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What dish do you cook that people just rave about?

I've often used mango juice/nectar as the fruity note. Maybe you could use it in place of the pineapple. Or you could try an apple cider vinegar, not 8 oz though, probably just a 1/4 cup (2-ish oz) will do the trick for the the quantities listed for the above recipe.

Jul 19, 2012
carnassial in Home Cooking

Seeking: Scotch Whisky events, Toronto/GTA

Not sure if you've already found this in your googling, The Feathers Pub has single malt tours and tastings. They are known to have quite the extensive selection.

962 Kingston Road
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 694-0443

They offer a whiskey tour that is very nice. Tickets can be purchased as well.

Good Hot Sauce???

Try this place, Taste The 4th Sense. They have two locations, one on the Danforth and one in St Jacobs. A very impressive range of hot sauces and infused oils as well.

375 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1P1
Riverworks Emporium
1440 King Street
St. Jacobs, Ontario
N0B 2N0

Great grilling sausages

I've found pretty decent sausages at European Meats on Jutland in Etobicoke. They grill up quite nicely. They have a good variety too, typically very fresh.

Island Food

There are few Island Food locations through-out the city. I usually frequent the one on King St near Dufferin. IF is more known for their Rotis rather than rice and peas. And their jerk is only so-so. Having said that, the roti are very good, personal favourites are the boneless goat and the vegetable.

STLM - Berkshire Pork?

Whitehouse Meats at the STLM has Berkshire Pork.

Restaurant Makeover

Have to agree with you porker about the "feel" and the attitude of the place. Recently, I stopped by at Phil's for a second visit (didn't enjoy my first one-and I always give places a second chance just in case they were having an off night the first time round). Anyhow, the food was disappointing again. We tried the combo plate and the pulled pork, both lacked flavour and everything was on the dry side. I keep hearing how Phil's is really good and comparable to what you can find in the southern states. Well I've had ribs and pulled pork "down south" and there are no similarities. Even the stuff the locals call so-so down there is waaay better. The passion is definitely gone at Phil's.

Chinese Wedding banquet hall in toronto

Try Century Palace, 398 Ferrier St out in Markham though. It wasn't too bad, although it's been quite a few years since I was there. They were quite accommodating in the menu options, the head table had a slightly different menu than the rest. I think it worked out to about $900/table-10 guests/table, NOT including tips, etc. This was about 6 years ago. I ended up supplying my own beer, wine and the requisite Johnny Red. The decoration behind the head table was included, however it's was pretty simple. We ended up decorating the tables with centre-pieces and the little take-home gifts. We had..I think, roughly 550-600 guests, I lost count of the actually number of guests, we sent out close to 550 invitations, you know how chinese families are, one invitation can garner 10 guests. Some of our caucasian friends didn't know what to make of the mayhem.

Don't know if this helps, but there you go.

North Conway, NH

lexpatti, MUGger,
Thanks for the rec's. I'll probably be back in the late spring next year and give those places a try. Hopefully next time, the weather won't be so wet.

North Conway, NH

We are staying in North Conway for a about a week on a motorcycle vacation, so far we have tried Peaches, Up Country and the Muddy Moose.

Peaches for breakfast, very pedestrian. I had the "Your Favorite" the corned beef hash was over salted and the portion size was quite small. My poached egges were over-cooked. The missus had poached eggs and bacon, the bacon was a nice crispness, however one egg was done to her satisfaction, the other was over-cooked. Our friend had a spinach omelette that was quite nice.

Up Country for lunch was mediocre at best. Nothing outstanding, but not the worst lunches we've ever had.

I was very disappointed with the Muddy Moose. There was a slight wait to be seated at a table, so we had drinks at the bar. The bartender recommeded the venision pasta, ribeeye steak and the ribs. So, once we were seated, we order the ribeye, and two ribs. The ribeye was tough and lacked the typical flavour of beef, I suspect it was one tht had been defrosted rather quickly from frozen. Sent it back for another order of ribs, which were supposed to fall off the bone. Of the three orders of ribs, only the one that arrived for our friend was anywhere near the "fall off the bone" tenderness. Both the missus' and mine were tough, dry and flavorless.

The only half-way decent thing the server did was to remove both our rib orders from our bill. The sad thing was that there was no other offer or suggestion for ruining our dinners. No offer of something else from the menu, although by this point neither the missus nor I had any appetite for anything further from that kitchen. I ended up back at our motel room ordering a pizza from Dominos. Sad state of affairs.

We are in the North Conway area for a few more days. Between the constant rain and lack of food, I'm not sure what to do.

Does anyone remember ACME Cheesecake?

Once upon a time, I'm talking maybe 10-ish years ago, there was a place that made really good cheesecakes and various other desserts. It was called ACME Cheesecake or something very much like that. It was located in the Dundas & Keele area, The Junction.

I developed a hankering for cheesecake recently and recalled how good they were. I've tried finding them and have had no luck. Does anyone here remember Donny and his cheesecakes or what happened to the place?


How to Fry a Turkey

I seem to remember something about "Brining" the bird before frying. It helps with keeping the bird moist and it added flavour.

Nov 06, 2007
carnassial in Features

Where to buy ribs at the St. Lawrence Market

Whitehouse has excellent meat, but I found their pork ribs a bit too lean for my way of preparing ribs. Costco does have the optimal pork ribs, the back ribs have just the right amount of fat.

Phil's Barbeque - Good Ribs

We tried Phil's last week after reading about them here.

Had the ribs, brisket and the pulled pork. We were very under-whelmed. The meat was moist enough, but lacked flavour. One would expect better, especially for the prices they charge. We won't be going back.

None of Your Business

I don't think anyone is obligated to share their recipes if they don't want to. The is no other reason required other than the person didn't want to. When I'm pressed for my recipes, I will tell them approximately 90% of the ingredients. But I will never give up the proportions.

Jun 05, 2007
carnassial in Features