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Coffee places on Long Island (redux)

I definitely second Georgio's. Although I've moved to Manhattan since I first met Georgio on Long Island, I still stop by each chance I get, and if I can't get there, I call in orders. (He sends next day).
If you're interested in fair trade practices, he's involved with the farmers he buys from, while staying very reasonably priced.

Steak and Basketball near Grand Central?

Good afternoon hounds!
I have a friend coming into town tomorrow night into Grand Central and was hoping to take him out for a nice steak at a place where he'd be able to watch the Celtics game. (Personally, I'm still boycotting backetball until the Knicks return to glory, but anyway....).
Could anyone recommend somewhere suitable?
Thanks in advance.

Jun 09, 2008
Matt L in Manhattan

Interesting Street Tamales in Upper Manhattan

Just wanted to say thanks for a thoughtful and very helpful post. The mole rojo tamales from the woman at 116th and 3rd became a staple of my diet.

May 21, 2008
Matt L in Manhattan

Kerala Kitchen-Much ado about........

Kerala Kitchen also serves a buffet for lunch during the week. The food they serve there is, I think, mostly Keralan- no overlap with the more typical Indian places that serve lunch buffets. Consistently good- but definitely better before 1pm.
Santoor on Union Tpke is very good also, if you're looking for someplace in the neighborhood.

Mar 18, 2008
Matt L in Outer Boroughs

Georgio's Roastery- Coffee Worth Going Out of Your Way for in Huntington

Georgio's Roastery is a small coffee shop in Huntington Station on Jericho Tpke about 100 yards west of Rt 110, close to Massa's pizza. Whether you're biggest coffee concerns are how your coffee tastes, supporting local businesses, or where your coffee comes from, this is a great little place.
Georgio was the coffee guy at the Fairway in Plainview for a long time and left to open his own shop.
His coffee is outstanding. I had been buying pretty expensive coffee from my favorite roaster in California, and his is better. Everyone has their individual taste for coffee, but he roasts his own on Long Island (he has a 3lb roaster in his shop but doesn't appear to roast his beans there) and has a nice selection of beans.
He has pictures of the farms from which he buys his beans, and pays his farmers a buck a pound more than Fair Trade. Remarkably, he's only charging about $8/pound for most of his coffees. (I'm actually a little concerned about the long term feasibility of this.)
Anyway, I hope some of you give him a try if you're in the area- he's a really good guy, runs the shop with his wife (who I think blends teas for the shop, but I'm not really a tea guy), and creates a really good product.

Pepian Sauce

Taqueria y Fonda has a great pipian sauce- it's on Amsterdam somewhere near 108th st.

Dec 18, 2007
Matt L in Manhattan

Advice for a Stony Brook student?

Welcome to Stony Brook!
Do you have a car? If you drive south on Nicolls Road toward the LIE and get off at Horseblock Road, headed east, you will find Portugese food and Central American food.
It's about a 15 minute drive. I apologize- the names escape me but I will update when they come to me.
Salsa Salsa in Port Jeff is consistently good, mainly for takeout or a quick bite. So is Haru Sushi on Stony Brook Rd just north of 347.
Tara's is a bar in Port Jeff on Main St. that doesn't look like much on the outside but has excellent food. Don't be afraid to order seafood there- everything is very fresh.
Are you familiar with John Harvard's? It's a small chain, but there's one on Rt. 347 near the mall, and I have always found it to be surprisingly good. It's basically a much better version of the chains you mentioned, with pretty good food and they make their own beer. It would satisfy your chain-preferring friends. Good for burgers and wings.

New Hyde Park LI- Work dinner for ten

Hi hounds. I work in New Hyde Park but don't know the area too well, and have been tasked with finding a nearby restaurant for a dinner for my department- about ten people. Any suggestions? Nothing too fancy, but any kind of food would suffice.
Thanks in advance.

B. Cafe

Have any of you been to B.Cafe- a Belgian place on E 75th St- recently? I searched for comments and saw a couple that were pretty positive, but not too many mentions on the Board. Thank you.

Oct 19, 2007
Matt L in Manhattan

E. 90's- Your Favorite Delivery Options

Hi Hounds. We just moved from the burbs to the E. 90's and are looking forward to that Manhattan institution: having dinner delivered after work and eating in front of the TV !!!!
What are your favorite delivery options in the area? Examples of places we liked when we lived in the area years ago include El Paso Taqueria, Pio Pio and Saigon Grill.
Thanks very much in advance.

Oct 03, 2007
Matt L in Manhattan

Vietnamese in Nassau County!!!!!!

My goal will be to get there and report in before you get back.

Vietnamese in Nassau County!!!!!!

I was intrigued by the review also. Did you ever make it?

Port Jeff/Stony Brook area - Pasta Pasta vs. Pentimento?

Pentimento is much better than Pasta Pasta. I go almost every week and have found the food to be consistently excellent. Nice atmo also- across the street from the water in Stony Brook village.
Pasta Pasta has gone way downhill over the last few years, although it did used to be a big deal.
If you're looking for a straightforward red sauce Italian place you might try Carnival in Port Jeff Station on Rt 347.

New Coffee Roaster in Huntington Station

There was an article in Newsday this morning- the old coffee roaster from Fairway in Plainview has opened his own storefront in Huntington Station.
The roaster, Georgio, was a very nice guy, and I always thought his coffee at Fairway was excellent. It looks from the article like he's selling his coffee for $7-8 per pound.
I'm definitely pulling for him- Has anyone seen the shop, or been there yet?

Stony Brook Area Late Night

Realized you might find the address helpful if you're coming in from out of town- it's at
1519 Main St
Port Jefferson
(631) 473-9602

Stony Brook Area Late Night

Will you be arriving by car? Tara's in Port Jefferson, four or five miles from SB, is a bar with awesome food open very late- until 3 or so.

Great Indian- in Glen Oaks

They have a way above average lunch buffet also.

Jul 17, 2007
Matt L in Outer Boroughs

Sat Lunch- Garfield and 7th- Park Slope

I am not very familiar with Park Slope but will be on 7th Street (near Garfield) Saturday around lunch time. Would you all mind recommending some places to grab some lunch that's within easy walking distance? Any type of food would be ok- we like eating adventures.
Thanks in advance.

Jul 17, 2007
Matt L in Outer Boroughs

Oakville, Ont.

I'm traveling for business to Oakville this evening and was wondering if anyone could please let me know if there is anything Chow-worthy anywhere nearby? Any type of food is ok.
Thanks in advance!

Jul 16, 2007
Matt L in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Time for a Root Canal- Suggestions (what to eat, not a dentist!)

My awesome wife is in the dentist's chair as we speak, having a root canal. Wondering if any of you have had or taken care of someone who had a root canal, and if any particular foods- soft and tasty- alleviated yours or their suffering in any way.
Thanks in advance.

Jul 09, 2007
Matt L in Home Cooking

Tasting room lately?

Was going to post this same question but saw this older post, so I figured I'd just use it again.
My wife and I loved the Tasting Room in its old location but know it was received somewhat lukewarmly when it moved. What do you guys think?
Thanks in advance.

Jul 05, 2007
Matt L in Manhattan

Vancouver- Looking for dinner spots near jazz festival venues

Vancouver Hounds-
Hey there. We're headed into your lovely city this week to see some shows at the jazz fest-one is at the Orpheum, one at the Commodore, and a couple at the Center for Performing Arts (which I think is on Homer St).
We've been to Vancouver and loved some of the izakayas and other various awesome Asian food- but we've never been near these venues- we would be open to anything that's good nearby these places regardless of genre or price.
Thanks in advance!!!

Hartford- Bars with Decent food?

Hi everyone. I'm meeting a friend in Hartford tonight- neither of us is from the area, and were hoping someone might be able to point us toward a bar in Hartford (or near Hartford) with a great beer selection and decent food. Microbrews particularly welcome. I read prior posts and have seen City Steam mentioned a couple of times? Any other choices?
Thanks very much in advance.

Good Wings in Nassau?

Croxley's has great wings- there's one in Rockville Centre and one in Franklin Square. Great beer selection also.

Is there any Peruvian Chicken on Long Island? ( or Queens)

The place on OCR is spectacular. It's pretty close to the Century 21, just west of the Wantagh.

Real Coffee Corp.

Could you write about your experiences, if any, with the couple of roasters you mentioned in your post? I have been getting my coffee shipped here from California, with the occasional emergency coffee from the Fairway in Plainview, which isn't bad (they roast some at the store and get some from Gillies Coffee in Brooklyn). I didn't know the places you mentioned existed.
And if anyone has information about the roaster Peter mentioned, at least one other Hound is very curious as well!
Thanks in advance.

Hicksville LI: Lahori Kabab and Grill

After reading Erica Marcus' article about Rt. 107 in Hicksville last week, we tried Lahori Kabab and Grill, which is over near the train station.
It was excellent- a hotsteam table with a few meat dishes (including two types of goat, a couple of beefs, a couple of curries) and a few vegee options. Then a separate display case with their kabobs- numerous varieties of lamb, chicken- the usual suspects.
There were two of us- we each had a platter of three dishes from the steam table and shared a lamb kabob.
Definitely give this place a big recommendation. Service was very friendly- they were kind enough to walk us through each dish on the steam table- and the food was excellent. Our favorites were a beef dish stewed in lentils and the goat curry. The kebab was excellent also.
Address is 55A Broadway.

Ice Cream Maker Question

Hello hounds. After visiting a friend with an ice cream maker this weekend, to put it mildly we are obsessed.
I know there have been a lot of postings on this topic, mostly this time of year in prior years, but I was wondering if anyone could point me specifically toward a maker that does not require any parts to be placed in the freezer prior to use. Due to limited freezer space, freezing a bowl isn't really feasible for me. I realize that this eliminates a number of the less expensive options in the marketplace and am willing to spend a little more to accomodate.
We would appreciate any suggestions / feedback any of you may have on this.
Thank you in advance.

Mar 19, 2007
Matt L in Cookware

Trenton [moved from Tristate board]

I am headed to Trenton for a play on a Saturday night and was hoping someone could please provide me with dinner recommendations- type of food is irrelevant- we like all kinds of food and are more concerned just that the meal be good.
I ran a search on the board and noticed a lack of entries on the board about Trenton- is this because of a lack of good choices?
Thanks very much in advance.

Mar 07, 2007
Matt L in Mid-Atlantic

Thai on Long Island

I am also a fan of Chaophaya. Thai Angel is the only other Thai on Long Island that I think is even close- it's also quite good. It's located in Islandia.