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Give me your best desserts for a surprise party

Thanks very much. French and American would be preferred.

May 07, 2013
William68 in Manhattan

Give me your best desserts for a surprise party

My siblings and I are throwing a surprise afternoon birthday party for our mother, who loves desserts. Instead of using one caterer, we are looking for the best desserts from various places in NYC. Suggestions?

May 03, 2013
William68 in Manhattan

Pearl & Ash, The Marrow, Le Philosophe, or Lincoln?

Looking for an excellent dinner with 2 old friends. Which stands out?

Apr 04, 2013
William68 in Manhattan

Aldea or Hearth?

Has anyone recently been to these restaurants? Trying to decide between the two.

May 18, 2012
William68 in Manhattan

San Francisco in Manhattan?

I've been to San Francisco and the surrounding area a number of times and love the small restaurants that provide excellent New American food at reasonable prices. It seems difficult to find in Manhattan. I'm thinking something like Mas (farmhouse) but less expensive. Any suggestions?

Dec 01, 2011
William68 in Manhattan

Eating alone in South Beach

Going to be in South Beach for the weekend, visiting from NYC. Would welcome a great sushi recommendation, as well as other suggestions. Not looking for a scene, just good meals.

South Beach Cafe
121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

High-end takeout for bedridden pregnant wife's birthday

Thanks for your suggestions and well wishes - I will look into the personal chef option, but ideally would prefer a meal already prepared by a restaurant.

As for location, I'm flexible. I work downtown and live midtown, but am willing to go anywhere to pick it up.

Jun 17, 2009
William68 in Manhattan

High-end takeout for bedridden pregnant wife's birthday

The title pretty much sums it up. My pregnant wife has complications requiring bedrest, and our annual birthday dinner at a nice restaurant can't take place this year. Anyone know of any such restaurants that do takeout?

Jun 15, 2009
William68 in Manhattan

Dark chocolate covered graham crackers

Where is the best?

I used to go to Varsano's on West 4th but haven't been lately and am not even sure it is still open. Also a fan of Jacques Torres. Any other suggestions?

May 07, 2009
William68 in Manhattan

NYC Restaurant Tour

Anyone know of any restaurants in NYC that provide a tour of the kitchen and a meal?

May 05, 2009
William68 in Manhattan


Thanks for the information regarding reservations.
As for budget, looking for something up to $20-25/entree.


My family is taking our mother to Montreal in early October to celebrate her 65th birthday and we are looking for a restaurant for dinner. I have searched the board for appropriate places, and have found many great suggestions in general, but have been unable to find anywhere that can accomodate a large group of 10 that includes 3 children, ages 9 to 14 - and here is the twist - the kids all happen to be vegetarians. But we are not looking for a vegetarian restaurant, just one that offers non-meat dishes.

Also - do most restaurants in Montreal take reservations this far ahead? Or am I going to need to wait until 30 days beforehand as is common in other cities?

Thanks for any help -

Ramsay at the London vs. Jean George vs. Bouley

For a special birthday lunch, which is best?

Jun 24, 2008
William68 in Manhattan

Fleur de Sel

Anyone been recently? Any suggestions?

Jun 14, 2007
William68 in Manhattan