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Authentic Bagel Company - only 90 perfect bagels made daily [Oakland]

Glad you liked it.

Before I left the Bay Area for a year, Berkeley Bagel was my favorite. However,I just revisited and they weren't as good as I remembered.Have you been recently? Have they changed?

SF steakhouses 2011

Yeah, it was non controversial for the developers.

I lived a block away at that time.I hate that stupid sculpture.

I was living practically under the Bay Bridge in a condo when 9-11 happened. For a year the end of my street was blocked off by the military to make sure no one blew up the bridge.

The post office was at the other end of the street. Don't forget those anthrax scares.

So that arrow just makes me think of war and death.

My condo had a sweeping view of the Bay when I bought it. I was told another condo was being built in front of it but that project would take seven years. The building was completed in six months. buh-by view.

I got involved in another development off of first St. Our tenant association,Rin-ten-ten (Rincon tenacious tenants) taught me to get the developers attention you had to make noise and get the press involved.

For a while, we battled for our little neighborhood and got all sorts of concessions. I was thinking at the time, a lot of those promises could be easily reversed once the buildings were completed.

One by one we bought our own houses and condos. A year after the last tenant moved, the developers moved in like wolves and ate up the street with their way to big for the street buildings ... and there was zero promised parking and no open space.

I like Epic and Waterbar well enough ... but my view wasn't blocked.

Eros Greek yogurt ... love from me

It is just too solid and dense, almost similar to cold cut deli meat.

Eros Greek yogurt ... love from me

I think they still strain it. It just has this glossy sheen to it. It is like someone adding pectin to sour cream ... though that might be happening for all I know.

For some reason it reminded me of brined chicken which I hate. The texture was just all wrong. It did taste decent though. However, I've turned into a chobani fan currently. Target has the least expensive price at $1.29.

Eros Greek yogurt ... love from me

ewwww, ewww, ewwww. I'll never be able to buy it again.

Wasted Food - How to Stop This Horrible Habit

Bad idea to store anythng in the oven that can catch fire like books.

I had a tiny 500 sq foot one bedroom condo for a while. Tops of things such as the stove and microwave were useful. Pots and pans often went in the oven. The microwave makes a great bread box.

And yes, I never bought a thing without considering where to put it. However, I moved a lot after graduation,so I was already trained to look at something and consider if I really wanted to move it someday.

Mar 11, 2012
rworange in General Topics

Shamrock Shake 2012

Yeah, it was better in the past. I guess McDonald's felt creme de menthe was not appealing enough for the masses. The geniuses in marketing doing their job. I guess if they don't change things they don't look like they are earning their salary.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Chains

Fork in the Road sustainably-raised beef uncured pastrami

I picked this up at Whole Foods Petaluma and enjoyed it. It was tender and flavorful.

"Uncured pastrami made with sustainable, family farmed beef, garlic, coriander, cloves & a dollop of mustard"

Don't know if other WF stores carry it as I rarely look at the cold cuts. However, this was my first time in the Petaluma store and I was looking at things a little more closely.

Anyone else tried their cold cuts, hot dogs, sausages or ribs?

Eros Greek yogurt ... love from me

I think this is a local product because it says it is made in Sebastopol exclusively for Whole Foods.

"Made with organic, low-fat cow's milk from small family farms where the cows are Certified Humane Raised and Handled. Eros Greek Yogurt has the added benefit of live, active probiotic cultures that support digestion and immune health. It's also exclusive to Whole Foods Market, GMO free, gluten free and kosher"


However, they put PECTIN in GREEK yogurt. What were they thinking?

It has this discusting texture and mouthfeel.

"Old" comments about Chowhound posters on the "Losing Interest" thread are OK?


Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

Ngoc Thanh - Good Vietnamese food in Petaluma?

I'm reading some positive stuff about it. They have bahn mi and use seasonal ingredients. The pho is supposed to be good. They just opened this 3/12. Throwing out the shills, some long time posters seem pleased including one whose reviews I like.

Address and website

Losing interest

There you go. It was too pointless for me to remember and get worked up about. Lord, if I took umbrage at everthing, I would have stroked out long ago. It is when it is repetative enough to catch my attention that I get bugged.

No kidding about zeus-awful Greek food in NoCal.I hope she likes it if she tries it. Thanks to me and someone else with some taste, the joint is up to four stars, which is where it belongs ... so I'm happy.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

"Old" comments about Chowhound posters on the "Losing Interest" thread are OK?

After I finally read the LOL thread (I want to tear my eyes out) , I'm totally confused. Unless there were lots of deletions, there was zero reason for the name calling you mention in another thread.

Is that a new standard on the site? Dump on people because they may discuss a term used frequently and fondly by others?

