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Buy fresh duck breast in Lower Manhattan?

I'm making a special dinner Saturday night and am not sure where to find fresh (preferably not frozen) duck breast. I called Whole Foods in Tribeca and they have it frozen, so that's a last resort.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Oct 20, 2011
JessicaSophia in Manhattan

Quinoa in Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque?

Does anyone know of any restaurants in these cities that offer dishes (mains or sides) that include quinoa? I've had a red quinoa tamale at Corn Maiden at Tamaya, and my brother told me there used to be a quinoa dish at Cafe Pasqual, but I looked at the menu and it seems to no longer be offered.

if you've seen or tasted interesting quinoa dishes recently, please share!

Corn Maiden
1300 Tuyuna Trl, Bernalillo, NM

Cafe Pasqual's
121 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Jul 26, 2011
JessicaSophia in Southwest

Trattoria Nostrani news (Santa Fe)

So did Shibumi open yet? It sounds great - my husband is a huge ramen fan.

Nov 27, 2010
JessicaSophia in Southwest

Best Omakase in Atlanta?

My birthday is next week and I have always wanted to do an Omakase meal. The question is, where to go? My usual sushi joint is Circle Sushi in Roswell (I live intown, but after exploring pretty much all the sushi options intown, I feel like the drive to Circle is worth it for really high quality, affordable sushi). Also love Taka for a splurge, and I suspect that Taka would do a great Omakase. We also used to love Sushi Huku until we getting really, really slow service there. I might be in the minority, but I'm not a fan of MF.

But any other suggestions that I'm overlooking?

Circle Sushi
8725 Roswell Rd Ste 7, Atlanta, GA 30350

Aug 21, 2010
JessicaSophia in Atlanta

We get to only have ONE dinner in Atlanta......where should we eat? PS...we have three kids...

Woodfire is not very kid-friendly but I agree that the tasting menu would be one of my top choices for one meal in Atlanta.

You might consider Watershed in Decatur, if you can go on the early side (6 or 6:30). Their Fried Chicken is amazing.

For breakfast, Flying Biscuit is lots of fun, and my daughter loves the biscuits and cranberry butter that come with them. Thumbs Up is also great, as is Highland Bakery. Thumbs Up doesn't take credit cards (they have an ATM there though) and both of those places often have a long wait, so be sure to get there early.

Flying Biscuit Cafe
1655 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Aug 21, 2010
JessicaSophia in Atlanta

Otto Pizza

I had to move away from NY 2 years ago, but Otto is usually on my "must-visit" list when I come back. On my last trip there, last month, I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza, and in addition to the olive oil gelato, I had a salted caramel gelato that was incredible. The wine list, however, always daunts me... so many choices!

Jul 21, 2008
JessicaSophia in Manhattan

Lobster rolls and white wine for lunch

I've been away from New York City for 2 years but I will be in town next weekend and I'm craving a lobster roll (which I can't get here in Atlanta). I tried to do a recent search to see if there's any new news on the best lobster rolls in Manhattan, but I couldn't find a recent thread specifically about this topic... forgive me if I missed something and I'm being redundant!

Anyway, I need suggestions on the place to get a lobster roll and a nice glass of wine on a Friday afternoon. Someplace that won't be too long of a wait at, say, 1:30 pm.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to revisiting some of my favorites next weekend!

Jul 16, 2008
JessicaSophia in Manhattan

Baby-Friendly in Atlanta

Yeah, speaking of Taqueria-- we went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago and I was shocked that they didn't have high chairs! Why would you discourage kids at what is essentially a fast food place? I thought that was ridiculous.

Thanks for the advice... I know what you mean about it being unpredictable how they'll behave. For us, it all depends on how long it takes her to eat her own food. We had a family dinner at Dante's the other night and we ended up taking turns walking around with her... luckily the jazz trio was the perfect distraction. I've learned to eat very fast!

Baby-Friendly in Atlanta

Now that my baby is nearly 10 months old, and is reasonably well-behaved in a high chair as long as she has a handful of Cheerios to entertain her, I'm looking forward to going out to dinner with her more frequently.... after all, my husband and I are huge foodies and we want her to grow up knowing how to behave herself in restaurants!

In particular, my birthday is coming up next Wednesday and I am in search for somewhere to go that is:
a. Baby-friendly (or at least tolerant!)
b. Has good food and a somewhat nice/upscale atmsophere, but isn't a "scene"
c. Is ITP

Can anyone make a recommendation? We'll be going on the early side, around 6:30 or so, and I don't care what sort of cuisine, as long as it's well prepared.

My initial thoughts were Sushi Huku (granted, that's just barely ITP, but I love the sushi there and I've seen lots of kids and babies), Watershed or Wildfire Grill (I've always wanted to go to the latter but I have no idea if it would be appropriate for my kid).

Suggestions are appreciated!

Atlanta, GA Dining Suggestions????

I had excellent service at Horseradish the one time I went (in October), and I really enjoyed my meal as well. The desserts were especially great.

Jul 05, 2007
JessicaSophia in Atlanta

Good Food walking distance Agnes Scott

Oakhurst Village is within walking distance of Agnes Scott and has some great options. She could try Universal Joint for pub food, or Steinbeck's Oyster Bar for seafood (including the only New England-style lobster rolls available in the city of Atlanta!) Both have seating at the bar that would be comfortable for dining alone.

Cooking classes for newlyweds?

These are all great ideas-- thanks, everyone! I am sure I will find the ideal class for our friends at one of these places. I'm leaning toward Hipcooks because it sounds like their type of style.

Thanks again for your responses.

London: Name of tearoom/cookbook store?

That's it-- thank you!!!

Jun 03, 2007
JessicaSophia in U.K./Ireland

London: Name of tearoom/cookbook store?

