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Carlsbad Restaurants

Vera Cruz Fish House is excellent but arrive before 6:00 unless you want to wait for a table for 45 minutes or longer. It's a good family place but acoustically it's too loud.
Fidel's might be the most popular restaurant in Carlsbad. You can't go wrong here - it's good Mexican cusine - not exceptional but good. I've had about a dozen meals at Fidel's. Love the Crab Enchiladas! Also the service is fast and attentive.
So far my BEST dining experience in Carlsbad would be at Vigilucci's. Refined, well-crafted Italian dishes are available here at their 2943 State Street address as well as their location down in Encinitas. My alfresco experience at their Encinitas location was relaxing and the food as good as New York or San Francisco. Unfortunately it was a quick meal prior to going to the local LaPaloma Theatre for a movie but I had a simple salad followed by that daily's special of seafood ravioli in a wine cream sauce. The ravioli and sauce were truly transcendental - tender, perfect, exquisite flavors. Back up in the Vigilucci's in Carlsbad I dined with visiting Palm Springs friends who raved over their two flavorful pasta dishes. I had a perfectly cooked (medium rare was requested and that's what I got) filet mignon with a gorgazonla sauce and perfectly cooked vegetables. A nice glass of Pinot Noir was a good accompaniment. I'd go back to Vigilucci's either in Carlsbad but especially in Encinitas; both seem to have identical menus. REALLY RECOMMENDED!

Jun 24, 2007
colibri1953 in San Diego

Places to eat in Oceanside

Azafran Cuban Restaurant on 1001 South Coast Highway in Oceanside is wonderful. It's a special "find" in this military town. Excellently spiced dishes (have had the lobster and the shredded beef dishes there) and terrific mojitos. Basic family atmosphere but great care is obvious in all that I have tried there so far.

Jun 18, 2007
colibri1953 in California

"Waitress" the Movie--All Those Pies

Just saw "Waitress" yesterday. It's a really great "heart" film. Anyone reading this = beg, barrow, steal, but GO TO THIS GREAT MOVIE. Loved all those pies, the characters and how the story turns out. Went home and had a huge piece of exquisite cherry pie and hope many others enjoy this wonderful film all the way to the Oscars. Hmmmm a Waitress Oscar Pie - some awesome combination in a gold pie pan. Enjoy!

Jun 11, 2007
colibri1953 in Food Media & News

Help needed in Douglasville, GA

Hi, thanks for the link to discoverourtown and the Gumbeaux's recommendation. Will be flying out from California to re-discover Georgia, Douglasville and the Atlanta area in mid July. Ah that heat and humidity, no problem... Thanks again.

Best Indian in Atlanta

I'm moving from California to the Atlanta area later this year and am looking for great Indian restaurants. In my native Berkeley, Vik's and Ajanta were my favorites. Thanks for recommending Panahar, Madras and Udipi; will definitely check them out. Any others?

Berkeley -- good coffee, WiFi and good parking?

The two best coffee experiences I've had EVER... Caffe Strada in Berkeley and Don Pasquale's in SantaFe, NM. I grew up and lived in Berkeley and Caffe Strada (corner of College and Bancroft Avenues) was consistenly good - far better than chemical Peet's and homogenous Starbuck's or any of the other Berkeley coffee hangouts. A couple of years back I was in Santa Fe and had an amazing breakfast at Don Pasquale's Cafe. Their Cafe Mocha blended chili and Mexican chocolate. It was an almost transcendental experience. But all in all, nothing compares to those Bianca Mochas (white chocolate mocha) at Caffe Strada. Will always go back to this Berkeley haunt when visiting.

Best Indian food in SF?

Ajanta is about as the best refined Indian cuisine anywhere. Refined would be the key word here. Their dishes is not as "Indian street savvy" as Vik's which have a stronger, spicier edge. When I lived in Berkeley I had lunch at Vik's sometimes three times a week. Ajanta became more of a special celebrations place to dine. One other place to check out is the Indian cafe (sorry, forgot the name) within the Emeryville Public Market - their Chicken Tikka Masala and their Tandoori Chicken are perfectly spiced. Yet, I still remember the Rogan Josh back at Ajanta. Now that was exceptional. Ah, Berkeley...

Breakfast in Berkeley/Oakland for jaded palate

These are all great recommendations. Love Rick & Ann's and Saul's. Jimmy Beans (down on Gilman in Berkeley) does awesome breakfasts. JB's hash could rank similar to Saul's although lately Saul's hash has gotten grittier and isn't as light at JB's. Jimmy Bean's blueberry pancakes are a heavenly experience. Also their coffee drinks are exceptional; Mocha lovers take note.