAM's Downtown is the winner-- you can get an amazing takeout "salad" composed of the various antipasti they have for the day on top of some greens. Or combo this with a sandwich and/or soup.

Another excellent place is Kafe Europa (801 Alakea), an armenian lunch spot where everything is made with care. Excellent Lamb Kabob or chicken shwarma, and very good soups.

The best mexican food downtown, perhaps on island is "Just Tacos" on Bishop street (1111 Bishop St). Its basically tacos served in authentic style: meat on soft corn tortillas with onions and cilantro. Taqueria de Ramiro on Fort St has good burritos, but not earth-shattering.

I also enjoy a period sushi bowl. The best is "Ahi Vegetable" on Fort Street. Another good one is next to the Good & Healthy Cafe (which I also recommend) in the merchant street mall.

Restaurant Row also has some good choices. Yosh has very good plate lunch meals and Basta et Pasta has excellent and well-priced pasta.

Lastly, I've been waiting to try the new upscale hot dog joint, Hank's Haute Dogs, although its a far walk from most downtown places. Check out their website:

Sep 04, 2007
elinw in U.S. Elsewhere Archive

Stage Restaurant, Honolulu

Veteran local food writer Wanda Adams raves about the place:

Jun 05, 2007
elinw in Hawaii

Honolulu Notes...

Town is worth another look. It is one of my favorite restaurants here -- has an organic/local ethos, a creative and changing menu, and a lot of charm. And excellent duck.

Jun 05, 2007
elinw in Hawaii