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best crab cake baltimore

Pappas recently opened another restaurant in Glen Burnie in a stand alone restaurant on Ritchie Highway outside the mall on Ordnance Road - Centre at Glen Burnie. I think it used to be a Bennigans?

Same delicious crabcakes as their Taylor Ave restaurant.

This might be the place to start sending people coming through BWI - 8 miles, about 10 minutes by car.

Baltimore-Blueberry Pie

I know you said Baltimore, but if you really want the best, make the trip to Bowie to the Best Pie Company. (13600 Annapolis Road, Bowie, MD, phone: 301-860-0620.)


I doubt you will save much money making your own, except that you can control the size and thus the cost.

My favorite place is Annapolis Seafood Market, which has several locations. The closest location for you would probably be Severna Park. They charge about $15-16 per cake for the jumbo lump which weigh about a half pound each. One of their crabcakes per person would be plenty.

I buy the uncooked cakes, add a little butter and sprinkle on some Old Bay. Best, best, best crapcakes I have had anywhere.

Lunch Very Near BWI Airport

G&M would work.

Italian Grove
1705 N Hammonds Ferry Rd, Linthicum Hts, MD
Similar crabcakes, plus standard Italian

Snyder's Willow Grove
841 N. Hammonds Ferry Rd.
Basic food, tablecloths, you will be the youngest people in the place.

Basic food, nothing "wow" about any of them.

Harris Crab House @ Kent Narrows

Joe - you only believe that because you haven't taken my dare to stop at the Annapolis Seafood Market on your way home (re: the crabcakes, not the soup).

Best Date options in Annapolis

I had great food at the Severn Inn, but it may be out of your price range for dinner.

gzorella and JRCann - it would be helpful to know how recently you have been to the Severn Inn. After I went there and had such a great meal, I read some bad reviews that seemed to be from another era.

I don't have a vested interest in this restaurant, but I believe in giving independent restaurants the benefit of the doubt. I went to a highly regarded chowhound place in the Federal Hill area a week ago and had a mediocre at best experience. I wouldn't trash the restaurant on this forum without going back and seeing whether it was just an off night.

best crab cake baltimore

IMO, Annapolis Seafood Market beats out Faidley's, Edgewater Restaurant, G&M, and Gunnings (haven't tried the others).

I would like to get Joe H to stop by one of the Annapolis Seafood Markets the next time he heads across the bridge to The Narrows so he can place his imprimatur on their cakes. :)


Freebies at Rita's Ice Today

That explains the lines I saw at two Rita's locations.

She Crab/Cream of Crab Soup, Where is the best?

I had the jumbo lump crabcakes at the Edgewater restaurant today. Maybe it is the time of year, but they were not as good as I hoped they would be. Lots of good lumps of crab, some filler, but not a lot of taste. My point of comparison remains the crabcakes sold at the Annapolis Seafood Market.

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?

Ledo pizza is unremarkable, but I love the chicken and artichoke brushetta - creamy, cheesy, with lumps of chicken and artichokes.

It's listed as an appetizer, but makes a great meal.

Best Brunch In Annapolis-Sam's on the Waterfront

Thanks! This one is now on my "to visit" list. It appears to be on the same spit of land as Ken's Creative Kitchen.

2941 -- An Update

Wow, great report. Thanks!

restaurant near Piney Orchard Ice Rink in Odenton

Kaufmann's Restaurant
329 Gambrills Rd.
Gambrills, MD

Post meal thoughts: Granny's Owings Mills

I really wanted to like this place, and it is warm and inviting with wonderful staff. Maybe this is the way old time southern cooking is, but - for me - there wasn't enough payoff in the flavor department for all the fat/cholesterol/cream/butter/bacon consumed.

I Misjudged Obama-He's Got Soul

He went there today with Adrian Fenty.

Help planning Inauguration Day, staying in Arlington

According to news reports, the Metrorail will operate rush hour service for 17 consecutive hours (4 a.m. to 9 p.m.). This whole event is a crapshoot as to how busy things will be and when crowds will ebb and flow. The only thing I can recommend for sure is to get over to a metro station before that day and buy your metro card so you don't have to stand in line at a kiosk that morning.

Since this is off-topic, maybe you should visit the city-data forum to discuss logistical issues. Here is a link:

Help planning Inauguration Day, staying in Arlington

The swearing in ceremony is at the Capitol - so that is about a four mile walk from the Marriott.

I woud at least try to get on the Metro, and if it is really that crowded, you could go outbound towards Vienna, then hop over to an inbound train at one of the stops. It wouldn't cost you any money, just time.

Restaurant with a View

I like the Rusty Scupper! The food is reliably good, but not surprising.


"I would suggest Snyder's but mercifully they they have closed."

I don't know which Snyders you are referring to, but Snyders Willow Grove is open.

xmas eve day trip - annapolis/easton/st michaels?

St Michaels would take the full two hours to drive to, but if that's what you want to do, I would second the idea of the Inn at Perry Cabin.

In Annapolis, I would toss in the Severn Inn for your consideration.

Another idea - the quaint city of Berlin, MD, and the restaurant at the Atlantic Hotel.


Another big vote for the Peppermill Restaurant on York Road. Nice ambiance and good food. Excellent cream of crab soup.

Going in the opposite direction, south along the beltway, I would suggest Snyders Willow Grove on North Hammonds Ferry Road It's right off the beltway.

And very close to Snyders is the Olive Grove Restaurant.

And then continuing Southeast on the beltway, the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie.

The Candle Light Inn on Frederick Road in Catonsville would be a good choice for ambiance, but it is a converted house and I didn't take note of walker accessibility.

I need help... I need steak... CHEAP!

I assume you are looking for a restaurant where you can order prepared steak, and I can't help. But for buying steak, the best I have found is at Costco.

Good restaurant between BWI and Silver Spring

Ironbridge is west of Route 29, hardly on the path between Silver Spring and BWI.

Looking for lunch spot in Orange, VA

Too late to help you now, but I would suggest a tailgat party. When I went with friends who jumped at Skydive Orange, we waited for hours for their turn.

Miracle Fruit?

Wow, you learn something new every day. I just googled "miracle fruit." Fascinating stuff. You put some of it on your tongue, and for the next 30 minutes or so, food tastes differently. Sour foods such as lemons taste sweet.

Classic Baltimore diners?

Personally, I don't understand the allure of diners, but . . . If you are looking for the type that are in silver train cars, there are several of those around. If you are looking for an old Baltimore storefront type place that serves diner food, then I would point you to the G and A Restaurant on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore.

G & A Restaurant
3802 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224

Don't confuse it with a similarly-named restaurant (G & M) in Linthicum known for its crabcakes, which people either love or hate.

Cheap and Easy in Towson

Definitely easy, the Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar is an option. Walk in, sit at the bar, and pull plates of sushi off the rotating bar. The plates are color coded by price.

1 W Pennsylvania Ave

Spicy and plentiful eats near Baltimore Inner Harbor?

Mem Sahib in Lexington Market has (or used to have) a buffet at lunch during the week.

Some drug and convenience stores sell beer by the 6 pack.

Bangkok Oriental in Glen Burnie: Hubba Hubba

Correction - If you are on Jumpers Hole Road, take the second driveway from Huffard Animal Hospital - at the moment there is a "Cold Beer" sign in that driveway. The strip mall is beyond the bowling alley.

Best Burger in Annapolis

My husband is looking for a good burger and has come up dry as well. He has tried the places named so far; none are standouts. Cheeseburger cheeseburger was a read disappointment given the name of the place. Fuddruckers is the best he has been able to find.