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Tapas Or Dim Sum

I don't know much about dim sum, but I do enjoy my tapas! Pazo was good but not excellent the first time I tried it, but it now has a retooled menu and lots of people enjoy it. Tapas Teatro gets a bad rap, but I've found it to be consistently good (try the crab and spinach or the lamb chops...and the sangria can't be beat, especially if you ask them to go easy on the ice). And avoid La Tasca at all costs!

Dinner in Baltimore - which to choose?

I agree...though I have to say that I enjoyed Bicycle more than Corks, and the lower prices were just gravy.

Places for Sangria in Baltimore?

I'll third Tapas Teatro's sangria! I haven't had the white either, because I get stuck on the red, which is wonderful.

Baltimore's best and especially good Chefs.

Edward Kim isn't at Saffron anymore? I thought he just took over their kitchen in 2006, and I hadn't gotten to try out his menu there yet. Damn!

Edit: Brain fart. Saffron is closed now. Boooo :(

Breakfast in DC. Where are you?

If you're willing to go to Arlington, you should give Bob & Edith's on Columbia Pike a try. It's certainly not gourmet, but it's definitely classic diner food and it's open 24 hrs! Unfortunately, that might be too far for you, but it's definitely better than IHOP. In DC, I think you're stuck with The's the only 24-hour joint I can think of there. Wish I could help more, though...

Moving to Columbia

Thank you, everyone, for all your help! I was worried about the chain-restaurant prevalence in Howard County, but it looks like I've got a few good places to start. I appreciate all the suggestions, and I'll post if I find any new treasures as well!

1789 or Komi

I think you're thinking of Mie N Yu in Georgetown, right? The food is so-so, and definitely not worth the price. I'd skip Clyde's and DEFINITELY go to Zaytinya. If you're up for more than one small plates restaurant, try Jaleo for tapas. I think Komi would be more fun than 1789, but 1789 is more of a "DC"'s like comparing apples and oranges.

Coffee shops in NoVA?

Rappahannock is a fave of mine too, and the employees are usually really honest about which of the pastries are good that day.

Moving to Columbia

I'm from Arlington but moving to Columbia, and I'm looking for good restaurant recommendations within a few miles of the Columbia Mall...ideally within a 5-10 minute drive, for those bad weather/tired nights after work. I've done a search, but it looks like a lot of reviews are a couple years old (or more), so I'm trying to put together an updated list beyond the chains that are easy to spot.

Any type of cuisine is fine with me...I'm usually partial to sushi and Thai, but I will eat anything tasty. While I'd hit inexpensive restaurants more often, I'll take suggestions in any price range.