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Springfield area BYOB's

I agree with Le Rendezvouz. If you're in the mood for Italian and not far from the Wine Library, try in Summit either Joe's Pizza and Vittoria Restaurant on Springfield Ave. (don't be put off by the pizzeria/sub shop look on the exterior - they've got a nice dining room in the back with consistently excellent Italian fare), or La Focaccia Restaurant on Morris Ave.

Nov 07, 2007
FHBob in Mid-Atlantic

RIBFEST in New Paltz

I second those comments from vinouspleasure. For the purpose of non-disclosure, I was a member of one of the competing teams. We only do a couple of competitions a year, but for the past two years, the Hudson Valley event has been THE BEST!

One of the best things about these events is being able to talk with the public who walk around the competition area, asking questions about our equipment, our techniques. And this particular contest seems to have more knowledgeable, more inquisitive customers than most. And you'll find that most bbq teams are more than willing to share their ideas - all but those most secret ones, at least.

And our ability to sell or give away food is not just a board of health issue. It would be unfair to the vendors who have paid a license to sell their food.

The Rotary Club that runs this event does a great job. I look forward to returning next year.

In Westfield, what's the name...

...of the restaurant that is located in Mojave Grille's original location? (North Ave.) Any comments about it?

My palate was getting all happy about trying Freshwaters (Plainfield) for the first time tonight, only to learn they're closed on Tuesdays until further notice. :(

Jul 31, 2007
FHBob in Mid-Atlantic

Bakeries - 'down the shore'

Another vote here for Mueller's in Bay Head! Best crumb buns ever!

Jun 05, 2007
FHBob in Mid-Atlantic

Driving to OBX from NYC...recs?

In Exmore, VA, there's a restaurant called The Trawler. I've stopped there a number of times en route to or from OBX, but I will add that it's been a few years. Good crabcakes, as I recall. I just looked it up (because i couldn't remember the name, just the location) and here's a link:

Also on the VA section of Rt. 13, there are several little BBQ places. I found one (and darn, I can't find the menu to tell me the name), but I can see it now - a one-story white building on the left as you're heading south. If I can find the name, I'll let you know.

That's an enjoyable route to OBX, once you get out of the Delaware congestion. Have fun!

Jun 05, 2007
FHBob in Mid-Atlantic