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STL Help me narrow my choices...

Coming back to STL in a couple of weeks, this time with a group of women who trust me to find great places to eat. How would you update or change my list? Probably no barbeque this time. I definitely want to return to Niche - is it still wonderful? Thanks for your help!

Sep 14, 2011
DLAOKC in Great Plains

Santa fe Thanksgiving

My husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Santa Fe for the third time. Our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving Day this year. We have reservations at SantaCafe, where we dined last year, and loved it. Mid to late afternoon the restaurant was busy, but not so packed that service was hampered. The food and wine were just outstanding. Love to window shop around the Plaza on that day...

Nov 09, 2010
DLAOKC in Southwest

Help me with dining AWAY from National Harbor

Thanks so much for the information. I just didn't know much of a hassle it would be to drive back into the city. Will check on the Barrack's Row options...

Help me with dining AWAY from National Harbor

We're in DC for six nights later this month. Three will be at Gaylord National Harbor, but I know from reading this board I DON'T want to eat there. We have a car. Help me with recommendations we can drive to... I do know we can take the water taxi ($16 each round trip) to Alexandria. We loved Restaurant Eve's tasting room on an earlier trip...

Restaurant Eve
110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Best Christmas Dinner in Santa Fe????

We were in Santa Fe over Thanksgiving, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at SantaCafe. A three course dinner, price based on your entree, with wonderful wine selections to boot. We were thoroughly satisfied and enchanted. They are doing a Christmas meal, too.

Dec 07, 2009
DLAOKC in Southwest

Week of skiing in Winter Park...any good eats?

Don't miss cajun-style food at Fontenots. Still my favorite bread pudding in four states.

Nov 12, 2009
DLAOKC in Mountain States

STL Help me narrow my choices...

Definitely O'Connels! Husband had the burger, I had the roast beef - and could only handle half of it! Delicious!

Apr 03, 2009
DLAOKC in Great Plains

STL Help me narrow my choices...

Thanks to fellow 'Hounds for all the St. Louis tips. My husband and I enjoyed three our three days in your wonderful city. My lament is alway, "so much good food, so little time!" Dinners were at Niche, Mosaic, and Erato in Edwardsville. Lunches were at Cafe Manhattan, McConnell's, plus heavy snacking from The WIne and Cheese Place (Clayton.) Breakfasts out were at Rooster and Shaw's Coffee. We'll be back to try all the places on your list that we couldn't get to...

Apr 02, 2009
DLAOKC in Great Plains

STL Help me narrow my choices...

Thanks for all your help.... I'll start revising my list! I definitely will report back late next week.

Mar 15, 2009
DLAOKC in Great Plains

STL Help me narrow my choices...

Visting St. Louis for four days. I've scoured this board... Please help me narrow a bit.

Upscale: Niche, Monarch, Erato, Crossing
Tapas: Modesto, Robust Wine Bar
Hamburgers: Blueberry Hill
Pizza: Cafe Manhattan, Pi
BBQ: Pappy's
Lower key: Iron Barley
Brunch: Cafe Osage

Any glaring omissions? Anywhere you would seek a fellow food lover? Would love to know about coffe houses and chocolatiers, too. Will be staying near Washington University one night, near the Arch the other nights. Thanks in advance for help!

Mar 13, 2009
DLAOKC in Great Plains

Best Burger -- StL

Visiting soon... where IS Blueberry Hill?

MSP- Hell's Kitchen - What to order

Porridge... must get porridge. Would drive all the way from Oklahoma for porridge...!

Valentine edible favor ideas... for 30?

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful suggestions.... considering time - and budget! - I'm planning one decadent truffle at each place...

Feb 11, 2009
DLAOKC in Home Cooking

Valentine edible favor ideas... for 30?

Looking for ideas for edible favors for 30 or so... preferably not cookies or cupcakes.

Feb 10, 2009
DLAOKC in Home Cooking

Good Wine list in D.C. restaurants?

We traveled to DC last spring, and loved Restaurant Eve in Alexandria.

Iron Starr Urban BBQ in Oklahoma City

Ditto the kudos for Iron Starr - I'm always torn at lunch between their cobb salad (loaded with smoked turkey) or getting a veggie plate with all the yummy sides. And I love the chocolate cake!

2 1/2 days in FW...

Coming to town this weekend. Already have dinner res at Lonesome Dove ('cause I've never gotten to go there.) Any other lunch/dinner recs in Fort Worth only? Thanks!

Sep 16, 2008
DLAOKC in Dallas - Fort Worth

Thanks for help...(8 days in DC)

We returned from our DC trip stoked on history and art, and well-fed. I'm so grateful for the advice and resarch available on these boards! A brief synopsis:

Th. night - dinner at Circle Bistro. Husband loved the potato-crusted fluke. I had the pre-theater 3 course, and was thrilled. The hangar steak was fork tender. Traded bites of my rhubarb-cranberry crumble for husband's deconstructed chocolate souffle bread pudding with chocolate sorbet. A perfect beginning to our trip!

Fri lunch - Bullfeathers (at my son's request) decent burger
Fri night - Began at Veritas Wine Bar (north of Dupont Circle) I had a Spanish red flight, husband had a single glass, and we shared a cheese flight. Great little place! Walked south to Pizza Paradiso for dinner, and fell in love with their pizza (remember, we're from Oklahoma, so not as spoiled to good pizza as you Easterners are.)

