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Casa de Mateo in Old Montreal

January 31, 2015...Horrible experience at Casa de Mateo. 1st the surliest of waitresses sits us near the front door that get very cold every time someone opens it to come in. We ask to move and she refuses. Maybe we should have insisted more like at least 4 other groups did and whom where moved accordingly. The waitress never smiles or is in any way courteous. While we are still figuring out what we want to eat, she stands at our table and states that we’d better order now before it gets too busy (it’s only 5:30!!). She then stands there until we make a decision (several minutes). She will not leave without an order. The appetizers came and they were ok. We shared the mixed tasting plate. The ceviche was good and so was the guacamole. She never comes by for wine order so I went to the bar to order the wine. The waitress comes to take away the appetizer which we were obviously still not finished. Asks it we are finished and we said no. Seems to want us to hurry out of there. We are three mature women who are not making noise or causing a raucous, so I have no idea why she is so nasty with us. Another waitress comes to take away the appetizer plate and she comes by with the mains. I ordered shrimps cooked in tequila with a creamy tomato sauce. What I got was overcooked shrimps that were so unbelievably salty (and I love salt! I tend to over salt everything!). I had to mask the shrimp saltiness with a squeeze of lemon and hot sauce. The side salad has no dressing, just a couple of leaves and 3 pieces of tomato and one tiny piece of cucumber. I only slightly tasted the rice and I can safely say that my husband makes a much better Mexican rice. One person had the appetizer quesadilla filled with goat cheese, mexian cheese and fresh spinach. The other had the shredded beef tacos and said that they were awful. We were so cold that we were all looking forward to either coffee or tea but of course the waitress never came. So I asked the bartender again to help out. Only then did she show up and said “what do you want” but not in a nice way. I asked for the tea and coffee. She ignored the question about more milk, so again we asked another waitress and the bartender. This was getting so ridiculous. Either she was not responsive or when she was she was nasty and rude. Of course she was a no show when it was time to pay the bill. So we started putting on our coats and she came round when (I assume) another waitress said that we were leaving. She told us that we had to pay on the other side. I wanted to pay with cash, which seemed to put her out because she had to get change. She asked me if I wanted changed (I gave her $60 and the bill was $48, of course I wanted change). She asked me how much I wanted back. I said I wanted it all back. I gave her a $3 tip (and that was way too much for such horrible, surly service). I’ll never go back……. What a horrible experience!

Has anyone been to PF Chang Decarie?

We just went tonight for our anniversary dinner. We loved it. We made reservations and there was no waiting. The food was great. Had the lettuce wraps which were great. The spring rolls that my husband had were very good as well. I had the salt and pepper prawns which were amazing and my husband had the sweet and sour pork which was pretty good. Desert which was shared and couldn't even finish was the BANANA SPRING ROLLS coconut-pineapple ice cream and drizzled with caramel and vanilla sauces. It was outstanding! We're definitely going back!

Vivaldi - Pierrefonds

I so totally agree except for one point, you should go regardless if you live in the west island or not. It had been at least 6 month since we’ve been. Again, 6th time going there and a fantastic meal. Amazing calamari/zucchini appetizer. Had the mussels which were amazing as usual. I’ve always been shy of lamb since my mom’s version (really bad!) but I decided to try it here and I’ve been changed for life! I love lamb chops! Who knew! Potato croquettes and really solid veg as well. Bu I always love my almond cake…. Go but make sure either you go really early (5 ish) or reserve a place. They are always super busy. there is a really good reason why they are…

tamashi west island


tamashi west island

It has taken over Peche Peche. at Marche de l'ouest.

tamashi west island

Went to Tamashi last night with hubby. We were both wowed!. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with lots of red and white and plenty of water features. The menu was interesting and had something for everyone ( We both had the won ton soup. I love La Perle's won ton soup but this one blew it away. We loved the soup that seemed to be a mix of Fuji's soup and traditional won ton but with even more flavor! I need to see if I can order for lunch take out. Then we ordered Shrimp Tempura that came with a sweet sour sauce. I wasn't fond of the sauce but hubby loved it. The tempura came with veggie tempura as well. Really well done and grease less and everything was really good. I chose the sizzling teriyaki shrimp which as absolutely great. Lots of veggies with a great sauce and plenty of shrimp. Hubby had the General Tao chicken and claimed it was one the best that he'd ever had. Cost for both was $66.00. Since it's a bring your own wine I brought sake which made the whole thing very affordable.

Tamashi...we'll definitely go back!

Indian in Montreal.

I too have been to Karma and was equally impressed although for a much lesser cost and just as good taste, you can't go wrong with Bombay Choupati on Sources Blvd.

TOWNE HALL - West Island Review

Just wanted to post a review on the new bistro that just opened in the Mega Sources mall in Pointe Claire (right behind 40 Westt).

The decor is beautiful. Dark wood with cream chairs and banquettes, high ceilings with massive chandeliers. The kitchen is an open concept so you can see the chefs milling around back there.

As hubby and I entered, we were greeted not by one, but by three hostesses! There seemed to also be around 12 waiters waiting around (no pun intended!). Our waiter was very nice and courteous although may have hovered a little too much, constantly watching our faces for ANY reaction (good or bad) and coming over to check if all was right.

Ok, lets get to the meal. I had an appetizer of foie gras on croutons with a wine reduction. It was good but I've had better.. I don't know if it was the quality of the foie gras or the cooking process, but it just didn't taste as silky as others I've had.

My husband had the antipasto plate which consisted of cantaloupe melon sliced, some Prosciutto and some Parmesan shavings. Not bad although he said that he's had more flavorful Prosciutto in other restaurants. As well, the plating was not very attractive (they could have enhanced the look like this


I then had the duck in a berry reduction sauce atop mashed potatoes and served with rapini. While the duck was perfectly cooked, the berries from the sauce were a tad too bitter for my liking.

My husband had a "fillet mignon melody" which consisted of 3 4oz fillet mignons, one with Gorgonzola atop, one with a brandy or cognac reduction sauce and the other with a small round of foie gras. It also came with either fries or rapini. He chose fries. For $36 I would have assumed that both could have come with it. He enjoyed the dish preferring the Gorgonzola and reduction sauce fillet mignons over the foie gras.

The wine list was not extensive but seemed reasonably priced, as the lowest was $40 for a Bordeaux. We decided to have wine by the glass at $8 a glass.

With wine and tip, our total came to $156.

Not a bad deal. Overall we left with a good impression although they simply cannot compete with Le Gourmand in Pointe Claire Village.

By the way, the owners are the same ones from 40 Westt.