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Thai delivery for Islington area

Know of a decent Thai green curry for delivery to the Islington area?

Jun 04, 2007
meb in U.K./Ireland

London fishmonger for sashimi quality fish?

Steve Hatt is a fishmonger that has excellent fish and true sashimi quality. He has had a very successful shop in London for years and also supplies restaurants.
Steve Hatt
88-90 Essex Road
N1 8LU
phone 020 7226 3963 (probably best to phone and check what they have in stock that day)
Not open Sunday or Monday

Jun 04, 2007
meb in U.K./Ireland

Recommendations for Cairns

Sorry if this suggestion is too late, but you must try Barnacle Bills Seafood Inn on the Esplanade in Cairns for brilliant seafood. It has a website that lists the menu

Jun 04, 2007
meb in Australia/New Zealand