Sat. lunch - Le Pain Quotidien in Georgetown - a glorious lunch on the patio. I'm sorry I was too full for a pastry, but remedied that another day!
Sat. dinner - Cafe Trope in Dupont Circle area. Pleasant enough food, but the server was a pain - kept trying to make sure we understood that some of the plate were small. A side of mac and goat cheese was a big hit, as was the rum bread pudding with mascrapone gelato. My mojito made with gingerl-lemonade was good, too.

Sun. lunch - mid-afternoon at Jaleo. Wow! I enjoyed the sherry sampler, and we shared several small plates. A pleasant way to pass a rainy Sunday.
Sun. dinner - pooped, so ate in at the hotel restaurant, Juniper, which was fine.

Mon. lunch - at Smithsonian gallery.
Mon. dinner - wine at Circle Bistro bar. Then walked to G'town to Uno for pizza (blech.)

Tues. lunch - a nice squash soup at a Firehook Bakery by the Capitol.
Tues dinner - (drumroll please...) Our best meal of the trip at Restaurant Eve, in the tasting room. We had the five-course tasting dinner (how do people do eight?!) Everthing was so well-done, so creative! We each had the wine pairing with our dinner, which made the whole experience not only lovely (and delicious,) but educational. I asked lots of questions!

Wed. lunch - at the Corcoran
Wed. dinner - back to Pizza Paradiso - I just had to try it again.

Thursday, home again, enriched in so many ways. Thanks, 'hounds!

In DC for 8 days...

Thanks for this tip... started my own little Google world!

In DC for 8 days...

Elyssa, when traveling we usually do a fairly big breakfast, snacky lunch, and a nice dinner. However, we'd be willing to swap a nice dinner for a nice lunch in order to eat at a better place. We're also fans of dining at a bar. My husband doesn't care for Indian food (sigh), but other than that we are adventurous. Thanks!

In DC for 8 days...

bordeauxfan, I have been browsing for a couple of months, and have some lists formed. My main problem is getting an idea about what might be "relatively" close to our hotel. We'll be out doing the touristy stuff days, and will gladly venture farther afield if necessary. Thanks.

In DC for 8 days...

Please help me with dining recs. We'll be staying at the Fairmont - no car. All price points: I want some splurges and some economizing. Help me "taste" DC - willing to take train/bus wherever you say!

Hill Country weekend...

Back with a report from the weekend.
Thursday evening - Stayed in Stephenville on the way down. Enjoyed a great steak and stuffed grilled quail at Fiddle Creek steakhouse.
Friday noon - Oh, boy - Coopers in Llano. All the poster are correct. Meltingly good brisked and the best hot link I have ever had. Pork chop, alas, was tough. Very good potato salad and peach cobbler, too.
Friday night - Spectacular dining at Rebecca's Table in Fredericksburg. All four entrees were good, but especially enjoyed was the grilled free-range chicken. Bread was a camp biscuit. Too full for much dessert, but shared a delectable sticky toffee pudding.
Saturday breakfast - Rather Sweet bakery - it was almost too much too choose...An omelet kolache (kind of like an eggy muffin) was delicious, and my husband enjoyed the salad-plate sized cinnamon roll.
Saturday lunch - Silver Creek Cafe - ok sandwiches with a great selection of beer.
Saturday afternoon - various wineries, but Becker's is still the best!
Saturday dinner - an ok meal at the german place on the west side of town - starts with an F. Food was just a notch above ok, but service was not good.
Sunday breakfast - couldn't miss breakfast at the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls - how do they make biscuits like that?!
Thanks again, Chowhounds, for helping!

Apr 01, 2008
DLAOKC in Texas

Hill Country weekend...

Help me find some good eats for our trip to Frederickburg. I've read about the Hilltop Cafe. Other recs? Thansk!

Mar 14, 2008
DLAOKC in Texas

Weight Watchers Recipes - the good, the bad and the...

I made the Pizza Wonton Pockets from Green Lite Bites for our non-super bowl party last night. Even the non-dieters loved them!

Feb 04, 2008
DLAOKC in Home Cooking

Dinner ideas for last-day-of-the-month...

Good idea! I have ing. for beer bread, too. And Eva Marie Saint's apple pie from Bon Appetit. Sounds homey and good.

Jan 30, 2008
DLAOKC in Home Cooking

Dinner ideas for last-day-of-the-month...

I'm in an accounting field, and the last day of the month is busy and LONG - and we've invited our two sons and daughter-in-law to dinner tomorrow night! Any ideas for somthing either slow-cooker type or quick to put together? I've got loads of good, lean ground beef,
some good italian sausage, or can make a quick grocery run tonight.
Thanks for your help - my brain is tired!

Jan 30, 2008
DLAOKC in Home Cooking

Pork Tenderloin with Salsa Verde

I have made this so many times... the salsa verde is just to-die-for good. (I eat it with a spoon...)

Jan 28, 2008
DLAOKC in Recipes

King Arthur Flour/Baker's Catalogue Mixes?

The lava cake mix is very good. I got their set with the silicone pans and the mix. I especially like that you can make just a couple of the lava cakes at a time.

Jan 24, 2008
DLAOKC in Home Cooking

Best Alaskan canned salmon
mmmmmmmmmmmmm....... the best salmon I've ever had, brought home from Alaska. Saved one jar for almost a year, and it was STILL the best ever!

Jan 04, 2008
DLAOKC in Home Cooking