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Best SF Breakfast

Kate's Kitchen in Lower Haight....homemade sausage, cornmeal pancakes and real butter and maple syrup...

Kate's Kitchen
471 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Texas BBQ - A Northener's Perspective

Louie Mueller BBQ--Nothing more to say.

I too am a cheesehead, but I cried the first time I tried the brisket.

I know Taylor is a bit outside of Austin, but there is nothing like it. Lines out the door.

Sep 28, 2007
dragonchef in Austin

Breakfast Burritos vs. Tacos?

So my first visit to Austin. I had 4 days, and wanted to cover as many of the Taqueria's as possible. Stumbled in to arandas #3 the first night about 11, and went from there (there al pastor was good not great). Also went to La Fonda SM for brunch, which was very nice, and a good value. My real discovery was MIGAS! OMG I had free breakfast at the hotel, but skipped almost all of them to go and have migas! On the last morning, I was dashing for the I-35 and came across Vasquez Restaurant on 915 E Braker. A beautiful delicious plate with almost too hot peppers, juicy tomatoes and very fresh tortillas. The potatoes on the side were extremely hot and crispy, made to order. Damn, and I won't be back for a year. Me? Grew up in SoCal, and have lived in Seoul, Korea for 17 years, employed as an Exec Chef at a big time hotel...

Jun 01, 2007
dragonchef in Austin