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Traditional in Nassau

Thanks. Will have to check Optima up. Love love love New Bakaliko.

Traditional in Nassau

Is Optima related to Titan? I remember a few years back the owner of Titan telling me about a future warehouse / market in Deer Park. Thanks!

North Fork Eastern Long Island Seafood Lunch

Braun has great outdoor seating, indoor not so much. Southold Fish Market has a much nicer dining room, outdoor seating not as nice as Braun.

Uniondale Saturday Morning?

V&T! V&T! I haven't been there in a year or so, but I believe their food court sells Chinese roast chicken, duck, char siu, etc. The only place on LI that actually makes this stuff. Now you've got two places for lunch and no breakfast.

Traditional in Nassau

Yikes, after looking at those pictures I can't imagine why you would go out to eat! As I think we've discussed before, I find the level of artistry and care in Turkish restaurants generally higher than in Greek ones, not because Turkish food is better, but because Turkish restaurants tend to cater to native-born Turks whose palates haven't been polluted by American food. Pasha is another place I think is terrific. In the same vein, Mexican taquerias that have a Mexican clientele tend to have much better food; I had some wonderful tacos de lengua at El Buen Gusto Deli in Bay Shore recently.

Traditional in Nassau

You harvest and butcher your own meat? You're raising livestock in Nassau County? On a more helpful note: LI has a lot of good Turkish places that make simple foods you're not apt to cook at home: kebabs and doner, stuffed vegetables, pide and lahmacun. Current faves in / near Nassau: Ephesus in Massapequa, new M&M in Farmingdale.

Best Pizza [Long Island]

Pete, you'll get a better response if you put a location in the title--like "Pizza in Western Nassau." Bear in mind that this is the NY State board and Queens pizza is discussed elsewhere. Cheers.

Rabbit Meat in the Holbrook Long Island area

If you're on the South Shore, Babylon Village Meat Market can get anything you want.

Amerrickana Tapas & Bar - Merrick

You don't have to trust me, folks. That was just an "it's open" blog. Here's Joan's brand-new review:

Steer Seller, Ridge LI, seems to be out of business?

Oh no! I've always meant to do something on them. Coll, keep me posted? Thanks

Ramen in Nassau County

I've had good ramen at Arata in Syosset and Koiso in Carle Place. Not Ippudo level, but...



Bacon Festival -Coram

Here's a sampling of the vendors:


OK, the Newsday food department is officially not associated with those descriptors!

A restaurant/caterer in the Farmingale (Long Island) that could accommodate a party of 20 or 30?

It's not *great*, we haven't been there since a new owner took over, but I would still recommend Verona in Farmingdale, crowd-pleasing Italian that can easily accommodate a group that size.

Stew Leonards Supermarket coming to Farmingdale

It's official; they're coming: www.newsday.com/business/stew-leonard...

Visiting hound reports on Boca and environs

Stuart, we asked for our burgers plain so I don't know about the ziplock bags. Sounds intriguing! I believe you on Bamboo Fire but Dad's delicate palate precludes Caribbean dining. Hey it's nice to know that you give good advice in two states!

Anyone familiar with Marshalls Creek Spices in Oceanside?

Another great place for spices is Spice House U.S.A. in Hicksville (47 Bloomingdale Rd., 516-942-7248). It's mostly geared to chefs and is only open on weekdays.


Visiting hound reports on Boca and environs

Thanks again for all your suggestions, Sunshine State hounds. Dad has already tried and enjoyed the Fish Shack.

I was just down for a long weekend and thought I’d report on what I ate:

Big family dinner at The Farmer’s Table, Boca. I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around this place, a weird mashup of locavore patter and corporate excess-—it’s like an artisanal food theme park. Nor could I fathom why a restaurant whose menu was full of meat and cheese would then turn around at dessert and get all vegan on me. Desserts were dreadful, but despite my distaste for the general fakery of the place, I enjoyed my lacinato kale Caesar (natch) and fig-glazed roast chicken on a bed of FANTASTICALLY HEALTHY GRAINS.

Small family dinner at Cuban Café, Boca. Here I had the opposite reaction. I loved the friendly, humble, garlic-scented vibe of the place but if I’m being honest, the rice and beans and maduros and ham croquetas were the best parts of the meal. The tamal and empanadas were OK, but lechon asado was bland and watery, arroz con pollo was bland and dry, churrasco was tough and flavorless and emphatically not a skirt steak. Oh, the flan was very good. But I would totally go back and have a Cuban sandwich there…because there’s no such thing as a bad Cuban sandwich!

My beloved Jalapenos Taqueria taco truck at the very Western end of Atlantic Avenue—-just south of Delray Regional Park-—was a disappointment this year. Dad’s torta consisted of a tiny bit of carnitas (though it was delicious, much better than the lechon at Cuban Café) on a really terrible roll. They forgot to give me my tongue taco and the pastor that I did get was really substandard, hard little nubbins of way-too-lean pork.

