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October honeymoon: Sunday/Monday in Bologna, Thursday in Umbria

If you can get to the central part of Umbria, a great place to eat is the village of Monteflaco, home of the wold-renowned Sagrantino wine. Right off the main square in the village, is il Coccorone. One of the best meals we had in 2 weeks of traveling through Umbria. If you go there, don't miss the vine and if you have the time, many of the vineyards has tours and tastings. If you are a wine lover (or even liker) don't miss it.

Oct 02, 2009
Clove in Italy

Best Pizza in Rome, Italy. Any advise?

Go to Naples for the best best pizza.
Most of the pizza in Rome is for tourists.
Eat the Carciofi alla giudia, Bucatini all'Amatriciana, Saltimboca alla Romana when in Rome.
Going to Rome to eat pizza is like an Italian coming to the US, going to Maine for Fried Chicken.

Oct 02, 2009
Clove in Italy

Looking for salt packed anchovies...any ideas where I can buy them?

Oct 02, 2009
Clove in Florida

Fall Trip Planning: Umbria and Le Marche

I stayed in Umbria with my family for a week in 2005.
We rented a Villa just outside of Spoleto.
While I would not say that Spoleto is "full" of great restaurants, they certainly have several very good ones and are within a short drive of many other small villages that have great places to eat too.
We had memorable meals in Montefalco (20KM), Spello (35KM), Deruta (48KM), Norcia (42KM) and Spoleto. These all worked out well with our touring schedule.
We planned to be in certain places and researched the meals to coordinate with the travels.

Nov 06, 2008
Clove in Italy

Looking for Bistecca alla Florentina in Florence....

And mine too!

Nov 06, 2008
Clove in Italy

Food Along the Cinque Terre

In Genova:
In the friggitoria department try:
Antica Sciamada (vico San Giorgio,14)
For a sit down place try:
Antica Osteria della Foce (via ruspoli, 72, tel 0105533155)
La Cantina di Colombo (via di porta soprano, 57, tel 0102475959 is a 35-seater with simple and delicious
Trattoria del Liberale (via Monte Fasce, 91, tel 010395248) because it is all Genova, all the time; pure Ligurian tradizione

San Remo:
Paolo e Barbara. (via Roma, 47, tel 0184531653)

Aug 01, 2008
Clove in Italy

Special (Birthday) Dinner in Tuscany

La Tenda Rosa is a very special place but it's NW of Florence by about 20 minutes

Dec 05, 2007
Clove in Italy

Al Lume di Candela

I used to eat there when I lived in Florence in the 1990's.
It was more sophisticated than the trattorie to which I was used to going.
Upscale food and service and excellent (back then).
I've seen similar reviews from people that have been there more recently.

Dec 05, 2007
Clove in Italy

Fettuccine with Porcini and Pancetta Cream

With fresh porcini mushrooms running at $25 to $30 a pound, this is a pretty luxurious dish

Oct 04, 2007
Clove in Recipes

CHALLAH in Chicago area

Why are you going crazy looking for a equal or better Challah?
If you love and want Zormick's, ships Zomick's

Sep 28, 2007
Clove in Kosher

Don't miss places for my italian vacation


Will you have a car?
If you do, between Rome and Florence (with a small detour into Umbria) is Monteflaco.
There you will find Il Ristorante Coccorone - Largo Tempestivi Montefalco
Phone +39 0742 379 535.
Great for lunch or dinner.
I know you said you are not big wine drinkers, but Montefalco is the home of the Sagrantino grape and you'll find it on their wine list and used in their dishes too.
If you are not driving, don't bother.

Sep 26, 2007
Clove in Italy

Best restaurant in Italy?

la Tenda Rossa, just outside of Florence
Piazza del Monumento, 9/14
50020 Cerbaia in Val di Pesa (Firenze)
Tel. 055 826132

Sep 26, 2007
Clove in Italy

Tuscany/Umbria wedding


Have you looked at Villa Vistarenni in the Chianti region of Tuscany?
South of Florence and east of Siena.
pictures below

...or the Ferragamo Family owns a Villa and the town nearby and has restored all of it to the levels you would expect from the Ferragamos...Villa Il Borro. Between Siena and Arezzo
(I couldn't post any more pictures)

Sep 26, 2007
Clove in Italy

Know of any great lunch spots near outlets in Florence?

With the euro at 1.41 today, maybe you should pack a sandwich

Sep 26, 2007
Clove in Italy

Bucatini all'Amatriciana

"add some lobster meat to it"

...but never in Amatrici...

Sep 26, 2007
Clove in Recipes

Bucatini all'Amatriciana

[quote] add some lobster meat to it [quote]

...but never in Amatrici...

Sep 26, 2007
Clove in Recipes

anniversary dinner advice - your favorites?

I found that Olives in Charlestown was a great meal and a special place.
Not new on the sceen but great food and not "overly" expensive.

Sep 19, 2007
Clove in Greater Boston Area