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Providence or Greater RI: day-caught seafood

My wife and I moved to Providence yesterday. We're looking for a seafood market where we can buy the freshes lobsters, clams, oysters and other good grub from the sea. Any suggestions?


French food in Indy

Were they closed for good or just closed for the evening? How terribly disappointing if the former. Have you tried Bijou in Lebanon? Wonderful classical french.

Restaurants in Paducah KY & vicinity

My wife and I are driving to Paducah, KY from Indianapolis this weekend for their Artist's Festival. I've searched the boards and everyone seems to like Starnes BBQ. Are there other restaurants or fun food-field-trips that we should make while we're in the area? Any restaurants between here and there that are worth making a side-trip?

Is there such a thing as great pizza in Indy?

Bazbeaux Pizza (Downtown and Broad Ripple) is excellent, as is Datza Pizza, downtown on Pennsylvania Avenue.