I am trying to recall the name of a London shop that's both a tearoom and a cookbook store and might also offer cooking classes.... does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Jun 01, 2007
JessicaSophia in U.K./Ireland

Cooking classes for newlyweds?

Our newly married friends are moving to LA this month, and we thought that we'd give them a gift certificate for a cooking class as a wedding present. Does anyone have recommendations for either a cooking school or a housewares/cookware store that offers fun recreational classes?


Game on the menu in Santa Fe

Oops, I knew that about Geronimo. Thanks for the tips. I used to love the crispy salmon at Ristra.

Anyone know if there's game on the menu at the Compound?

May 04, 2007
JessicaSophia in Southwest

Game on the menu in Santa Fe

While visiting Santa Fe, my husband and I want to go to a nice restaurant where he can have some "exotic" meat, whether it be elk, buffalo, venison, etc. We usually go to Geronimo's for this--he loves the elk stake there!--but I'm wondering if there is anywhere else that is known for interesting meats on the menu.

May 01, 2007
JessicaSophia in Southwest

Healthy Eats in Santa Fe?

I'm going to be visiting my mom in Santa Fe for a week and I don't want to blow my diet on greasy sopaipillas from Tomasita's, cheesy huevos rancheros at Tia Sofia's and other delicious but heavy fare.

Any recommendations on casual or fancy restaurants serving lighter, healthier foods? It doesn't necessarily have to be New Mexican, but I do like a good atmosphere!

May 01, 2007
JessicaSophia in Southwest

lunch in the dunwoody area

There is a cute restaurant on Johnson Ferry and Roswell Road called Flavor Cafe. I was only there for coffee and pastries, but it looks like they have really tasty, fresh sandwiches, soups and other lunch options.

prodigal eater returns to the ATL

Welcome back! I just moved to Atlanta in August (from New York) and was excited to find the culinary scene here is much better than I expected. Not sure if your screen name means you're a grits fan, but if you are, you MUST go to Highland Bakery in the Old Fourth Ward. They mill their grits in-house, and they are amazing. It's only open for breakfast and lunch, and I go there often... it's my favorite brunch place, despite the long lines.

Best Sushi in Atlanta?

I moved here from NYC about 6 months ago and oh, do I miss sushi! We had at least 5 good sushi places within walking distance from our apartment.

We just got take-out from Zuma (on Highland in the Old Fourth Ward) and really liked it, although it was very expensive! I usually use California or Tuna rolls as my gauge for the priciness of a sushi joint, and these were somethling like $5.50 or $6 (in New York, most places charge $3.50 or $4 for them). However, the fish was great quality at Zuma, so we'll order there again... it beats the take-out alternative for us, which was RuSan's.

Tasty Atlanta eats?

If you're a fan of pizza, that's always a good option for vegetarian offerings. My favorites are Everybody's for casual, but really fresh-tasting pizza, and for fancier pizza, Fritti and Piebar.

Night & Day closes - "Biscuit" is coming...

And isn't the Night & Day corner "cursed"? I still remember whatever was there before it... one of the most terrible brunches I've ever eaten, but I'll always giggle about how their sign had their address as on "Fivth Avenue".... until someone must've corrected them and they changed it.

Oct 17, 2006
JessicaSophia in Outer Boroughs

Atlanta, Marietta, Tasty China. Full Report

Steve, I don't think you gave us enough suggestions of what to order (just kidding!). Thanks for the great post-- my in-laws live in Marietta, but I have yet to explore the culinary offerings of the area beyond Mellow Mushroom, Johnny Rockets and J. Christopher's. Glad to know there's great chinese... because in the 3 months I've lived here, I have yet to find a good place within take-out distance of my home in Grant Park.

Fall must! Caramel apples with peanuts

Believe it or not, the best caramel apples I've ever had in New York City are from that little candy shop that's in Coney Island on Surf (?) Avenue, near Nathan's. It used to be my going-home treat after a Cyclones game. They use the crispest apples, and the caramel is really soft and fresh. You can choose peanuts or no peanuts. I think they also have the red candy apple types as well. Oh, and marshmallows dipped in caramel and peanuts-- which are just wayyyy too sweet!

Oct 04, 2006
JessicaSophia in Outer Boroughs

Where is the Bar Food in Atlanta

Brickstore is a great suggestion, if the original poster doesn't mind the trip to Decatur-- they have an impressive beer selection, and the best "bar food" to order is the soft pretzels with mustard.

Where is the Bar Food in Atlanta

The Vortex, which has locations in Midtown and in Little Five Points, is a great bar/restaurant with really tasty burgers and fries.

If you're looking for something a little more upscale, try Krog Bar (Inman Park) which has tapas-style small plates that you can enjoy at the bar. And ever since I had my birthday dinner at Rathbun's (same owner as Krog Bar) I've been dying to go back late one night just for their incredible dessert tasting menu and a glass of sparkling wine or sherry.

Best Hot Chocolate in ATL

Therese-- thanks! I've been meaning to check Pura Vida out anyway, so I'll make sure to order the hot chocolate. A Latin American place back in NY used to have a hot chocolate/churros dessert that sounds similar.

Best Hot Chocolate in ATL

I'm newly moved from New York City to Atlanta and I know this is premature, but now that it's getting to be autumn, I'll be craving hot chocolate very soon. Not just Swiss Miss or even Ghirardelli, but the rich, thick kind that's made with melted chocolate and, if you let it get cold, thickens into almost a pudding consistency. In New York, City Bakery, Jacques Torres and Mariebelle were my main sources. Is there anything like that here?

Ramen in ATL?

We're new to Atlanta and are craving ramen. I'm surprised it's not on the menu at Noodle, but are there other places that have great ramen or other Japanese soups? We're in Grand Park area but will travel for a good option!