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Drunken Noodles in Logan Circle?

Okay, everyone was so helpful before, I have to try again:

I'm having a huge hankering for drunken noodles tonight for dinner and I live in the Logan Circle area. Where should I go? For those of you who are about to jump to offer Thai Tanic, their drunken noodles are pretty dismal -- extremely small portion. Everything else there is spectacular, but this dish seems to be a big miss.

Anyone have some ideas?

HH: Tasty beer and Cheese Fries?

Hi Hounds!

A bunch of us are looking to indulge in beer and cheese fries this evening and while that would seem to be a pretty easy menu, I'm not sure where to go. Here are the stipulations for the location:

1) Walking distance from Logan Circle
2) Great beer (on tap preferably)
3) Great cheese fries

That's it. Any ideas? Thanks!