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Best steak tartar?

On Friday's you can usually get a decent tartare at Jules on Spadina. I've had it a number of times and it very good. The ketchup seems traditional, I've had ketchup in my tartare at a few places.

Jules Restaurant Tarterie
147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5V 2L7
(416) 348-8886

Jules Bistro on Spadina

I go to Jules whenever I get the chance. On Fridays the special is often steak tartare which is excellent.

Wagyu/Kobe beef

Cumbrae Farms is doing their own version of Wagyu beef and Pusateri’s is actually getting the real Kobe right from Japan.

Proper Italian-homemade pasta type resto in Toronto

Terroni's seems like a good place to start. They make their own pasta.

Hell's Kitchen!!

My money's on Melissa to win.

Jun 12, 2007
weatherbie in Food Media & News

PEI in June

There are lots of places to avoid in Charlottetown. A lot of steak houses and bad pubs, all very cookie cutter.

That being said there is still plenty to recommend. First off, for the best seafood fresh off the boat, check out Carr's Pound in Stanley Bridge. They have fresh and cooked lobster and will shuck you some oysters while you wait. They also smoke fish and will deliver. Oyster Boy in Toronto gets a lot of their oysters from Carr's. Carr's also has a restaurant/pub just up the road. Last time I went I had some fried oysters, bread and beer. Just lovely.

In Victoria-by-the-Sea Eugene Sauvé runs a nice little spot called the Landmark Café. Again, nice seafood and some Island and French Canadian dishes. Eugene’s tortiere is very good.

In Charlottetown you can find some very good Lebanese food at Cedar’s Eatery. Maroun and his wife have been running this place for over 25 years. The mixed plate is good - includes kibbe, yabrak, tabouleh and hommous. Also the beef and chicken sharwarmas are great.

The Dundee Arms Inn has a restaurant and pub and chef Patrick Young usually puts out some very good food, in the dining room especially. The pub food is pub food, just better quality than usual.

Finally Flex Mussels is opening a restaurant in Charlottetown on the waterfront and I’ve heard that this is the place to be for fresh Island mussels. I haven’t been yet, but am looking forward to trying them out.

Jun 06, 2007
weatherbie in Atlantic Canada

Le Bar a Soupe - Ossington

My wife and I had the Moroccan Harira and were very happy. Lots of lamb, delicious, and didn't need seasoning.

The owner was lovely and the serving are generous.

I agree that the eating-in tablewear could be nicer.

foxley- on ossington

We ran a brief review last week:

I am so happy that a restaurant of this quality is right around the corner from my apartment. I saves going down to King or up to Harbord. Location aside: good service, creative pairings, reasonably priced.