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Trying to find Masaman Curry Thai dish in NoVA

I had the same problem when I moved here. Neisha Thai in Tysons Corner/McLean has a wonderful shrimp mussumun curry. The menu description is "shrimps cooked in tasty mussamun curry, potatoes, onions, roasted peanuts and coconut milk".

Willard's BBQ Report

My husband and I went to Willard's for the first time about a month ago, and thought it was the best barbecue we'd had in the DC area. We have been going about once a week since and are slowly working our way through the menu. The pulled pork has been outstanding, and my husband loves the sauce on the pork and the sauces you can add. Tonight I tried the Jamaican jerk half-chicken, which was excellent (I took off all the skin, which removed most of the jerk spice, but the chicken still had a bit of a kick to it, and it was very tender and juicy enough, perhaps just a little dry at one end). Twice I've gotten fish specials--once catfish, and once tilapia--both very good, with the tilapia a bit more tasty.

My husband loves the baked beans; I am addicted to the dirty rice, and enjoy the slaw a lot (best slaw I've had in years), but I haven't liked the veggie sides I've tried. The green beans were overcooked to the point of mushiness, although the flavor was good (like my mom's, with a bacon fat taste). The black eyed corn was very bland, with the beans underdone.

Ooh, and the cornbread...the cornbread is really good. The size of the pieces varies at random--sometimes we get huge pieces, sometimes little ones--and sometimes we also get corner pieces, which tend to be a bit greasy and have a hard edge on the bottom and sides. The variable size isn't really a problem, though, because the big pieces are enormous, and the small pieces are just about the right size.