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Costco rotisserie chicken - need a gallon of water ... so salty!

Yes, both at 14th/Markham and Warden/Steeles the chickens are extremely salty and pinkish under the thighs ... so salty it tasted like artificial meat. Yet still a long line-up in both places (think the brining is to get it to 1.2 kg weight). It's back to Superstore for me (even though it's a dollar more and only 800-900 g). I sent an email to Costco H/O but no reply.

Where to buy hominy in GTA?

Not grits - hominy is corn with the husk and germ removed, also known as samp.

I've tried Foodbasics, Walmart (plus international section), Nofrills, Superstore, Loblaws, Bulkbarn - no luck. Would prefer dried but would be okay with canned hominy.

Where to buy a deboned chicken in GTA or a whole cooked nor mai gai?

Want to make a crispy chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. Where can I buy a deboned chicken (leg and wing bones are ok left in) or a whole cooked nor mai gai?

Scarborough or East Toronto preferred.


Fillet steak Chinese style - Scarborough?

Is that the foodcourt by the HSBC centre? I believe the Chinese name for this dish is Jung-Sek-Ngau-Lau, but no I can't read it in Chinese. Thanks for letting me know it's beef tenderloin!

Fillet steak Chinese style - Scarborough?

Been searching for a tender version of this for a while, I like the version with ketchup and Worcestershire sauce with plenty of onions. Anyone suggest a moderately priced restaurant in Scarborough, with take-out? Yes I realise that reheating will make it tough - should I microwave or put in oven or steam or heat in wok?

LF Chinese take out with no MSG, less oil, no lard in cooking ..possible?

Unfortunately I've been put on to a low cholesterol diet, but with lots of overtime work, still want to get my favourite Chinese take-outs (sick of salads!). Where can one go for more healthy choices in GTA/Markham/Richmond Hill?

Also are there places that sell the "accompaniments" only (the "soong") - that is the dishes without the rice/noodles? I'm trying to eat brown rice or other whole grains - yeah I know not quite Chinese ..:-(

Don't mind buying in bulk or frozen either to save some money.

Best Beef Ho Fun (aka Beef Hor Fun) in Toronto?

Who makes the "sup chow" version? That's the version where the beef slices are put on top and lots of gravy ladled on (not the dry fried ones where the beef is mixed in with the noodles) ... am still looking!


Does Hoho sell fried chicken (not like the ones at Loblaws) - the "wor siu gaay" type, or the crispy chicken type "chuy pei gaay"? Basically looking for a whole fried chicken ... if not, where else?

LF: fried taro dumplings (wu kok) and other dimsum takeout

Bowties are called "daan saan". They're deep fried, crunchy although coated with syrup

Best times for weekday no line-ups for dimsum in GTA/Markham?

My grandparents are now quite old, but still miss going out to dimsum. They can't hang around for too long waiting for tables, walking far in parking lots. I found the take-out dimsums don't have the fried selection, mostly only the steamed items.

Can anyone suggest some places where the weekday wait times are low, and the line-ups short? Trolleys or menu selection are okay. And please advise the times?

Yet another Regal Palace branch in Ruby's location in Scarborough

Does anyone know if you can order takeout off a menu (in English)?

LF: fried taro dumplings (wu kok) and other dimsum takeout

Where can I buy these in the GTA take- out? I can get all the usual dimsum, except wu kok, large crispy bowties, daan kau (like a fried eclair) takeout, but am really craving some. Even dimsum places that have them for yumcha don't sell them as take-out; was told to wait for them to come out on the trolleys and not able to order off menu. As this could take a few hours, wondering if anyone knows a place?

Busy with family caregiving, so can't wait for yumcha table.

Looking for shrimp-free wonton?

My dad has developed an allergy to shrimp, so we're looking for wonton that is shrimp-free. I know we all like the large crispy shrimps, but if anyone knows of a place in the GTA who has either soup dumplings or wonton that doesn't have shrimp in it, please post.



Roti Hut is going down fast! Paid for doubles tonight, waited 20 minutes - they told me they were struggling to make them because "the dough is too stiff" and gave my money back.

The goat rotis which I've been buying for years now have little meat and are so dry I can't eat them without a soup or beverage. All the tables were empty too.