I have read lots of posts by eccentric posters, and you just roll with it. That is who they are. Hell, I'm an eccentric poster at times. LOL

If you watch tv at all, many of the internet acronyms get mocked ...and that thread wasn't mocking that term as far as I could see. It only said that there are better ways to express ones self.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

Loft's Candy and Butter Nut Crunch

Dang. Saw this topic and had hoped Lofts existed someplace other than in memory. Every Easter, my grandfather would buy me the big chocolate bunny in the window. I am probably still wearing some of that chocolate to this day.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Manhattan

Tommy's Joynt: One I can check off the list [San Francisco]

I found my lamb shank place, a new joint in Petaluma called The Athinean. The cooking is being done by the people who orginally owned Papa's Taverna. Friday night is lamb shank night. If I can't drag people up there, I'll probably order take out and bring it home ... which sadly isn't possible for the bugatsa which is served warm and definately on my top ten tastes of 2012.

Losing interest

Funny, I can recall being trashed on NAF, GT and Chains,but any critisism on the SF board usually has to do with a difference in taste.The only problem was years ago when one poster decided if your taste did not match their taste, they would argue until everyone gave up.

However, that was finally fixed.

However, I am in Chow HQ territory, so it becomes a little more difficult.

With Chowhound, it seemed TPTB loved the tips. I got away with a lot because I believe everyone knew that no matter how much I might screw up or around, I never messed with reporting about food. Not all my tips were golden, but they were sincere.

I think Chow is oblivious to Chowhound posters. It could matter less what people post. It has no value to them other than generating traffic to the site. I truly believe very little is read by them otherwise the changes that were made would have been unthinkable.

Anyway, here's probably my last Chowhound-inspired post. Fortunately it was food greatness.

Sadly, this is the type of place that needed the formerly loud microphone of Chowhound and love. The person reporting about it on yelp, totally missed the wonderfullness. So it was a three star place doomed to be ignored or as that person predicts will close like the multitude of restaurants in that location.

This won't make the local food sites like SFEater. It won't be in the Chronicle.It was doomed to three stars on yelp, the greatness undiscovered.

I had the old Chowhound urge to rush home and breathlessly report about this find and pay homage to the OP for mentioning it.

But you know what? I entered it. Read all my new posts and in that time at least a dozen posts were added to this thread. This is what is important on Chow-hound now.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

Cafe Fanny closing tomorrow 3/9

Thanks for the additional info. Lovely farewell. Even though I was never much of a Cafe Fanny fan, my heart kind of skipped a beat to see the menu board one last time. You always make me understand and even appreciate places I really don't warm up to ... like Tadich.

This is almost like a double farewell for me.

Shamrock Shake 2012

I had to suspend my personal ban on all things McDonald because I was out of the country last year and I missed it. Never mind that I don't know how to say shamrock in Spanish .... shake verde just wasn't a Guatemalan thing.

So I bought one this year. Nice cherry on top ... they should use the ones dyed green though ... we ain't talking anything healthy to begin with here.

They CHANGED it !!!

Why do big companies feel they need to mess with success?

What was that background flavor ... wint-o-green?

It wasn't as creme de menthe tasting as in the past.

Also, it was much sweeter than recall.However, I haven't had a McDonald's shake for years, so they might all be that way.

I used to make a McGrasshopper by combining the chocolate shake with the shamrock. I'm thinking that would be too sweet, so maybe a chocolate Wendie's frostie with the shamrock shake would tone things down a bit ... and Irish whiskey.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Chains

Fourth and Sea Fish & Chips - destination worthy onion rings and milkshakes [Petaluma]

Do you have a place to recommend for fish and chips?

The new Greek restaurant, The Athenian which is across from Whole Foods has fish and chips on the menu, but it will be a while before I get to that because there is a lot more of the Greek dishes I want to try.

I stopped by Fourth and Sea today and got a cup of clam chowder, a cup of house-made chili and a chocolate dipped soft serve cone. They were doing the usual brisk business.

Their take out menu says 'ask about our desserts', so I did.They are listed on the menu to the left of the counter where they take orders. A yelp poster clued me in that they have deep-fried Twinkies. They also have a few sundaes. Not on the menu are the ice cream sandwiches made with cookies.

This isn't organic, pedigreed soft serve coated in name chocolate.However, I liked the crackle when I bit into the coating. Suddenly I was seven years old again. The regular cones are topped with what seems like a foot of soft serve. Kid sized cones are also available.

The clam chowder was fine. It was mainly potato based, but the potatoes were tasty. It comes with a bag of oyster crackers.

The chili is made with ground beef and no beans.What I liked about the bite I've had (it is dinner tonight) is it doesn't taste of chili powder.Cheese and onions are available with it.

For hhc: Someone took calling the toilet "the throne" seriously. The seat was painted gold. There were heavy gold mirrors and a chandelier. The walls are painted whore-house red ...notthat I've seen such a place except in movies.

