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Plum Vinegar?

Ume vinegar is used in Macrobiotic cooking, which was founded by George Ohsawa. Nightshades are avoided in the Macrobiotic diet and ume vinegar is sometimes used a substitute for tomatoes.

Oct 01, 2010
pepski in General Topics

"Only in San Francisco" Restaurants

"Smarmigiana" haha. I call it new-age fascism. It makes me sad because I do enjoy the food at Cafe Gratitude (and I'm an omnivore). All the dishes have names like "I am Fabulous", "I am Fruitful" and you *must* order them by making these statements. The last time I went, the waiter insisted that my friend and I make a declaration on the subject of "family". Dude, you're my waiter not my shrink. Haven't been back.

Oct 24, 2008
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

Gialina: Loved It.

Lately, my husband and I have been coming here every Wednesday/Thursday for a mid-week "date". If you hit it between the time that folks with kids leave and folks without kids arrive, the wait's not too long (usually between 7-8). Last night it was warm and i ordered the puttanesca, which was light but zesty (maybe a little salty for some but I like). Love this place, my only gripe is the wine can be a little pricy for the tumbler-sized servings.

Oct 24, 2008
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

On The Haunt for Great Italian Places in San Francisco and Beyond

Lupa Trattoria in Noe Valley. Stefano the chef is from Rome.

4109 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Jul 03, 2008
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

UVA on Haight

I'm a big fan of the Hamachi Crudo with Vanilla Sea Salt. In fact, just thinking of this means I'll have to go there next week.

Jul 03, 2008
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

Your "One Dish"

What a coincidence, I had this last night! While it's up there, my vote goes to the shiitake dumplings at Eos.

Feb 08, 2008
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

citrus club

Definitely. It's at the top of my favorite cheap eats list. Food is healthy and fresh, the menu says it's prepared in citrus juice rather than oils.

Sep 18, 2007
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

Lupicia fresh tea, Westfield SF report

I love Lupicia! Their Caramel Hojicha is fabulous alternative to a caramel macchiato. They also have an awesome chocolate-mint black tea.

Jul 14, 2007
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area

Your favorite Bay Area bread

I second this! I can't think of anything that comes close to Della Fattoria's seeded wheat. It's delicious and so darn healthy, it's almost like those sprouty loaves you get at the health food store but really holds together. I served some to guests the other night and they couldn't stop eating it.

I'm also a big fan of Acme's Walnut Levain.

Jun 03, 2007
pepski in San Francisco Bay Area