Roti Hut
351 Pitfield Rd, Toronto, ON M1S3E5, CA

Best Moon Cakes in GTA ? It's that time of year again...

Bumping for 2009 ... where to order in Markham/Scarborough from local bakery/restaurant?

$50 Prix Fixe Suggestions?


I think you need to call for the price.

LF: cheap Chinese takeout for dept potluck

Dept at work is having a potluck. Unfortunately it's for 30 people so can be quite pricey. I'm specifically looking for cheap soya sauce chicken or Chinese style bbq chicken, and lots of mini-spring rolls. Quality isn't as important as the price.

Any suggestions in Scarborough or Markham please?

HK style cafes Markham/Scarborough

Looking for a clean one open for lunch on weekdays, not too pricey, kid-friendly ... any suggestions please? Better if they have English take-out menu. The threads on this are getting quite old, and maybe someone has seen some new ones open ...


LF Chinese steamed sponge cake whole near Scarborough/Markham

I want to buy a large round egg sponge cake (no trimmings or icing) that is either baked or steamed (for Chinese birthday) ... any ideas? I saw them at Taiko at Alton Towers once, but that store seems to have closed down (not looking for angel food cake or the one at T&T in the plastic bundt container).


Lake view food - cheap, quality not important - between Port Credit and Oshawa

We just want to go for a drive along the shores of Lake Ontario (starting in Scarborough) going east or west. Looking for a place to eat (cheap and kids friendly) with a view of the lake anywhere from Scarborough to Oshawa .... which road is closest to shoreline?

Or from Scarborough to Port Credit ....can I drive on the Lakeshore all the way?

Even a McDonalds or Swiss Chalet is acceptable, as it's the view we're after, not the quality of the food ... and oh yes, quite a few noisy kids.

Rice under $9 in GTA or Ajax/Pickering?

Scary ... I didn't believe it. No Frills and Food basics have empty shelves in Markham and Scarborough. Any one see rice under $9 in the GTA for the 8kgs bags? American or parboiled is fine for me! I guess I lost out on the hoarding, but maybe I can catch up with a few bags ..?

Good poutine in Toronto?

Harvey's is very salty, so salty that it is difficult to swallow after a while. Have lots of water handy for afterwards.

What ingredients in "real" Cantonese chow mein?

First of all, where to eat this at a value-for-money price in the GTA (sit down or take-out)? With the most ingredients preferable.

Then what ingredients should it have in it? I've had (or lack thereof):

- dryish noodles
- soggy noodles
- shitake mushrooms
- bbq pork
- sliced beef
- sliced chicken
- squid
- scallops
- brocolli
- green peppers
- carrots
- bean sprouts
- shrimp
- crab sticks
- water chestnut
- bamboo
- bok choy

Which Congee Wong (or similar) is best in GTA?

Is Keung Kee the same as Kenny's? That's the only place I know in that plaza?

Which Congee Wong (or similar) is best in GTA?

Just want some Cantonese basics, like Cantonese chow mein, and the deep fried chicken wings, crispy chicken, beef rice noodles with lots of sauce, garoupa with rice or noodles without the bones, and BBQ/roast pork/duck.

Markham, Thornhill, North York or Scarborough is okay; prices similar to Congee Wong preferable .... with option to buy take-out please .....

Crispy fried Chinese chicken wings in GTA?

Looking for chicken wings without sauce, batter is okay - the Chinese deep fried ones, not with honey garlic sauce or fish sauce.

Anyone know reasonable price take-out in Markham/Scarborough (reasonable = not more than 70c per wing). The little place in the foodcourt at Woodside used to have them, but they closed down.


Least terrible dish at Spring Rolls?

The red curry was okay the last time I went, but the green curry looked rather bland.

Pho in the PATH

Green Curry in the CBC foodcourt has a reasonable imitation when desperate. It's called beef/beef ball noodle soup, and tastes like pho but lacks the fresh sprouts/herbs for $4.89 (excl tax).

Takeout Chinese new year combos?

Are there any takeout places or reasonably priced Cantonese restaurants in Scarborough/Markham where one can order Chinese New Year foods? I'm thinking of 2-3 dishes for 3-4 people that one call in and go and pick up on the day. What would these dishes be traditionally and how much should they cost approximately?


Any Pho near CN tower? The closest one would be ........?