New in Petaluma - The Athenian

Finally ... East Coast Greek diner food ...only better...much better.

Friday night they make lamb shanks. If there are any shanks leftover, the Saturday special is lamb shank pitas. It was spectacular.

The soft, pillowy pita held pieces of lamb shank as tender as a mother's love.

Chow should add a worst writer of the week category to the digest and I nominate the previsous sentence.

It was wonderful lamb shank though. Everything anyone would want from lamb shank. Nestled in the heavenly pita,it was topped with grilled onions,garbanzos, black olives and chopped tomato. Mentally I was thinking with each bite ... mmmmm .... mmmmm.

The lady at then next table was actually making that noise each time she bit into her gyro made with homemade marinated beef and spices. It was almost a "When Harry met Sally" moment ... but she wasn't faking it.

The pita sandwiches can be ordered with one or two sides - salad, fries or soup. I got a cup of the garbanzo soup. Who knew garbanzos could be so tasty? The creamy broth seemed to have a rich chicken stock as the base.

The Greek tea (1 refill) was nice enough. The main spice though seemed te be cloves ... not my favorite spice. It can be ordered sweetened or unsweetened.

I ordered the bugatsa for dessert ... OMZ (oh my Zeus).

I'm not a fan of Greek desserts in general, but wow. When the plate was set on the table there was a lovely aroma of citrus. It is a thick warm custard wrapped in thin phylo lightly brushed with honey. Don't miss this.

The Saturday night special is lamb kebabs.

From the outside it doesn't look like much... a redone fast food joint. It is very pretty inside in colors of blue and white. Silk blue wisteria hang from the front counter at the entrance. There is a nice mural of the Acropolis on one wall. The ceiling is painted sky blue with white clouds. Lovely Greek music was playing.

It is far from fancy, but cheery and pleasant.

The owners are such wonderful, welcoming people.Lots of vegetarian options here. They hope to have a wine and beer permit by the end of the month.

If there were indeed food gods, they'd eat here.

Losing interest

Even Jim Leff rarely posts here.Ask him.

His great food finds are on his slog,but as interesting as they might be, it was the discussion here that made what he found interesting.Then,like this site now, I have to pick through a lot of stuff that has zero interest to me to get to the chow.

Chowhound isn't a spectator sport. If you like good

The posters in this thread have assisted in turning this site into what they wanted ... chat ... because they post about that.

Then they further push the 'oldtimers' out by dismissing that maybe when we care about the changes to the site, it has to do with experience rather that fear of change. They don't wan't anyone to interfere with their good time.

It is not only the lack of food tips and bad decisions by Chow that have driven me from this site, it is the out and out hostility of posters. That happens when you want to discuss anything but food....and people still don't get that that is exactly what is now so boring about this site.There is the thought that more of the same will be an improvement. As Dr.Phil says "How's that working for you?"

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

Losing interest

>>> The fact that I found them compelling, suggests that there was not much "true food" content being considered.

I don't care about anyone's world view here. I come here to find good food.

Someone once said, that if a lot of people on this board met each other they would hate each other. The only thing in common was a love of exceptional food.

I know that food in my travels opened up people who might have otherwise viewed me with indifference at best. The people on this board who would not give me the time of day in real life will engage in spirited discussions about a piece of pizza or an ice cream cone.

It is all we had in common.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

Losing interest

It is like cutting down on smoking. However,the more I am on yelp, the less I need to be here.

I highly suspect today I'll be chasing down my last Chowhound tip. I can also tell you what will happen if it turns out be great. I'll post and not one person will care or pick up on it. People don't care anymore here.

It has to be the right chef in the right location with the group approved cuisine. Food-wise it is getting very like egullet.

This particular Chowhound tip was reported weeks ago and not one person picked up on it, even those in the area.

When I sign on these days, my profile has few discussions about food.It is only the chat topics. I open them and scroll past the squabbling about something or another and the title of this topic says... lose interest.

As to shills on yelp, they are pretty easy to spot.Sure I've been caught a few times but still...that is better than getting the same tired tips here.

Hey,"chowhounds" think for themselves and seek out deliciousness. So for me, I'll still find good eats.I did so a year in Guatemala alone. I just miss having a place where people were interested and jazzed about finding and discussing good food.

Mar 10, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

SF (San Bruno Ave):Restaurant Pupuseria Ilobasco?

This is out of the area for the pupusa crawl thread but I stumbled accross it and it seems interesting. Anyone been?

The name got to me ... Ilobasco ... a municipality in El Salvador

Anyway, as the name suggests, the best thing to order here seems to be the pupusas ... straying outside might not yield optimum tastiness.


Cafe Fanny closing tomorrow 3/9

It just makes me like Alice Waters more and more.

Pupusa Crawl in San Francisco: Your Input for SF Bay Digest

Delicious as they might be, they don't count because they are not in the correct geographic location. It is no longer about treking across the bay area to find the best, only the closest.

