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"Yorktown Bistro" -- who knows about it?

My husband and I really liked this place. The food isn't amazing, show stopping food, but for a regular night out, it's tasty. I had the salmon, he had the veal. We liked both. They also have really tasty bread with a good pesto sauce. They've upped their prices a bit, and it's not as affordable anymore. Also, their rail drinks are WAY overpriced at $6.00 a piece, IMO. That said, I think the place is cozy, and the bartender is really friendly, and seems to have a good passion for mixing drinks. I hope their drink menu gets creative... I'd love to see some PX Lounge-esque cocktails on there. I'd love to have a place where I could get a decent meal and a hip cocktail near my house. All in all though, we'll be back. Food was good, service was friendly.

Brunch in Arlington

looking for brunch suggestions in the arlington, falls church, etc., area. I've done Tallula (and love it) but would like to try something new. Hoping to keep the budget simple, looking for a place where my friend and I can go grab some food and maybe a mimosa to catch up for awhile and chat before going to see a movie -- would like someplace quiet and not too rushed, this is sorta our last hangout before she moves to england.


Citronelle Prix Fixe

For those of you who have eaten at Citronelle, what are the prix fixe options? I'm going there (FIRST TIME!!!) in a few weeks! I'm assuming there's either a 5/6 and a 9/10 option, but just wanted to check? I was hoping to spend around $100 a person before alcohol. Possible?

Alexandria/DC foodie spots

For post bar food, just cause it looked like you didn't get much of that --

i'd suggest EatBar (attached to Tallula) in Clarendon, and, you know, if you get locked in there over night, you might as well try Tallula's tasty Sunday brunch!

Baltimore: Visiting soon, where to dine?

well, when i lived in baltimore, my favorite hangout was papermoon cafe. delicious sweet potato fries and very funky. definitely divey, fun -- i just always had fun there. xando cafe was also nice for a coffee/snack. have fun! make sure to go to ritas for a gelati!

Favorite Cheap(er) Eats in No.VA?

Definitely willing to expand to FC, Mclean, and Alex... live right near old dominion and williamsburg --- so esp. mclean and FC are good for me. But we're up for driving. Thansk, all, for the recs so far!

Favorite Cheap(er) Eats in No.VA?

What are everyone's favorite less expensive restaurants in the Arlington area? My husband and I are kind of looking for just a general hangout place. We like pretty much any type of food -- but it seems easier to find reccomendations for "special occasion" and expensive places than just a good, solid "any old saturday night" restaurant. any suggestions?

thanks in advance!

Coffee shops in NoVA?

i like stacy's coffee shop in falls church on leesburg pike, and saint elmos in del ray. as for sides... the cupcakes at stacys are amazing, and for saint elmos -- they've got good stuff but personally i save room for ice cream at either the dairy godmother (soft serve, flavors change daily) or sundae times (also supremely tasty)

Snowballs/Snowcones/Shaved Ice

I'm a baltimore transplant and really need a good sky blue snow ball with marshmallow on top... or any other flavor will do really. in baltimore there are stands on every corner! are there any around here at all?! I'm in the northern virginia (arlington) area, near east falls church metro, but am willing to travel a bit! i really miss them!

Need to buy crabs

i agree. fish market on maine ave is the best. i spent about $30 for 2 dozen medium males the other week. they were good! i went to captain whites