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Where in NYC is the best Ho Fun noodles with Black Bean sauce?

Preferably Manhattan

Nov 11, 2013
boaziko in Manhattan

Deli in Tel Aviv

I suggest to go for Ruben, 112 Yehuda halevi Tel Aviv, sun-sat: 11:30-01:00 best NY style 'DELI' Sandwich

Mar 19, 2010
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

Tiv Taam Hadera- frozen Dim Sum?

I spoke with Tiv Taam just now and was notified they are missing frozen Dim Sum due thier supplier. (usually they do keep some variety of DS)

You may try and contact Teddy 054-6212098, she operates a Dim Sum catering and maybe can sell you or direct you to your desire.

Aug 25, 2008
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

Ahi-grade tuna south of Haifa?

I'm afraid for top quality tuna you'll have to go further south, to Tel Aviv or Jaffa where most of the Fish dealers operate.

Jul 13, 2008
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

Food gifts from Israel?

Also Tahini, (t'hina, in Hebrew) fresh,if you are in the old city in Jerusalem, or a fine Nablous made (Karawan).
Some spice like Zaatar or Sumac?

Jul 07, 2008
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

Food gifts from Israel?

I would bring that great Book (in english): The book of new Israeli food

Jul 04, 2008
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

the best food in Israel?

Hi Veggielover,

I guess what you are looking for is to get a taste of some or most of those local goodies:

Hummus +Foul

I'd love to try and lead a group of (overseas) foodies to Israel's "Taste of the best", (at least for my own taste buds). I know some of the best places, and hope I’m available (after 20th Feb).

Only issues are how many are you, how long can you allow for such a tour. We'll have to manage our tour very carefully, with the (hopefully) help of all restaurants /food stalls/ holes in the wall Etc as most of the dishes in this list are very fulfilling, and if you'd wish to taste a lot, a quarter portion of each should suffice…

Let me know how this sounds?

Nov 25, 2007
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

One More Good Meal in TLV to end our trip

I hope it is not too late ,. but I'll try:

Vince & Tamar

All are very good, great chefs with fine touch, no MC each in his own direction.

Oct 20, 2007
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

israel food/wine tour

I guess it will be closed on Saturday, and work on Friday till around 15;00 (the buisiest day) and daily from morning till early evening.

Jul 11, 2007
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

israel food/wine tour

For now have a look at those links for wine tours in Israel. In the near future I'll add some ideas regarding food, do you have preferences?





Jul 05, 2007
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

Having a Party in Tel Aviv

More possible sea-front locations:

Fortuna Del Mer (Tel Aviv Marina) 03-5236730
Manta Ray Tel Aviv( near Etzel house) 03-5174773
Etzel Pini Bahatzer Jaffa, Goldman 6 St. 03-6822111

My Recomended:
Terassa (Ramat Yam 100 St., Herzelya, Near Acadia hotel) 09-9597100

Jul 04, 2007
boaziko in Middle East & Africa

israel food/wine tour

What you are looking for, was my exact idea of creating, but as I have a different satisfying profession, and I can not see (as yet) floods of tourists in general and specific foodies storming Israel, I suffice with taking an occasional friend, family member or foreign business to a private food tour I create and orchestrate.
I could suggest loads of stuff and can even personally help with Tel Aviv best of street food tour. When are you coming, how many are you?
I have a great advice as well. Israel is a rather small place. So you can do it yourself. This week a great, beautiful, fresh and very informative book was published in Israel:
The Book of New Israeli Food (In English) by Janna Gur, I am not sure if its available as yet at Amazon and such, but if you have an interest, let me know. It is published by the leading Israeli food magazine "Al Hashulhan":

Jun 02, 2007
boaziko in Middle East & Africa