Having eaten a good many pupusas, unfortunately outside the area requested, the bottom line is that they need to be hot. The less time from griddle to mouth, the better. Outside of that it is difficult to get a bad pupusa.

I can't keep up with geography, but if it is in the pupusa triangle, someone might check out the pupusas at San Miguel Restaurant. It is Guatemalan, but I'm not sure if they have Guatemalan pupusas or plain old Saladoran. Guatemalan are thicker, bigger and more deliious, IMO.

Address and blogspot

Cafe Fanny closing tomorrow 3/9

Thoughtful of them to give their employees one day notice that they would lose their jobs.

Losing interest

>>> bloomed (or metastacized, depending on your view) into a more benign hands-off and even an explanatory bent on the part of the Mods. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Hopefully the OP is despairing over a problem that, while real and despair-worthy, is fixing itself.

It has fixed itself into creating this thread about people being bored with Chowhound.

Chow's bad decisions regarding this site sent me to Yelp, where for the last few weeks I've learned more, ate better and have had lots more fun than dealing with what goes on currently in this site.

Chowhound used to be about content. Now it is about freedom of expression and how many clicks controversey can generate.

Have I stopped trying to enourage new people who post tips on this site? Yep.

Do I really get any useful info out of this site anymore. Nope

Do I care if having to tolerate the content-light, often error-full articles on the Chow side of this site keep the lights on at Chowhound. Nope.

The store has been vandelized and there is nothing worth of value here anymore.

Oddly enough, the reason I'm enamoured with Yelp recently is that I get info there. Chow just doesn't recognize that is what is valueable on both Chow and Chowhound.

Yelp is funny. It welcomes everyone. It doesn't trash people for being too old to have an opinion about a restaurant. If people offer good info then people will flag what they post as useful, funny or cool and you are welomed into the community

In the past that was Chowhound.

When yelp started selling stock this month, despite never having earned a penny, some financial analysts said that people could see the potential in yelp ... where it can, and I'll bet will, go.

Chow made Chowhound reverse Yelp.

Yelp started based on attitude and controversy. It was juvenile and not worth taking seriously.

But people wanted a place to post about the restaurants where they ate. Slowly, yelp built content.

Chowhound started with content that was funny and, yes, sometimes frustrating. Now it is just about attitude and controversy .... without content.

Chow never understood Chowhound or saw the potential in it.\

That is glaringly obvious with this new trend in the digest

Even yelp recognizes what Chowhound once did ... encouraging people to go out and explore and bring in new finds. Yelp does this through the coveted 'first to post'

Now articles are orchestrated. More and more on the SF board are Chow employee posts. No longer is it about trecking across the world to find the best of something ... that was the crazy fun part.

Now it is maps and lists which go old soon. I know because I've created dozens of them.

Now "we're not actually loading blindfolded Chowhound posters into a creepy minivan and forcing them to eat pupusas ... Each of the lists will be checklists, essentially, of recommended restaurants within a certain geography but not Top 5 or Top 10 or Top Whatever"


It goes on to say a top five list can be contentious.Well,yeah.passion about food is what made this site intersesting.

As to a pupusa map ...I can easily get that on yelp.

I can get that on yelp in the neighborhood I'm interested in and the info is fresh and ever-changing ...and I can get it easily on a smartphone.

So, if you wonder why Chowhound is so boring, it isn't because the fun and flames are extinguished by moderators and geriatric posters. It is because there is no longer any chow on those dying embers.

RIP, Chowhound. It was interesting while it lasted and a priviledge to participate and exchange tips with such fun, food-savy posters.

Mar 09, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

New Feature: Email Notifications

This seems to be the problem others have had.

I think someone on Chow did something because after my post in the above link, I stopped eventually getting emails.

BUT ... I told people if they had to ... just unsubsribe me from everything and that is what happened.

If you look at my profile page, the digest boxes are still checked, but I no longer get the Chow Digest.

I'd sort of like to get the Chow Digests, but don't care all that much. The point is that something screwy is going on with the subscribe/unsubsribe boxes.

Mar 09, 2012
rworange in Site Talk

Tastiest stop between OAK and Yountville for lunch?

D & D is like old gourmet shops ... there's a dustiness about it. I just thouroughly dislike the shop and there is not one thing they carry that you can't find at Whole Foods Napa.

We just have different tastes. I gave Bouchon Bakery another try because I was curious if the closure resulted in any changes. for the better. Unfortunately, no.

I'd stop by there if there were no lines and maybe buy a donut or that bacon scone, and maybe a loaf of bread, but otherwise I just can't reommend it. Then again, I'm not a fan of Keller's ooking either. Didn't like FL. Didn't like Bouchon.

For me Keller is all about show and not about taste.