I wound up at a huge group lunch at Ruven’s Deli in Delray and had disappointing mushroom-barley soup, disappointing stuffed cabbage, pretty good kasha varnishkes. But the service was excellent and so was the cole slaw.

Burgers at Jack’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Pompano Beach were good, but how has that place lasted so long with those fries?

Culinary highlight of my vacation was the day we drove almost across the state and went to Taqueria San Julian in LaBelle for some really fantastic tacos al pastor.

Without me, Dad will make it his business to get to Calypso (which was closed on Sunday or we would have gone) and Scuola Vecchia. We drove by the Polish Deli in Pompano and I got a good feeling from that place. Anyone been? On LI there’s no such thing as a Polish Deli that doesn’t have great sausages and breads and hams.

Again, thanks to everyone who came to my aid. Chow!

Family Restaurant - Nassau County

PHREDDY, have you MET Gastronomos? He's rather picky when it comes to Greek restaurants...

Gastropubs - Nassau

Hmmm. Hard to answer that one in a politic manner! Yes, you're right: You can no longer scroll down through the blog; each entry is a "story" in its own right. On a more positive note, the pictures look better...
Don't know if you're on twitter, but if you follow @FeedMeLI, I'll alert you to pretty much every new post. Cheers!

Gastropubs - Nassau

EM23, it's working for me. If you're still having problems, email me at erica.marcus@newsday.com and we'll try to figure it out!

Gastropubs - Nassau

EAT had not opened when we compiled this list. Joan gave that place 3 stars and I bet she'd put it on the list now.

Gastropubs - Nassau

Our blog landing page (blog landing page? Take me back, 1998!) has moved as of today. The new one is:


For now there's no longer a search function (and believe me, this hurts me more than it hurts you because that blog is basically my memory) but stay tuned.

Gastropubs - Nassau

OK, Gastronomos. I know you can't read Newsday online, so just this once I'm going to tell you what our Top 10 gastropubs are:

BBD's - Beers Burgers Desserts, Rocky Point
Heirloom Tavern, Glen Head
Joe's Garage & Grill, Riverhead
Morrison's, Plainview
Old Fields, Greenlawn and Port Jefferson
PeraBell Food Bar, Patchogue
Sapsuckers Hops & Grub, Huntington
The Savoy Tavern, Merrick
That Meetball Place, Patchogue
Tullulahs, Bay Shore

Subscribers, here's the online version: http://nwsdy.li/1y4otRS

Special Birthday dinner in East Hampton NY-

Coll, I know Colicchio split a few weeks ago, but I understood that Kyle Koenig, who had run the kitchen since Ty Kotz left in May, was still there. Did he leave too?

Special Birthday dinner in East Hampton NY-

Nick & Toni's, East Hampton. Arguably best resto in the Hamptons. For a real blow-out, consider Topping Rose in Bridgehampton.

Pepper Steak on Long Island (not chinese)

Long after New York Newsday closed, Newsday still reviewed Queens restaurants; they were published in a Queens edition; that day's LI edition would carry a review of a restaurant in Nassau or Suffolk. That practice stopped around 2005. For what it's worth, Peter Gianotti gave La Baraka 2 stars in 2005, but didn't mention the steak au poivre. Anyone planning to cross the border into Little Neck would do well to visit the Turkish place next door to la Baraka, Kebab House.

Visiting hound needs Boca / Delray help

THANK YOU THANK YOU SOUTH FLORIDA HOUNDS! And if you are ever visiting Brooklyn or Long Island, give me a heads-up (on the appropriate board, Outer Boroughs or NY State) and I'm happy to return the favor. And of course I will report back.

Visiting hound needs Boca / Delray help

Howdy. I'm a Brooklynite / LI-er visiting Dad in a few weeks and the poor guy, who spends four months there every winter, just keeps striking out with restaurants. On previous visits the only really good meals I've had are at a taco truck near West Delray Regional Park and at J&J Seafood in Delray Beach. We also ate well at City Fish but then recently he had a less wonderful meal there. I'm looking for honest, good food without hype, possibly authentic ethnic or, if New American or Italian, with a genuine respect for ingredients, season, etc. Perusing this board I'm intrigued by Nick's pizza (grew up in New Haven) and La Ferme. CFByrne, Lettuceinlove, feel free to chime in. Thanks!

Legal Seafood exits LI

A clarification: The place closed on Sunday and I was told that they are looking for urban locations, not necessarily "touristy city center." Agreed that LI is surprisingly short on great seafood places. I'd love to hear what you guys think, but here are Newsday's best bets: