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Top Sirloin Roast confusion...

I completely disagree. Top Sirloin is a delicious cut of meat, served rare/medium rare. We eat it all the time. Cut slits in it, push in pieces of garlic, then put a rub on it. If you have the Webber Big Book of Grilling cookbook this recipe is in there for Prime Rib. I get RAVE reviews every time I make it. Just be careful to not overcook it. Buy a thermometer, it will dry out if overcooked(due to lack of fat). I don't make gravy with this recipe as there is too much salt, alternatively cut the salt. But delicious with horseradish mayo! I think that you would probably only need around an hour to cook this, or less. I start at 400 for 15-20 min and then put it down to 350.

Nov 06, 2012
naughtygirl in Home Cooking

Dinner by the Canon Theatre?

Try Salad King or if you want nicer, go upstairs to Linda. Great thai food