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What's your regional fry sauce and what do you like?

I'm in Wisconsin and I'd say most people here use ketchup. I prefer mayo mixed with either ketchup or barbecue sauce.

Feb 19, 2015
love2bake in General Topics

Why oh why did you not use my host(ess) gift at your dinner party?

I don't understand how anything the OP said or did could be construed as being shallow. If someone brings decorative, seasonal turkey napkins to a dinner party in August in my mind it seems logical to conclude that they're a hostess gift meant to be used at Thanksgiving time.

The OP obviously knows that Roz's personality is a bit, ummmmmm...quirky, and was curious to hear if people thought he made a faux pas or if the guest was just having a Roz reaction. Plus, it can be fun to share "odd guest" stories. :)

Aug 29, 2014
love2bake in Not About Food

What "typical American Foods" would you serve to foreigners?

Some things that come to mind...

Beef & noodles
Chicken & dumplings
Spaghetti casserole
Sloppy joes
Potato salad
Iced tea
Apple or pecan pie
Chocolate chip cookies
Frozen custard
Anything I can get fresh at the farmer's market

Aug 21, 2014
love2bake in General Topics

raspberries on sale, what to do

You could use some to make raspberry curd. :)

Jun 13, 2014
love2bake in Home Cooking

water bath seeped into

How wet is the cheesecake? Is it falling apart?

It's too late for this now, but in the future you could put the springform pan in one of those turkey roasting bags instead of wrapping it in foil...I never have water seep in when I do this.

May 21, 2014
love2bake in Home Cooking

Eating Cupcakes

I peel off the liner and take off the bottom half. Then sometimes I'll eat the cupcake the sandwich way and sometimes I'll eat the bottom half first, then the top half with the frosting.

What's your summer guilty pleasure?

I'm in Milwaukee. We have plenty of frozen custard...but no fruity iciness.

May 20, 2014
love2bake in General Topics

What's your summer guilty pleasure?

Hawaiian shave ice...I never get tired of it. And Italian ice is wonderful too. Sadly, neither are readily available here unless you're at a fair or something.

I love popsicles too, and those are available pretty much everywhere. :)

May 19, 2014
love2bake in General Topics

Nutribullet Recipes anyone?

I also like it better cold, although I've gotten used to it not so cold as well. When I throw in some ice cubes and use green tea out of the fridge, it stays at least semi-frozen/slushy for a good 30-45 minutes for me.

You could try pouring it in an insulated cup, I'm sure that would help.

Oh yeah...frozen cranberries are a good addition too, especially with pineapple or orange. :)

May 19, 2014
love2bake in Home Cooking

Nutribullet Recipes anyone?

I got a Nutribullet Pro a few months ago and I love it.

Usually I'll do spinach, a few frozen fresh pineapple chunks, a couple strawberries, grated ginger, flax seed, and I use green tea for the's quick and really good. Carrots are also good in place of strawberries.

I've used orange and lemon, but without the rind. I think the rind is just too bitter.

May 19, 2014
love2bake in Home Cooking

How to make the gooey icing on tarts? Not royal icing..

I think you might be talking about a powdered sugar glaze. Is just powdered sugar mixed with enough milk to make it the right consistency. I don't know the measurements, but it takes just a little milk to turn the sugar into a glaze.

I usually add a bit of vanilla or almond extract. Unless it's a real thin layer, the glaze will stay soft with just a thin crust on top.


What size pan is used? I can't imagine even a small cheesecake being able to set up in 15 minutes at 250. Maybe it should be an hour and 15 minutes?

I generally bake my cheesecakes (using 32-48oz of cream cheese) in a 9" springform pan in a bain-marie at 300 for one hour, and then let them come to room temperature in the oven with the door propped open a couple inches or so.

I've never tried (or heard of!) Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecake, would you mind sharing the recipe?? :)

May 14, 2014
love2bake in Home Cooking

How to ask guest to pay for meal/drinks at dinner?

I'm really surprised by all the controversy over this, it doesn't seem that complicated to me. It sounds like a wonderful surprise for your husband and a nice night out for your friends.

Maybe something like this?...

"We're having a crawfish boil to celebrate John's birthday, please join us if you can! The menu will include crawfish, potatoes, corn, jambalaya, iced tea and soft drinks. A cash bar will be available. Hope to see you there!"

When provided with a set menu, guests shouldn't expect that they will be able to order anything else on your tab. To avoid any possible confusion you could have the manager let the waiters know that if anything else is ordered, when taking the order they should discretely/politely mention that they will bring the guest the check for only those items at the end of their meal.

I hope your husband has a wonderful birthday and you all enjoy the party!

Quarter Pounder with a dark bun.

It must have been about 20-25 years ago. It was a burger on a rye bun with cheese sauce and grilled onions. I don't know if it was regional.

Jan 18, 2012
love2bake in Chains

Quarter Pounder with a dark bun.

Are you talking about the Cheddar Melt? It had a rye bun.

Jan 18, 2012
love2bake in Chains

Recipe with egg nog as an ingredient?

I use egg nog instead of evaporated milk when I make pumpkin pie.

Nov 07, 2010
love2bake in Home Cooking

Is there a difference between Bakers Square, Carrows, Denny's, IHOP and Marie Calendars?

Years ago, Baker's Square used to be called Poppin' Fresh.

Aug 01, 2008
love2bake in Chains

spaghetti squash

I cut mine in half and seed it, then put it in a dish with a tablespoon or two of water in the bottom, and cover the whole thing with plastic wrap. I zap it for 5 minutes or so, and check it...then a couple minutes at a time until it's done.

Jan 24, 2008
love2bake in Home Cooking

2 cups of milk & I dont like to drink it...What to do?

How about chocolate pudding?

Sep 18, 2007
love2bake in Home Cooking

Do I need a cherry pitter?

I use a drinking straw to pit cherries, it works really well.

Aug 31, 2007
love2bake in Cookware

What's the oldest thing in your fridge?

When my grandma passed away a few years ago, her freezer contained a Tupperware container full of pear sauce that she 1964.

Aug 09, 2007
love2bake in Not About Food

Milwaukee - BBQ - Caterer for Parties? w/smoker?

You could try Rupena's. I don't know how much notice they would need, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

How many people are you feeding?