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where to go for chinese new year dinner

Hi all
I am in SE MA and wondering where to go for chinese new year dinner - we can head to south shore or right into Boston. We typically go to East Ocean City but I'm looking to try someplace new.


Jan 21, 2009
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

party location for adults & kids

Anyone have a recommendation for a restaurnt that can accommodate a good bye party for both adults and kids? Guessing ~40 adults / 20 children? We are in teh Southeaster MA area - Mansfield but can travel to PVD if needed.

Mashpee food recs

Hi All, My family will be vacationing in mashpee in 2 weeks and I would like to some food recommendations in that area. We are very familiar with the Raw Bar & have also enjoyed Siena (?) in the mashpee commons. We've got 2 young children but still like to eat well! Thanks in advance!

Mansfield, MA/Pre concert dinner

I thought Trattoria della Nonna closed. oops - guess not since the OP went there.

Jun 16, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

Cheap eats in Norwood, Mass.

There a few good places in the center of town. Byblos (lebanese food), Mint cafe (Thai) are both reasonably priced. Otherwise right on Route 1, Siam Lotus has great thai food too (better than mint cafe)

May 21, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

Chinatown suggestions for young kids

Have you been to King Fung? The food there is wonderful and cheap. For the kids, they will love the pan fried ravioli and scallion pie. They also have a thick noodle dish called Shanghai chow mein that is so yummy. That will satisfy the kids (and you) and then you and your wife could be more adventurous on some of the other meals. Their peking duck is excellent but you have to order 24 hours in advance & it's really just you and your wife eating it, there will be lots leftover. Again king fung is more of a hole in the wall but with excellent food. It you're looking for something snazzier, then you may want to try East Ocean City or Jumbo Seafood.

May 20, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

Dinner for 1

Head to King Fung in chinatown. The food is awesome - get the dumplings, scallion pie, and shanghai chow mein (thick noodles). All that & you'll still be under $20 (maybe under $15 even!).

May 20, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

Sin in Providence - vegan

Hi all,
Can anyone here provide feedback on the baker Sin in providence and how their cakes are? Also interested specifically in their vegan cake as my son is allergic to dairy.

Or if anyone has other recommendations for a vegan bakery, it would be appreciated.


best roasted whole pig (chinese)

Hi All - my son is turning 1 next month & we are doing a party at the house. I thought it would be great to get a whole pig from Chinatown. Can anyone provide a recommendation on the best place to get one? I live in Southeastern MA so it doesn't have to be exactly Chinatown! Thanks!

May 05, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

Cape Cod in April

Brewster Fish House is right in that area and is yummy!

dining near PPAC recommendation?

We're seeing a show at PPAC in Providence tonight. Any recommendations for a quick bite beforehand?

Gitlo's review

Well I finally made it out to try Gitlo's after all the buzz on chowhound and the Boston Globe article. Here were the results:

I couldn't believe there was a line already out the door before it opened. We did get there ~15 minutes early in order to secure a table for 8. Good thing we did. By the time all the tables were filled up, there were already 10 people waiting. The decor is a bit drab but otherwise clean and it's not the ambience I'm going for anyway so I had no problems with this.

What I did have a problem with was the fact that it took 40 minutes for us to get one dish. We didn't see the waitress coming over anytime soon so I grabbed a pen and paper from my bag and wrote down our order. When she came over, I just handed her our order.

Now onto the food - the food was great. They were already "sold out" of 4 dishes and they had just opened! Favorites were the daikin crispy cakes (nice and crispy with good spice), cantonese dumplings (the skin was great and I liked the crunch of the waterchestnuts(?) - these rivaled King Fung's dumplings). I only found the silver pin noodles just so-so. Everything came out piping hot! Overall it was nice to have different foods at this dum sum establishment vs my regular China Pearl visit.

Now the bad - I am not going to complain about the food service - you order, they bring dishes, we were pretty low maintenance. However i do need to complain about the fact that we did not receive 6 dishes that we ordered. We told the hostess and she insisted we got them; after a few minutes of arguing about how we didn't get them, they finally took it off our bill (since we were not going to wait another 40 minutes to get our dishes). Obviously they are disorganized and must have given our dishes to another table.

Overall it was nice to try the new foods and they were all yummy but it would not be worth it for me in the long run with two young children in tow; they don' thave the patience to wait 40 minutes to get food. I may try take out and then eat it at home although I worry how long a take out order would take to execute.

Apr 01, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

PVD - Ruth's Chris or Capital Grille

We already have reservations for RC for tomorrow but thought it'd be interesting to hear opinions. Which do you prefer - Ruth's Chris or Capital grille and why?

Easter brunch in PVD

Any recommendations for Easter Brunch in providence or Southeastern MA?

Birthday Dinner in Providence

How about Parkside on South Main
Paragon Cafe on Thayer Street
Andreas on Thayer Street

What is the Best Chinese Restaurant in Providence to Celebrate New Year's?

I enjoy Quan's but recognize that it is Chinese -American food not authentic Chinese. For more authentic flair, I would recommend Lucky Garden in North Providence.

Providence on Sunday night?

I haven't been to cafe itri in years, but the one time I did go it was yummy yummy & really cute.

recommendation needed for Boston dinner

My husband and I are going out for a pre-Valentine's dinner next weekend. Would love to get recommendations for where to go for a nice romantic adults only (no kids!!) dinner. We went to radius 2 years ago and LOVED their tasting menu but did a search & saw some so-so reviews of late. We've also been to Blue Ginger in Wellesly but would like to try something new or get confirmation Radius is still a great place. Thanks!

Jan 28, 2008
lil_acorn in Greater Boston Area

Interesting (non-exotic) food near N. Attleboro (S. Boston, Providence)?

I would recommend Quans Kitchen on Route 1 in North Attleboro. check out the website Food is really good there and the owner is really nice. It's Chinese American but with great decor / ambience. They've also got a sushi bar.

Lobstah Roll Call/Cape Cod

I'd recommend "the raw bar" near mashpee. Go to for directions. Just had my first one of the season 2 weeks ago and they are still huge and yummy with little mayo. 23.50 and it is overflowing. We actually bought 2 rolls for 3 people and then ordered 2 extra hot dog rolls to divvy up the meat. It was plenty and delicious!