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Good ethnic food and good beer?

I love great ethnic food like Joe's Noodle House or Bangkok Golden. But I also love good beer, and unfortunately finding a place that combines the two seems very difficult.

Is there anywhere that does good spicy food and good beer? Ideally in Md/DC but willing to go to VA...


Dec 15, 2013
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Alternative to Cafe St. Ex

I think Merkado closed down. Busboys and Poets and Logan circle both have acceptable but not great food. Oohs and Aahs is great but not realy a sit down place.

What about Eatonville?

Jun 25, 2009
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore


I wasn't too impressed - it is very fussy, and I thought the emphasis on foams, jus and reductions tended to take away a little from the quality of the ingredients.

Jun 02, 2009
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Which new gas range for wok?

I am going to buy a new gas range for my kitchen and want to be able to stir-fry. Does anyone have any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive range (under 1,500 bucks) that would fit the bill?

many thanks!

May 27, 2009
jt1 in Cookware

Al Crostino - Reviews?

I was there a couple of nights ago. Nothing has changed - same menu, same "specials". The food is very good. It can be a little noisy - I won't miss the space when they knock it down to build a new boutique hotel - but a very pleasant Italian choice.

Nov 19, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Good lunch and dinner near Fells Point?

We are escaping from the kids for one weekend in November, staying at Henderson's Wharf. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice romantic dinner (somewhere not too stuffy, but pricey is fine) and a good lunch place? Ideally we would like somewhere within (long) walking distance of Fells Point.
Seafood would be good, great food is essential!
We went to Black Olive last time and enjoyed it, but would like to try something different. We really enjoyed Ryleigh's too - some place like that would be great.


Sep 28, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Anyone have good octopus in DC?

Al Crostino on U street has a good baby octopus salad starter. It is a special but seems to be on the menu every time I have been there.

Sep 23, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

UK-themed gastropub in Columbia Heights

The recipe is fairly standard - make a roux with butter and flour, add a little mustard and worcestershire sauce, then add some beer and lots of cheddar - serve on toast.
Here is one version - do not, repeat, do not use Guiness though - a good ale is the way to go:

Aug 18, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

UK-themed gastropub in Columbia Heights

That's not toad in the hole!

Toad in the hole is in sausages in batter (like Yorkshire Pudding).

I speak as a Britsky who spent much of my childhood trying to avoid eating it.....

Aug 17, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Any one tried Al Crostino on U Street?

I have been a few times. The food has been good to excellent. the specials are often the best choices, but, like at Al Tiramisu, they can be substantially more expensive than the regular menu. The service has always been very good too when we were there.

I would definitely recommend it.

Jul 22, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Ethiopian restaurants in Dupont Circle area?

Yep, your best bet is to head to Dukem or Etete in the U street corridor - c.25 minutes' walk or a 7 minute cab ride from Dupont.
There is also Zeds - about the same distance in the other direction - Georgetown. Not bad.

May 24, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Hottest Curry in DC

Not curry, but you might want to try the Ma La dishes at Great Wall Szechuan restaurant on 14th st. So hot it made me go to the Dr. thinking I had tongue cancer....

May 12, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Calories in a bowl of PHO in this area [moved from DC/Baltimoreboard]

I believe that DC-area pho has around 12-14% fewer calories than Philadelphia pho, but 8 or 9% more than Californian pho.

Apr 23, 2008
jt1 in General Topics

British Themed gastropub to open in Columbia Heights

Pork pasties? Surely some mistake...
Pork pies or Cornish pasties.

Apr 16, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Great Wall Szechuan House, 1527 14th Street

I am a huge fan of hot food. But when my wife was away on business and not able to stop me I went a little crazy and ordered three ma la dishes for myself from Great Wall. Delicious.
A few days later I noticed my tongue had swollen. I convinced myself that I had tongue cancer but it turned out to be contact dermatitis from all the peppers....

Mar 19, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

seeking baby friendly, casual, moderate $ DC restaraunt that takes reserv

We go to Hank's quite a lot with our 2-year old - but for brunch right after they open rather than in the evening. It is pretty child-friendly at this time - booster seats etc. They also have some good kids options - beets, mac 'n cheese etc.

Mar 19, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Fun place along U St for dinner?

We went there last Sunday for brunch. Wife had french toast, I had breakfast pizza, toddler had eggs. Very child friendly (during the daytime at least). The food seemed solid, and the selection of beers was very good. I think it is a good neighbourhood option and a nice bar - I am not sure I would travel a long way for the food, but good if you are in the area and looking for american/pizza.

Mar 13, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

What's With "Chinese Food, Subs, Chicken and Seafood" in DC?

The place round the corner from me on 14th goes one step further - Chinese food, chicken wings, subs, seafood and pizza. I have yet to try their offerings but the versatility of their chef bodes very well.

Feb 15, 2008
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Take out in Adams Morgan

I would recommend Sala Thai. For Chinese, I think Great Wall is the best:
their spicy Ma La dishes are the things to go for - the rest of the menu is average Chinese take-out. They should deliver to you.

Sep 22, 2007
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best Ethiopian (children)

I wouldn't have any qualms strolling down U street with children - we live there and do it with our child every day! I would also second the Dukem suggestion.

Jun 01, 2007
jt1 in Washington DC & Baltimore